Wednesday, October 19, 2016

So...? Eternal Body Fragrance and Eau De Toilette

I had a bake day on the weekend - I got nice and early to make two batches of butterless (yes, there's no butter in this household) Banana Nutella muffins/cupcakes (with oats, maple and walnuts), it was a super healthy treat that's quick and easy for those who don't have time for breakfast in the morning.

I find myself being attached to things that's involved in my memorable past-time; baking, tamagochi, art attack, Dolly magazine and So...?

So...? will always be a brand that's close to my heart and forever hold more significance and meaning to me when compared to other brands because it's a fragrance I grew up with.

Top notes:
Amalfi Lemon, Clementine

Heart notes:
Violet, Orchid,  Pink Peony

Base notes:
Vanille, Amber, Sandalwood

So...? Eternal screams fun and elegant youth to me, it's a sweet fragrance, if you love vanilla you will love So...? Eternal. This is my first 100ml So...? fragrance, I've only ever had the smaller size and that really add the excitement!

I have been reaching for this on a daily basis, the fragrance itself is long lasting and by the end of the day you can really smell the woody base notes.

Thanks to So...? I have also recently experienced my first body fragrance use and it's perfect to carry in your bag, although it's bigger than the perfume, I always feel weird taking out a bottle of perfume and spraying myself in public (is it just me?) despite, the size, I'd much prefer to carry a body spray/fragrance. The mist is fine and reaches more surface area than the perfume. I haven't had any issues with longevity and can still smell the body fragrance on me (especially on my clothes) at the end of the day.

So...? Eternal Body Fragrance is available for $4.95 (WHAT A BARGAIN!) and So...? Eternal eau de toilette is available for $14.95 (30ml) or $24.95 (100ml)
*Products featured in this post were provided for editorial purposes, all opinions are my own

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