Saturday, November 19, 2016

Empties: August - October 2016

So many months have passed but I only ended up finishing a handful of products :( sigh.

I'll try harder next month haha!

Dermal Heel Balm* - This stuff did work and my cracked heels were repaired within a few days of application. FYI - there is Urea in the formula.

Spot Medic* - This was effective on pimples with runny pus, however, it's not as effective as my 3M patches, this is easily accessible in Australia.

I-Colour Liquid Liner -  A liner I purchased from Hong Kong many years ago, it's ran out of juice and served well. It's not a brand that is available in Australia I don't believe and probably won't go out of my way to find it.

Maybelline Pure Concealer - This concealer contains salicylic acid and claims to conceal/treat pimples. I've had this for a long time, it was fairly effective in treating pimples when I first got it, but that effect quickly died.. it wasn't the best concealer either.

Dermaveen Soap Free Wash* - My go to wash (alongside QV), it's great for sensitive skin and can be used around genitals. I will definitely be repurchasing!

SkinB5 Acne Control Cleansing Mousse* -  A good cleanser that did not dry out my skin, I was using it as my double cleansing routine. It had a nice citrus scent. I have a lot of cleansers to get through so I probably won't be re-purchasing this in a hurry.

Lux Aromatherapy - This wasn't my favourite body wash, It did lather well, however the texture is "slippery" and I'd often drop the content on the shower floor. Won't be repurchasing and will be sticking to my Dermaveen/QV products.

Lonvitalite Whitening Mask - I've always love Lonvitalite sheet masks, it's great for travel. My skin did feel brighter following use. I still have a couple left, but I'm also keen to try some other brands.

Caolion Hot and Cool Pore Foam Cleanser Duo* - This is such an interesting product and it did a fantastic job at cleaning my pore and reducing the size... almost instantly. But my enlarged pores did return a day or two following use. I have a full size version of this and will definitely be testing it out long term.

Schwarzkopf Instant Volume Power*- I really disliked this product, it was messy and made my hands feel tacky. The product didn't really do a lot for my hair in terms of styling and holding. I'd rather use hairspray or styling gel/mousse/cream.. literally anything else but this.

Eucerin -  This is a german product, I'm not even sure what it does... I've been using it for my fine lines and it did a pretty good job.

Thin Lizzy Eyeliner Pencil* - While this eyeliner is long lasting, I decided to let it go because it does crease and I have found better alternatives. Life is too short to use products you're not 100% satisfied with right?

*These products were provided for my consideration


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  2. I also tried some hair powders and they were really messy. The Schwarzkopf Instant Volume Powder seems to be like that too :(

    Claire From

  3. I did like the volume powder before I tried others, and it's honestly the one that causes the most clumping!


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