Friday, November 18, 2016

Bobbi Brown Masterclass with Amy Conway @ Myer Sydney

I don't often take my camera to events, mainly because I am clumsy and likely to break it, drop it or lose it. However, after my holiday, I felt relaxed and strangely more confident in handling technology/devices. I decided to pack my camera to Bobbi Brown Masterclass with Amy Conway.

The Masterclass took place in Myer Sydney, a beautiful set up with almonds and dark chocolate - Yes I ate most of it on my side of the table. We had the pleasure of meeting beautiful Amy who taught us tips and tricks on makeup application using Bobbi Brown products. Our products were carefully selected by Bobbi Brown Makeup Artists who provided us with one on one assistance in applications throughout the entire masterclass.

I was having the best time and decided to take my camera out for some happy snaps, after I pressed the "ON" button repeatedly I realised I didn't put the battery pack in.


Despite my down moment, I thoroughly enjoyed the masterclass.

I love my pre-makeup skincare, the hero product that made my face feel amazing was Bobbi Brown's Extra Repair Nourishing Milk, light weight in formula, but perfect for my dry skin!! Bobbi's Hydrating Face Cream is also a product that is worth a mention and recommended for those with dry skin.

On weekdays, I tend to slack off on my morning skincare routine and would often find foundation clinging onto dry patches. My Bobbi Brown Makeup Artist, Amanda told me when my face is prepped properly with skincare, I will require less foundation and will not see any signs of dryness on my face throughout the day.

Even though my face is dry, I love powder, I already use Bobbi Brown's Sheer Pressed Powder on a daily basis so I wanted to try something different and selected the Nude Finish Illuminating powder. I fell in love instantly with the gorgeous mosaic patterns and the fact that the powder gave my face a hint of luminosity. Amanda applied makeup to half of my face and allowed me to get my hands dirty as I applied the products to the other half of my face.

Below is a photo of Amy and the fabulous Bobbi Brown makeup artists who shared their expertise with us at the Masterclass. Photo from Alphie's Instagram account (Bobbi Brown Head Makeup Artist) @BBPRO_ALPHIE

Photo Credit: @bbpro_Alphie

As soon as I got home, I took my camera out for a selfie, the photo below is not edited or filtered (it did take a few goes - you know how it's like with selfies... it's hard to find the perfect angle!) in order to accurately present the makeup that was applied on my face.

My Bobbi Brown Artist, Amanda was absolutely right, I did not see any signs of dryness on my face like I usually would. I subconsciously gravitate towards natural makeup looks, Alphie provided his magic touch and smoked my eye makeup out a smidge and I absolutely love it. With my hooded eyes, it's often difficult to see the eyeshadow so a smoked look is in my opinion, probably the best option. I think the look suits my cornrow braids (in case you are wondering what that's about, I went on a South Pacific cruise and had it braided in Vanuatu).

Many thanks to the Team at Bobbi Brown for inviting me to this brilliant experience!

*Lily not Louise attended this Masterclass as a guest of Bobbi Brown.


  1. This looks like it was a really fun event! I've never tried Bobbi Brown make up but I've always wanted to cause I hear such good things about them. Your make up in your selfie is beautiful!
    Beth x

  2. Such a great experience ! BoBBi Brown is one of the most amazing makeup artists in the world , i really adore her makeup !

    Claire from

  3. I've done it too - forget my camera battery! Definitely a face palm moment! I love the final look! It's so natural and wearable during the day! It sounds like you had a lot of fun during the class :-)

  4. I wish we had similar events like this here. It seemed like great experience with a lot of fun. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

    Michelle Morchella

  5. I would love to have some sort of master class to get some ideas on tips and tricks! Great result too!

  6. What a great experience! I love learning tips and tricks from the experts!

    Thanks for linking up to the Monday Makeup Madness link up at Fabulous and Fun Life again!


  7. ooh.. I'd love to try some Bobbi Brown skincare and makeup someday! Although I'm oily, I also see dry patches when my makeup is on and I moisturize a lot. hmmmm

  8. I love a good masterclass and this one sounded so good! I love the inside tips they can give and sometimes it is the simplest thing which makes all the difference! I love this look on you too, your skin looks incredible :) xx

  9. Oh this sounds amazing!! I really want to try some Bobbi Brown products!!

  10. It looks like a wonderful event, I also have very dry skin and sometimes have problems with my foundation. You look gorgeous in last pic, what an awesome make up.

  11. Honestly Lily you go to the most interesting events lol. Love your makeup in the photo - you look even more radiant than usual. SO lovely to meet you last weekend! xxx

  12. Can't wait to try more from Bobbi Brown -- their sparkle shadow is so pretty!!


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