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Cherry Blooms Fiber Brow and Brush on Fiber Mascara Review

I am absolutely terrified of false lashes, especially after the Halloween 2016 incident, where the lash glue got caught in my actual lashes and I had to cut my own lashes off with a tiny pair of scissors... it was traumatic.

My eyes can get quite sensitive so I have no plans to get eye lash extension and my only way to get my lashes bigger and longer is by using waterproof mascara.

Today we will have a look at a couple of key products from Cherry Blooms, a brand created by Jellaine Dee who built her million dollar business from scratch.


- Available in 4 shades
- 3 stencils (thin, natural and thick)
- Sweat and splash proof
- Create perfect brows in 10 seconds

This is my first time trying a fiber brow product with a stencil, it's definitely a novelty for me. I am very pleased to see the shade Espresso that is suitable for black to grey hair..

I used this product a handful of times, my brows are quite full to begin with so I only required a light application using the "Thick" stencil. There were some Fiber fall out when you take out the wand, these are loose fibers, however but I did not experience any significant fall outs during the actual application, the fibers were drawn towards the stencil rather than my face. The tricky part was holding the stencil so it's hugging my brow during application - this may be due to my poor hand eye coordination.

The pay off is buildable, I personally feel that this product is more beneficial for someone with minimal/sparse brows. It's not the most practical product for me in the morning when I am a half awake hot mess, however I did like the brow look I was able to achieve (see video).


•    #1 Salon Recommended Eyelash Extensions Solution
•    600% thicker, longer & more natural lashes
•    Just one product, two tubes in three simple steps
•    Looks fresh, stays on all day and won't flake
•    Water-resistant so it's cry, laugh and sweat proof
•    Made from high grade beeswax and black fibers

I have tried something similar previously, while this product did make my lashes look longer I am still trying to master the art of application.

As per instructions. I applied 20 coats of the black mascara followed by the fibers. Unless you want fibers falling into your eyes, my tip for you is to tilt your head back and literally close/squint your eyes to apply the fibers to the tip of your lashes by rolling the wand (like I did in the video), I didn't get a single fiber in my eyes, woohoo! The last step is more mascara to lock in the fiber. My other tip for you is not to apply too many coats of mascara during step 3 because it will end up looking a bit spidery - this was the mistake I made in the video, my lashes was looking really promising but I went overboard. I did experience quite a bit of fiber fall outs onto my lids and my face, but it's can be brushed off easily using a brush or a wet sponge.

I did experience a couple of fiber fall outs throughout the day, so just make sure that you have fully sealed the fibers during the final mascara application. I did not experience any smudges and my lashes did look a lot longer, even longer than when I use waterproof mascara without the hassle. For me, this kit is not an everyday product, I would only use the fiber for special occasions. My eyes are easily irritated so I try to minimise products that may result in fall outs.

The mascara on the other hand is freaking amazing - I would seriously just purchase the mascara on it's own, I've been using it on a regular basis, this mascara holds curls better than some of my tube mascaras, it doesn't smudge and can be washed off easily under lukewarm water.

NOTE: With the "After" photo below, I noticed that I focused on applying the fibers to the centre lashes more than the edge, but you get the general idea as to how long the lashes can get.
Before: Natural lashes, curled

After: With Cherry Blooms Fiber Lash


*The products reviewed were provided for editorial purpose, all opinions are my own


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