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Full Face Makeup Using Mally Beauty Prime Prep and Glow 8 Piece Set

I have mentioned this a few times and I will mention it again, I watch TVSN Beauty like it's a TV show because I just can't get enough of the demos and applications.

Two months ago, I was sent a beautiful Mally package from TVSN, this is a brand I was not familiar with nor have I heard of it.  Now... I discovered Genie Beauty and Emma Hardie from TVSN and I realised TVSN beauty is of quality. The box set I received was Mally's Prime Prep and Glow 8 piece collection.

A little introduction, Mally Roncal is a US makeup-artist who had worked with celebrities such as Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez. Mally was also a spokesperson for Sephora before starting her own makeup line Mally Beauty.


I personally prefer this primer to Porefessional, why? Porefessional rolls off my face, this primer doesn't. A small pump is enough for the troubled areas, I mainly use it on my nose, the area between my nose and my cheeks where I seem to have a substantial amount of pores... and a tiny fraction on my forehead just to smooth out the fine lines.

This product will not eliminate or hide all your pores but it will minimise the appearance of your pores. For one week I only used this primer and a bit of powder.

My only tip is to gentle pat your face following application, or let it sit for a little while, otherwise your foundation/concealer might slip a little.


This highlighter is absolutely gorgeous, the dome shape reminds me of a MAC highlighter and I have never owned a power highlighter like this. This highlighter is pigmented and you will GLOW!!!! Not for the faint hearted and not for those looking for a subtle highlight. Once applied the product does not look powdery, this product is right up my alley.

I used the stippling brush to apply my highlighter in the video - it's actually not a bad idea. I don't own a fan brush so a stippling brush is the next best thing. The brush that comes in the kit is a standard stippling brush, similar to a regular brush.


A beautiful shimmering gold eyeshadow stick, it's easy to apply, pigmented and long lasting. Wear time is approximately 5hrs until it starts to fade. I noticed light creasing at the end of an 8-10hr day. However, this performs better than some eyeshadow powders. I love using this for a natural looking express eye look, one swipe is literally all you need.


This automatic eyeliner glides on, it's so creamy and smooth. There's very minimal transfer to my hooded lids and it will last the entire day with some fading observed.

This eyeliner is slightly metallic, but once applied to your lids it's not as noticeable.


Contrary to some of the reviews I have read online, I love this mascara... I don't know if it's the same mascara or same formula as what other people have used. Or whether you can select a different mascaras for your set?

Let me clear things up, there are no fibers, I did not experience any bad clumping and I did not experience any fall outs or horrendous smudging throughout the day. It held my curls well enough and washed off like a tubular mascara under lukewarm water. As you see in my video demo, I applied this mascara to my lower lashes, there was a small amount of smudging after a long day, but nothing like some of the non-waterproof mascaras I have used. Am I using the same mascara/same formula as the other people..? Because I really liked this!


The shape of this lipstick is fantastic, I don't even need a lip liner. The lipstick glides on and is relatively pigmented. It lasts as long as any other standard lipstick, however it is not drying. You will need to re-apply after eating and drinking. This is a beautiful shade of pink that is very flattering on olives skin tone (spoken from experience haha!)

Below are some unfiltered and unedited swatches of Mally's colour products.

Top to Bottom: Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, Lipstick, Highlighter


When I first received the kit, I wasn't sure whether I'd like it or not, it was an unfamiliar brand and the packaging didn't quite stand out for me.... however, after trying the products, I am a fan of this kit. I like shimmer and I like glow. The products are right up my alley and of high quality. I personally feel that you need to be a lover of glow and shimmer in order to enjoy this kit otherwise you will be better off purchasing individual products.
Mally products were provided for editorial purposes

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  1. These are all lovely items, I love a nice summer glow.


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