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I have been going to bed at approximately 12:30AM -1AM on a daily basis for the past week. It's been a busy week with work and events. For the past 3 weeks I have been trialling Freezeframe products mostly during the evening. I remember when Freezeframe first landed in Myer, it was a brand that I have always being interested in but never had a chance to try.

If you would like to know my thoughts and what the hero product(s) is, keep reading!


Revitaleyes is designed to treat chronic puffiness, dark circles and deep wrinkles. The gel-like balm instantly erases signs of ageing for a smoother, brighter upper and lower eyelids. At the same time, moisturises and energises the tissues. The product claims to be effective over an 8 week trial where at week 8 the clinical fading of under eye circles is complete. Revitaleyes uses the Botox Alternative to reduce wrinkles.

I can't tell you whether this product is effective in treating wrinkles because I am extremely lucky to be wrinkle free around my eyes. I experience very occasional dark circles, however the under eye puffiness is the bane of my life, it's more prominent under my right eye. The under eye area becomes puffier with age and I believe it's genetic.... both my parents suffer from it and inevitably so do I.

I THINK I have noticed some de-puff which you can see in my eye photo further down the post. However I can see puffiness. I will keep using it and see if I notice any significant changes.


This is an instant under eye bag eraser, it boosts collagen production, elastin production and hyaluronic acid synthesis. Boost Serum increases oxygen uptake in the skin, boosting your skin's metabolism and delivering nutrients to your skin.

According to the website, this product is best designed as a pre-treatment product to increatse the effectiveness of active ingredients in the products you layer on top.

This is such an interesting product as the gel like formula excretes from the side of the rollerball which I had been using to roll/massage the product on. A full pump is more than enough for both under eyes and eyelids. The effective was as it specified, immediate. Within a minute my under eye puffiness lessened. I was SO shocked.

I have previously purchased an instant under-eye product to temporarily erase puffy eye bags for my mum, it worked for a couple of hours and she started to experience trails of white on her eye bags. I expected this to do the same. And to my ardent surprised, there were no visible white trails.

I used this product in the evening a couple of times and decided it was best used during the day. The tightening effect weakens after a few only, ensure you apply a full pump.


These eye masks are probably the most effective I have come across since the Estee Lauder masks.
I love how the mask covers the top of my eye lids - this is a preventative measure I need to take as there is a family history of sagging lids!

Once I applied the mask around my eyes, there were a lot of left over serum in the packet. I just used it on my face - no wastage in this household!

The packet did indicate leave the last on for 10-15 mins... but I like use leave it on for 20-30 and take it off before it starts to dry up. My under eye area looked so refreshed and I feel that the puffiness under my eyes reduced. I know it's pricey, but this is my hero product from the lot.

I have 2 pieces left which I will save to use before weddings!


This product claims to give you longer looking lashes in just 2 weeks. For the first few days I was applying the serum ONTO my lashes, I was silly and thought I knew how to use the product without reading the directions. You actually apply the serum day and night like you apply eyeliner. However, you must not allow the serum to contact your eyes directly. I Accidentally swiped a small part of my eye ball once, I did not experience any stinging sensation, however I went and rinsed my eyes immediately. So be careful, the brush slips easily.

After 3 weeks, I didn't notice any drastic changes in length, however I have notice growth to my lower lashes!! There is a small section to my right lower lashes that is quite sparse and always had trouble growing more fuller lashes. After 3 weeks of use, I have noticed small lashes filling in the sparse section, I was quite shocked and you can see the results below, I have always had lower lashes but the right eye is looking fuller and longer :)

Also note that my lashes are super straight... so it's hard to tell, also I am wearing a bit of eyeliner just above my top lashes in the before photos. You can also see some under eye de-puff.


This is the first time I have tried a product to create a fuller lip. I am overall quite happy with the size and shape of my lips so I have never invested in a lip plumping product.

The product comes in a syringe like tube with a flat yet slanted rubber applicator, a cream like product is pumped out of the tube, you are able to control the amount that will come out. Once applied all over my lips I experienced a cooling/minty/tingling sensation I felt my lips plumping up and it did appear slightly plumper for a short period of time.

The box indicated for users to use the product on a daily basis to see better results. I am probably not the best person to test this product as I don't really want my lips to be any bigger!


Freezeframe Night is a new formula that contains 2 topical micro injection technologies, both clinically proven to visually match those of injections. Topical line filling equivalent to a collagen injection and topical wrinkle freezing with visible results rivalling Botox Injections. It creates face lifting effects, bringing skin structure back to a babies skin in less than 3 months.

Claims the effect of a collagen injection after 15 days, botox injection after 28 days and mini face lift after 84 days.

I have been using this cream every evening for about 3 weeks, I've been putting it on my boyfriend as well. As someone in my 20s I don't personally feel like I need injections, botox or a face-lift. I have fine lines on my forehead and this product did seem to prevent further development, however it did not eliminate the lines completely. I have never had any injections so I don't really know what to compare it with.


A very novel and interesting product. Upon first contact, it is a gel like formula with little white beads. When you start rubbing it into your skin the soft white little beads burst during application allowing a white colour to seep through. As you continue to rub the product into your face or skin the shade begin to adjust to my skin colour.

It does hide my pores and works similar to a tinted moisturiser with very light coverage. Upon application, my skin appears flawless and smooth with my pores barely visible. I really like the finish, it's dewy and natural looking  - excellent for good skin days. Be cautious around your brows because I had bits get stuck there. I really like this product, the only thing I dislike is the alcohol-like scent. Below is a series of unedited and unfiltered swatches.

Have you tried any of the above? Let me know your thoughts or what you are interested in!

The products featured were provided for editorial purpose


  1. I definitely am keen to try out that lip injection as I have thin lips. Everything else looks great too!

    Lubz ||

  2. Very very shocked these products actually worked. I'm totes skeptical of this brand but perhaps I need to try it out! This eye masks sound flipping amazing


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