Saturday, August 26, 2017

EVENT: Dr Hauschka Makeup Launch @ The Grounds of Alexandria

Dr Hauschka's Make-up Launch took place at The Grounds of Alexandria with special guest,  Karim Sattar (Dr Hauschka's International Makeup Artist and Global Ambassador) who travelled all the way from Hamburg!

Before we go into details about the function, let me tell you an interesting story about the lead up to the event. I was unable to make it to Dr Hauschka's event and contacted my back-plan who agreed to cover the event for me, however she ended up being extremely unwell a couple of days ahead of the launch. My plan fell through and I caved by asking my partner to attend, I was expecting a "HELL NO"... he is well versed in attending food events and had attended a couple of beauty events as my plus one but he has never attended a beauty event on his own.

I had my entire spiel prepared and ready to convince and swing him, a long list of pros and reasons as to why he should attend on my behalf. To my ardent surprise, he said yes without hesitation. What a keeper! The amazing photos you see in this blog post were taken by him (@stitchimonsta) :)

Dr Hauschka is an internationally renowned organic brand carrying both makeup and skincare products. The launch marks and highlights some of the new makeup products that is suitable for different eye colours. Karim showcased and demonstrated new face/eye palettes, mascara, brow and lip products as you can see on the beautiful model. Oh and did you take a moment to admire Karim's brush kit??

Another important fact you need to know about Dr Hauschka is that Palm Oil is used in Dr Hauschka's Cover Sticks only, they source organic Palm Oil from a certified source in South America. We have both avoided purchasing and using products with Palm Oil (which is in a lot of snack foods) from South East Asia because Orang-utans are dying/losing their home for human consumption, I am really glad that Dr Hauschka as a brand is aware of this matter and had found an alternative solution to ensure sustainability.

The set up for the event was absolutely beautiful, The Grounds of Alexandria couldn't have been a better pick for the launch. My partner learned a lot of make up techniques from Karim's fantastic demo and even had some applied to his face by Karim!

Now signing off with a food photo :)

Lily not Louise attended this event as a guest of Dr Hauschka.

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  1. OMG good on your partner for covering the event for you:) What a trooper! Really enjoyed reading the post Lily :)

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