Monday, August 28, 2017

EVENT: Mecca Maxima Mecca Max Launch @ Dominik Mersch Gallery

Mecca Max had recently fulfilled every girl's dream by bringing out their very own stunning range that is also kind to our wallets (averaging $20 a pop). This out of the world party took place at Dominik Mersch Gallery, this is the first Mecca event I have ever attended and I was in makeup paradise. Before we start, I just wanted to give a special thanks to Tashi from Teacup of Makeup for taking me along to this fabulous event and of course to Mecca Maxima for hosting the evening!

As soon as we entered the venue we were instantly attracted to the gorgeous Mecca Max products sitting on display cases - oh that new makeup feel! With a phenomenal 206 products launching across makeup and base, there ought to be a product for everyone.

Mecca babes provided us with "Mecca Money" so we can head to the product shelves and purchase products we would like to take home. What happened when we ran out of Mecca Money to spend? There was a cash grab machine, similar to "Are you ready to get sticky with Mickey" in 'Matilda' but without the sticky. It was an ingenious idea, how often would you ever come across one of those in your life time?

We spent a solid few hours looking at all the new releases, awing and ahh-ing at the eye shadow palettes. There were quite a few products that had a strong hold of my attention (which I ended up taking home), including Mecca Max Triple Threat Face Shaper Cream - $30. I have always been curious to try a cream bronzer, blusher, highlighter trio and this was the perfect opportunity. This gorgeous trio is available in both powder and cream formula.

Your girl loves a good bronzer and when I saw Mecca Max Sunlit Skin Bronzing Powder - $22, I knew it was something I wanted to take home. I use bronzers all year round, after doing some excessive beach tanning as a teen, I learned the hard way and decided bronzing powder is the way to go.

Mecca Max Eye Max Power Couple Mascara - $38, made my jaw drop, it's the perfect mascara for girls with smaller lashes and is now one of Mecca Max's best seller and I am not surprised. This epic duo ended mascara comes with a standard sized wand on one end and a tiny little wand on the other. I have seen small wands in a lot of Japanese and Korean branded mascaras, however this is the first time I have come across a pocket sized mini-spoolie being sold by an Australian brand. This is such an exciting launch, whilst you get the best of both worlds, if conventional wands are too big and unable to reach your smaller or lower lashes this may possibly be your go-to. 

Beauty stations were also available for a casual or professional touch up with one of the Mecca's Makeup Artists. Below is a peak of the shopping station, this was just a small section and let me reassure you that the this area was packed the entire evening. 

I usually sign off with a food photo, but I was like a kid in a candy shop and had way too much fun playing with all the makeup that I did not get around to take a proper food photo (I know, this is a first!).  So leaving you guys with a GIF of Tashi and I holding the things we love most!

Lily not Louise attended this event as a guest of Mecca Maxima and Teacupofmakeup

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  1. Mecca Maxima is FINALLY coming to Adelaide so I'm hanging to see this range in person!


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