Friday, September 29, 2017

Introducing Emma and Roe by Michael Hill

When I first discovered Emma and Roe I spent hours browsing through the beautiful jewellery, did you know Emma and Roe is by Michael Hill? Emma and Roe have a beautiful charm collection, with over 680s matching bracelets and chains to chose from.

After hours of browsing I picked out the little gem photographed above, it's Emma and Roe's Tree of Life Mini Pendant in 10ct Rose Gold - I just could not pass it. I love intricacy and the fact that this little charm can go on any chain or bracelet, it's a small and dainty piece!

I had to pick a chain for my charm, and found the most exquisite and practical solution. Charm Lariat Necklace called my name and it was an easy pick. I love dainty and I love minimalistic pieces. This is a simple sterling silver chain with a miniature ball (note: the ball is attached to the chain so it will never fall off). I loved this piece, it's so simply but speaks volumes and the perfect chain to pair with my Tree of Life Pendant.

I wasn't quite sure how my little Tree of Life pendant would look on the chain, but when I put them together. I loved it. I realised that Rose Gold goes well with pretty much anything, the chain didn't need to be gold or rose gold. I have more or less been rocking this combo to every event lately!

It's a stunning piece with a V-neck top or round neck - it's a bit of an all rounder piece. If this is your first introduction to Emma and Roe, I recommend you to jump on their website just to check out their pieces, you might even find something you like!

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  1. This is a beautiful piece of jewellery, and it suits you so beautifully!


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