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When I hit the first quarter of 2017, I did some serious cutting down on makeup. I threw out more mascara than I can count and stopped layering on eye makeup. These days I care more for the quality of my skin and admires minimalism - but I still enjoy glamming up every now and then.

Base products, powders, bronzers and blushes are my most frequently used products. If I had to pick 2 products to survive with it would be a foundation and a bronzer.

I have been trying and testing Lycogel for some time, my skin became fairly inflamed from the over consumption of chocolate (?) I did over indulge. It was the perfect time to show you guys the effects of Lycogel and whether it's something you want to add in your basket.

Before we start, I just want to note that my actual skin tone was matched as a MAC NC-25, however I prefer foundation that's slightly darker and would opt for a NC30.


- Luminous and breathable light coverage
- Creates a healthy vibrant glow
- Available in 4 shades

  • The shade I trialled is in NR2 - darker than my preferred shade but blendable
  • As claimed, this is a very light weight tinted moisturiser. It's probably the product that will give you the lightest coverage out of the three products. I found the shade to be slightly... peachy? I was really hesitant to use this on my blotchy red skin days, but to my surprise it provided some coverage to the redness and just made me look slightly more tanned - which I didn't mind. 
  • The consistency of the product is slightly creamy and very easy to spread. Containing SPF30, 6.4% titanium dioxide and 8.6% Zinc Oxide. 
  • Unless my nose is seriously blocked, there seems to be no or barely any scent to Lycogel products?
  • I would not recommend NR2 for those with pale skin or if you prefer a shade that is lighter than your skin-tone. While I liked this product I did not love it, while it's probably one of the better tinted base products I have used but I probably would not actively purchase it.


- Buildable coverage to overcome any skin concerns. Once dried you are then able to add an additional layer, recommended is 1 or 2 layers pending on skin concerns.
- Pat the second layer on, as it is a gel formula rubbing may disrupt the first layer.
- Matte Finish
- Lasts all day
- Available in 12 shades
- 20ml


  • The shade I trialled is in Pearl and it was a perfect match when blended, it possess a warm undertone, perfect for olive skin.
  • This product comes in a plastic pump bottle. The product is easily dispensed with precision. However I did find that, on occasion, there is residual product peeking out of the dispenser.
  • This is probably one of the most high coverage foundation I have ever used, a small pea size would cover my entire face and all my blemishes. I have been fortunate to experience minimal blemishes so I waited and waited to test this product on a blotchy bad skin day.
  • My skin was very blotchy and quite red/inflamed. With ONE light layer my blemishes, redness and most of my under eye circles were pretty much covered. It was very impressive.
  • The texture of the foundation is smooth and will fill in your smaller pores. It blends seamlessly with a brush or with you fingers.
  • This product is quite matte and would be the ideal high coverage foundation for those with oily skin. I have dry skin and find it to work better on very well hydrated skin, otherwise dryness around the corner of my nose is noted.
  • This foundation lasted on my face all day, every where except for my nose, I did notice some movements on my nose but the redness seem to have faded slightly after a day of wear? Amazing skincare properties??
  • Even thought the coverage is full, the foundation is lightweight and my skin feels breathable!
  • One downside to this product is that it only comes in a 20ml bottle VS standard foundation size being 30ml. I know a little goes a long way but I love this foundation and wish it contained more product!


- Maximum coverage concealer great for blemishes and under eyes
- One layer is often sufficient, however if a second layer is required ensure to apply in patting motion
- Available in 3 shades (Light, Medium and Tan)
- 7.4ml

  • The shade I trialled is in Light and it was a perfect match.
  • The consistency of this concealer is fairly thick however easy to spread and doesn't tug on the skin. I find the best method of application is using your fingers. I like to dot it under my eyes and pat the product into the skin.
  • The concealer makes such a significant difference to my under eye region and brightens the area instantly. It's very creamy and did not latch onto any dry areas. I don't really have any fine lines under my eyes so I can't comment on whether it will sit in lines.
  • It covers blemishes well, but I personally feel that it does the best job under eyes. I applied a small amount to a swollen emerging pimple on my nose, whilst it did cover it and did a good job at covering it, but it did start sliding during the day.. which did not happen under my eyes.
  • This is probably one of the best concealer for under eyes I have used thus far.

Products featured were provided for editorial purposes

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