Monday, September 18, 2017


It's been a crazy few months, 6 planes in 3 weeks. 4 for work and 2 for leisure..... This weekend we flew up to Brisbane for a toy collector's show. We flew up after work on Thursday evening - my friend at Beauty Reign advised me of the new Mecca Maxima store opening in Brisbane, I had a google and it was right around the corner from our hotel. So I thought... why not!

We started lining up for Mecca at 6am on Friday morning, we did not exit the store until 1pm - it was INSANE. Following the line up we grabbed some lunch and went back to our hotel to re-fresh. Come 4pm, we started lining up for the toy show. I said to my partner - "There is no way in I am pulling an all-nighter and lining up for TOYS..."

My plan was to chill, relax, blog and pamper myself at the hotel. Come 6pm on Friday I decided to attend the toy viewing - especially since he was such a trooper and stood in line for hours at Mecca.

This was my ultimate downfall. When I saw the toys I was in love, right there and then I decided to camp out. A bad decision for my wallet and bad decision for my skin.

Today I want to talk to you about the 3 skincare products that essentially saved my fatigued skin and managed to make me look decent after being awake for 24hrs with 1.5hrs of lousy sleep on a bus bench.


A incredible blend of oils (Camellia, Evening Primrose, Rosehip, Rose, Sandalwood, Clary Sage, Orange, Fennel, Tangerine and Essential oils) combined to restore and regenerate stressed skin due to environmental and lifestyle factors.

This product is incredibly versatile, I used it on it's own (when I arrived back to the hotel from being sleep deprived I only want one quick hydration fix and this was it), mixed with moisturiser and over moisturiser. I used this baby day and night, it absorbs into my skin fairly quickly and it doesn't feel overly oily (less oily than your typical rosehip oil) and non-tacky. I love woody scents and the sandalwood scent relaxes my senses, make sure the oil does not come into contact with your eyes, I personally like to stop at the orbital bone and let the eye products do the rest.


This is a super lightweight moisturiser containing Aloe Vera and Green Tea. It restores/retains moisture and increases hydration. The texture is definitely gel-like and sinks in almost immediately. The formula possess a slight lemony scent .. almost a bit like lemon myrtle or lemongrass. I had a few blemishes on my face alongside small sensitivities, this product worked like a gem. Soothing problematic areas and calming my face down.

My skin is a bit of a train-wreck, it's dehydrated and at times becomes unbearably dry/flaky whilst I can still experience oiliness along the T-zone. I personally feel this product is a dream come true for those with dry skin. However, when used alongside the Elixir it was perfect for my odd-ball combination skin.


This is the only cream eye mask I have ever used, it's an express smoothing mask designed to  reduce under eye puffiness and fatigue. The formula is specially designed for fragile under eye skin. It is claimed to hydrate and reduce signs of fatigue (i.e., fine lines, puffiness and dark circles) in just 10 minutes. I used this product day and night during my Brissy trip.

I am prone to experience under eye puffiness and fatigue. My under eye area is the biggest give away in terms of stress, fatigue and age. My favourite time to use this is at night time before bed. I would use a small amount and let it sit... instead of wiping the excess away I would leave it on and just go to bed. I usually experience the worst under eye puffiness and dark circles if I experience a lack of sleep. However with this eye mask, I was able to look decent in the morning. Although my under eye puffiness did not disappear following application, it did not worsen and I did not experience any obvious dark circles on Sunday Morning.


I can't even begin to tell you how tired I am from the weekend, but I was so impressed by these products that all I wanted to do is share it with everyone else!

With the combination of the three aforementioned products I was able to look presentable after a very rough 2 days of barely any sleep. I have used Sisley previously and their products blew me away, the Eye Contour Mask was no exception. I have been putting off on using USPA as it's a brand I was not familiar with (until I learned more about them as a salon quality brand at the Beauty Expo), I am SO glad I decided to take it on my trip with me because I will continue to use USPA. I feel that both brands are under-rated and deserves a look. If you are looking for high quality products that will actually make a difference to your skin. I highly recommend you to check out Sisley and USPA.

Here's a photo of one of the toys I purchased... you guys will be seeing more toys in my beauty photos :)

Products featured were provided for editorial purposes.

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