Sunday, September 10, 2017

EVENT: 1000Hour High Tea with Tegan Martin @ Primus Hotel

1000 Hour is an iconic Australian brand that's been setting trends and bringing out cult favourites for the past 25 years. What does the name 1000Hour mean? Well, their lash and brow dye kit lasts for 1000 hours (6weeks) with one application.

Tegan Martin (previous Miss Universe Contestant) is 1000Hour's first ever brand ambassador, Tegan was a previous hair dresser and makeup artist, she is focused on product quality and by joining 1000Hour, Tegan had given us her seal of approval. At the event, it was announced that Tegan's mother, Cherie Martin will be joining Tegan as a brand ambassador for 1000Hour!

Tegan and Cherie Martin

1000Hour's most popular product is their Eyelash and Brow Dye Kit (photographed above), available in Black, Brown, Brown Black and Blue/Black. You are looking at no smudge, permanent colours in just 3 easy steps at home. Retail for $18.95 per pack.

We listened through Tegan and Cherie Martin's experience and partnership with 1000Hour and enjoyed a spectacular high tea.

I must say I have never been game enough to use any brow or lash dyes but I think I might give it a go! If you are keen to give 1000hr products a try, you are in luck! I have a discount code for you, enter "lilynotlouise" at checkout to receive 25% off. This is valid until end of September 2017. 

Lily not Louise attended this event as a guest of 1000hour.

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