Saturday, October 28, 2017

2 Step At Home Spa Treatment with Natura Siberica + Discount Code

I recently went for a full spa treatment, it's a little annual treat I have for myself.. kind of like a pat on the back for a year well done. The treatment was comprehensive from an infrared sauna (which apparently burns 600 calories in 30 mins) to a full hour body massage and facial. I thought long and hard about the facial as it set me back $90, the spa clinic was obviously trying to get me to come back on a more frequent basis with monthly facials - which is something I really cannot afford right now.

So I came home and had a look through my stash and thought, hey! I have all the products I need at home for a monthly or even a weekly facial. Today I want to showcase the two products I have been using as a pick me up after a long week of work.

24k GOLD FACE PEEL - $44.99

This pot of gold lava speaks for itself, it really doesn't get any more luxurious than 24k gold. My skin is dehydrated and prone to pores, so it's not ideal for me to use an exfoliator with granules. As a result, I have turned to my trusty peel. I like to apply this all over my face after a good deep cleanse. It's incredible what 10-15 minutes of this product can do for your skin.


I am sure we all know by now that our hands and neck show signs of ageing more rapidly than other parts of our body - mainly because we tend to neglect those areas. After I hit the age of 26 I've noticed some lines on my neck never use to be there. Since then I have ensured to moisturise my neck every single day and night. This mask provides a more intensive method of rejuvenation. I put this on the back of my hands too.

It's funny because I'm currently watching "Younger" where the main character pretends to be a 26year old in order to get a job in Publishing - here's the catch, she's actually 40. But she looks amazing, in fact, Hilary Duff at 30 looks amazing.

Since my last birthday, I have really focused more on skincare than ever before.


Don't forget, there is still a discount code for first time buyer, click here to find out more.

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Friday, October 27, 2017

Mecca Maxima Christmas Holiday Showing - 2017 {Pic Heavy}

I recently had the pleasure of attending Mecca's Holiday showing. There are some really exciting products I have a keen eye on that will be available for a limited period of time for us to shop and enjoy this holiday season!

Have a scroll through to see if some if anything catches your eyes.


Starting off with a beautiful Lip De Luxe ($85) from Mecca Cosmetica, with 5 of the best selling shades and a lip treatment. Your lips will love you with a range of shades from everyday neutrals to beautiful brights.


There are several new holiday products releasing from Mecca Max, the pack that caught my eyes is this adorable set of nail varnish. It's Mecca Max's Party Tips Nail Tri ($40) containing 3 polishes. And if nail polish is not your thing, you will have a ball choosing from a lipgloss set and mini liquid lipsticks


Too Faced is coming out with several jaw dropping sets and palettes. Pretty Little Planner ($61) is a beautiful palette that contains a bit of everything (15 shadows with a combination of shimmer and matte finishes).

Another set to keep your eyes on is Unicorn Survival Kit ($38) containing La Crème Lipstick in Unicorn Tears, Melted Latex lipstick in Unicorn Tears, highlighter in Unicorn Tears and a Unicorn Makeup Bag.


Winky Lux is a new brand to me and they have the cutest Mini Lip Pill Kit ($29) with a set of 5 mini lipsticks in pill form! It would be the best for a small handbag!


Shut the front door! Stila Christmas editions are here!!! You will find the most amazing lip and eye sets. Star Studded Eight - Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick Set ($66) contains 8 mini stay all day lipsticks and we all know how good they are!

If you are looking for eye products, Eye for Elegance - Liquid Eye Shadow Set ($66) containing 3 mini glitter and glow shadows and 3 mini shimmer and glow shadows. I swatched a glitter eyeshadow and it was a million bucks!


So much goes on with NARS every Christmas. This year is no exception. NARS is bringing out their colour collection introducing Man Ray. Expect to see beautiful bold, brights and daring colours in both lips and eyes. However you will also find some NARS stocking classics - mini lippie and blush duo ($35)


Lipstick Queen is famous for their colour transforming lipsticks, the Mini Transformative Trio ($36) contains three mini cult favourites - Mornin' Sunshine, Frog Prince and Hello Sailor.

Alternatively there is the Frog Prince Lip and Cheek Duo ($51) containing Lipstick Queen's signature Frog Prince Lip and Cheek products.


The Perfect Eye Set ($140) includes a stress repair concentrate, Le stylo ultra slim liquid eyeliner in black and mascara in black. Les Paillettes ($110) inspired by the shimmering glamour of sequins and pailettes, this palette combineds a rose gold highlighter with a sheer pink shimmery shade. L'arbre Illumine Palette ($115) a shimmering selection of flattering illuminating highlighter and cheek shades, not to mention a beautiful pink pop-up bloom on the box.


By Terry is celebrating the holiday season with gold and glitz, a stunning Flash Dual Compact Highlighter ($97) that will create the perfect contour/highlight effect. Alongisde this gorgeous blush is their holiday sets; Preciosity Ombre Blackstar Gift Set ($140) containing the three best selling ombred blackstarshades to dress up your eyes and Preciosity Terrybly Velvet Rouge Gift Set Collection ($122) including three gorgeous lipstick trios.


I can't help to be biased but Hourglass is probably my favourite brand in Mecca and this is one of the most anticipated launches of the year. I purchased last year's limited edition with marble case and it was one of the best choices I have made. This year, Hourglass is bringing out Ambient Lighting Edit - Volume 3 ($117) containing 6 shades, dim light, diffused light, luminous bronze light, surreal halo (new), pure effect (new) and hypnotic strobe (new).


Ciate is coming out with their snow globe holiday edition, there will be a variety of lip ($51 for 5 best selling minis) and nail ($42 for a mini 6 piece) products in the globe . Is this the perfect present or what!


Smashbox has paired up with Ana Strumpf, an artist who transforms iconic pics into works of at with her playful sketches. I am loving all the artist collaborations. My partner is an artist and it really makes me appreciate art in a different way. Expect to see amazing palettes from NARS, including Shadow Highlight Palette ($57), Shadow Contour and Blush Palette ($61), Be Legendary Lipstick Palette ($61) and Sculpting Cheek Palette ($57).


Eyeko has the perfect gift for any mascara lover who love to transition from day to night lashes. The holiday season brings Eyeko's mini mascara wardrobe including 3 of their signature mascaras in the and exclusive travel deluxe mascara - eyeliner combo in the Black Magic Duo set ($48)


Get excited guys, Mario Badescu is bringing out a Men's Grooming Essentials ($44) it's perfect for dads, hubbys and partners especially if you are planning a holiday, this kit has it all, from cleansing gel to pre-shave conditioner.


Reveal your most beautiful skin with Tatcha's Best Seller Set ($87) includes a camellia cleansing oil, enzyme powder, silk cream and dewy skin mist.  The perfect travel kit with ingredients rooted in daily Japanese skincare routine and philosophy.


On the Glow Collection ($292) is an incredible set, it's ideal for on the go beauty seekers that is looking for something re-awaken a glowing complexion. This kit contains a portable microcurrent regimen it includes a mini facial toning device alongside various facial products and serums.


Glam Glow have made their mark in the beauty industry with their masks. This Christmas, get your skin ready with Let It Glow Supermud Set ($98) including a full size Supermud Clearing Treatment and 3 mini mud treatments. Alternatively there is Let It Glow! Volcasmic Set ($71) this is a limited edition set containing 1 full size Volcasmic Matte Glow Moisturiser and 2 mini treatments.


Wait no longer! Fantastic presents for your secret santa from Eve Lom will be out soon! Rescue Ritual Set ($139); Cleanser Bauble ($33) and Kiss Mix Cracker ($46). You will find yourself with a variety of cleansers, and lip treatments. 


Believe it or not, I actually have quite a few different products from Soap and Glory which I adore - the brand reminds me of a book I read as a child called Power and Glory and it was about a kid who plays a lot of video games (kinda sounded like me before I discovered the beach haha). Be excitedto find Soap and Glory's Lip Lip Horray! ($14) set containing 3 lippie minis and Pout-y Popper ($11) containing 2 mini glosses - perfect stocking stuffers.


Your skin will be happy to hear that Foam Party Soap Slab Duo ($18) is coming to town with a vanilla soap slab ad orange soap slab. Pamper your body with Hand and Body Pamper Duo ($65) with a violet body wash and lotion.


Let me introduce you do Byredo's luxe new hand scrub format that is now available in Vetyver, Suede and Rose ($73), it will gently exfoliate your hands leaving them soft and supple, while sloughing away dead surface cells. You can also care for your hands with Rose Hand Wash ($62) and Rose Hand Lotion ($65).


I couldn't take my eyes off this when I saw Carousel and Candle Duo ($147) as if by magic, the object will rotate thanks to the heat released by the flame, revealing a beautiful dance of light.

Lily not Louise attended this event as a guest of Mecca Maxima

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Top 3 Must Haves for My Perfect Dressing Room ft Fanastic Furniture

For the longest time I have always wanted my own dressing space as a child, I'd flip through magazines to look at pieces of furniture that I would like in my perfect dressing room. Growing up mum never had a dressing room, she had a small dresser where she would put her makeup and perfume - that was my favourite part of the small apartment. 

I am hoping one day, to have my very own dressing room and wanted to show you guys my top picks from Fantastic Furniture


As a beauty junkie, storage is extremely important. I went a long time without storage and it was a bit of a nightmare having all the products sitting in boxes and bags. It was just a mess. I actually have a 5 drawer tall boy at home and it's been an absolute life saver. Instead of taking out all the products from bags and boxes, I now know exactly where everything is. Organisation is key!


I have always wanted a dresser with a mirror, ever since I can remember. I would put all my most used HG products in the dresser along with makeup brushes and highly reached for accessories in the small dresser. I would love to decorate the top of my dresser with a a line of my favourite perfumes. The mirror is really just a bonus, nothing like a big mirror used to get ready in the morning. It makes such a big difference. 


My final selection is an arm chair and I felt the Wing Arm Chair was the perfect selection and it looks super comfy. We had an arm chair when I was a child and it was my favourite chair to sit on, I remember to have demanded to sit on the arm chair to have all 3-meals, mum had no choice and caved. I can't wait to get a proper arm chair for my dream dressing room!
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Friday, October 13, 2017

Smashbox Be Legendary Liquid Lip Review + Swatches


  • Glides on full coverage liquid lipstick with high shine like a gloss
  • Formulated without parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, phthalates, silicone and talc
  • Foolproof precision tip application that distributes evenly
  • Makes lips appear more plump and full
  • Feels soft and comfortable on lips, non gritty
  • Cruelty free
  • Available in 17 shades
Price: $35 from Mecca Maxima


  • The Wand:  The triangular shaped tip allows the most efficient and precise application. There is a slight curvature to one side of the wand allowing more product to sit in the applicator so you won't need to dip the wand back into the tube for more. Due to the precision, I haven't found the need to use a lip liner while using Be Legendary Liquid Lip.
  • Scent: It smells like peaches - I'm serious!
  • Texture: As advertised, it's smooth, easy to spread/apply, non sticky or tacky at all, light weight, hydrating and comfortable on the lips. Coverage is indeed full and the shine? Well have a look below for yourself. I was also surprised that my lips did not feel dry AT ALL... I would usually feel some sort of dryness when using a liquid lipstick.
  • Longevity:  Boy, they are long-lasting, Bad B and Bad Apple both lasted even after eating and drinking, although fading to Bad Apple was more noticeable as it's a brighter shade, both lasting for about 6-7hrs, I can stretch it to 8-9hrs if I am careful. There is a substantial amount of transfer with Bad Apple, but even after all the wiping and eating, you will still have product remaining on your lips. Petal Metal is not as long wearing as the other 2 shades as the metallic would slowly fade. I have read several reviews regarding bleeding around the edges, I can assure you I did not experience any bleeding with any of the 3 shades.
  • Shades: Bad B is my go to everyday colour, it's perfect for work. Bad Apple is a classic red, something I'd pick for a special occasion. Last but not least Petal Metal is actually my first metallic lip colour, I hesitated at first as I have never tried or used a metallic lip colour and was surprised by how much I liked it.
  • Final Comments: I am forever grateful that Mecca had introduced me to Smashbox Be Legendary Liquid Lip, it went from being a liquid lipstick that I would never have discovered to a liquid lipstick I would purchase and recommend. 



Petal Metal

Bad B


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Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Following my night time skincare routine, I thought it would be good to follow up with my 3 step day time skincare routine. When I do have time in the morning I would cleanse my face, but admittedly I would often skip this step - not being able to work from home means I am time poor!

Today I want to show you guys my 3 step skincare using Eles Cosmetics Skincare - Eles Cosmetics is a salon quality brand - with a range of skincare and mineral makeup.


 When I have time in the morning I might go in with a cleansing oil to ensure all traces of dirt and grime is removed from my skin. This is not always possible on a working day, but I try!

I have tried a couple of different cleansing oil and Eles Transformation Cleansing Oil is probably the best cleansing oil I have used thus far. It's difficult to notice this on your face but when I swatched some Smashbox liquid lipsticks on my arm I had a LOT of difficulty removing it, I used hand soap, regular facial cleanser, facial scrub, shampoo, body wash.... everything and I still had huge lipstick swatches across my arm. A lightbulb moment shined through and I used a small amount of Eles Cleansing oil and the stubborn lipstick melted away. That was the moment I decided that I really shouldn't be going to bed after wearing makeup without using this cleansing oil, I realised the amount of residual makeup that may be stuck in my pores that is not visible to the naked eye.

Some of the other cleansing oil I have tried were difficult to wash off, Eles cleansing oil is non-greasy and can be rinsed under warm water - however, I ALWAYS double cleanse.

This is a transformation cleansing oil because the oil turns into a milky colour after coming into contact with water.


This is a beautiful light weight facial oil that you can use both day and night. It possess a light fruity scent that is very pleasant (personally I prefer to use it in the morning because it really wakes me up and makes me feel refreshed!). I usually use a couple of drops during the day and it is absorbed fairly quickly, I tend to use a lot more in the evening and you will need to wait for the oil to be absorbed.

If I use this at night time, I would often skip moisturiser cos this does such a great job even though I know I should be! I especially like this oil around my under eye area for a boost of treatment when I don't have eye cream handy.


The last and final step is ALWAYS day cream with SPF 30+ despite the weather or season.

This is definitely a luminous day cream, I personally feel that this is designed best for dry skin in winter as it may appear a oily for those with already oily skin or when used in summer. Although I like to use a full pump of cream for my entire face (which is usually too much anyway).

Have you tried anything from Eles Cosmetics before?

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