Friday, December 15, 2017

Inika Handbag Essentials

We are one week away from Christmas, this year I will be going home to spend time with my family during the week I have off, which I am really looking forward to after moving out for 6 month. I went from seeing them every day to seeing them once a month. It's crazy.

With Christmas just around the corner, I am sure everyone is busy with shopping and Christmas Parties. Today we are looking at Inika's Handbag Essentials, something that can come in handy for parties or as a gift.

Inika Certified Organic Cream Illuminisor - Rose

- A cream formula that blends easily across the high points of your face.
- An illuminsor that is buildable for a natural glow through to a more prominent highlight
- The shade "Rose" is excellent for those with medium to dark complexion
- Key ingredients includes coconut oil and argan oil

My Verdict
  • This is an absolutely stunning cream formulated illuminator. The formula is smooth and blends with ease. 
  • I personally like to rub my fingers in the pan and gently dab it on my cheek bones following foundation application. 
  • As per product description, this product is best suited for those with medium to dark complexions, I find that it looks a bit pink on my cheekbones and the shimmer is really quite noticeable when I don't have a tan, but it looks fantastic when I tan or fake tan. 

Inika Certified Organic Lip Serum

- Nutrient rich lip care for deep hydration and nourished lips.
- Organic Sea buckthorn to enrich the healing formula with a rejuvenating mix of essential fatty acids and antioxidant.
- Made with 91% certified organic ingredients, hydrating certified organic jojoba, sunflower, rosehip oils to help condition the lips.
- Vitamin C from certified organic mandarin orange extract and orange essential oil to detoxify and hydrate.
-No added colour however provides shine and can be applied on top of your lip colour.
- Can be used as a remedy for sore chapped lips, morning and night.

My Verdict
  • I absolutely love this lip serum, it posses a slight citrus scent and looks yellow in the tube but it is indeed colourless. 
  • The applicator is a standard doe foot applicator, I personally don't feel like it the surface area of the foot is big enough to pick up enough serum to allow a once swipe application for my entire lips - I'm being picky. 
  • After application my lips are so ridiculously nourished and continues to remain hydrated even after the product is no longer on my lips. I keep this lip serum in my bag at all times I think it's a HG. 

As for the cute clutch, I actually took it to a wedding I went to recently (and dressed up too)!!! And guess what, all I had in my clutch were my phone, highlighter, keys and lip serum!

*Products featured were provided for editorial purpose.

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