Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Inika Cosmetics Long Lash Vegan Mineral Mascara Review

I've always had a soft spot for green and clean beauty brands. Inika is one of those brands.
Inika is 100% cruelty free and registered with the UK Vegan Society and OFC certified to the Australian National Organic Standard. There are so many products I want to try from Inika, today I want to let you guys know how I went with their vegan mascara.


- Uses 100% plant derived and natural ingredients to boost length, volume and lash span.
- Voluminous brush head allows the perfect amount of mascara to be applied.
- 1 coat gives you the length and 2 coats will give you volume.
- No harsh synthetic ingredients.
- No animal derived ingredients.
- Cruelty free, certified vegan and certified halal.

RRP: $45


  • My lashes are straight, extremely straight to the point where curls are difficult to maintain... with the exception of waterproof mascaras and tubular mascaras. Most mascaras tend to weigh my lashes down, so it wasn't too much of a surprise when my lashes were unable to maintain it's curl after applying Inika's mascara as it is nor a waterproof or a tubular mascara. 
  • The mascara itself was quite wet and a lot would go onto my lashes when applied, my lashes are not very long and luscious so I found the brush to be quite big. 
  • The mascara did create some length and volume, but for my rather straight lashes, it really didn't look like much - more visible on my lower lashes though. 
  • Longevity wise, I was pleasantly surprised, I wore this on Australia Day, and boy it was a warm day! We were out from midday until about 9PM. I checked in around dinner time at 6PM there were no smudges. At 9PM, I noticed some minor movements from my lower lashes. 
  • I haven't tried many organic mascaras but I have heard horror stories. Whilst this mascara did not make my lashes look WOW, I would use it for a natural look and I like the fact that the ingredients are mostly organic.


Natural Lashes curled to the extreme, I must've spent a good 3 minutes curling. 


Applied 2 coats of Inika Long Lash Vegan Mascara to top and bottom lashes

Product provided for editorial purpose

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