Sunday, January 28, 2018

Melissa Allen Mood Essentials - I Have Joy and I Have Focus

Melissa Allen Mood Essentials is one of the first natural fragrance brand I have used or been introduced to that infuses 100% natural essential oils into her beautiful products. More than often, I would apply essential oils to my temples to distress, so having those powerful essential oils inside a travel friendly fragrance container allows me to use Melissa Allen's Mood Essentials on the go. The best part is that her fragrances are emotionally linked and categorised. When I want confidence just before an interview or an event, I would spritz I Have Confidence.

Melissa recently came out with two new additions lately - I Have Joy and I Have Focus.
Also important to note that Melissa's products are cruelty free.

I HAVE FOCUS $15.95 for 7ml / $39.95 for 50ml

I Have Focus is ideal for concentration and assisting individuals to be more active in achieving set goals. This scent contains rosewood, rosemary, frankincense and lemon to boost clarity, productivity and decision making.

I would typically use this on a busy work day but I did use it during a long day out just to make me feel more "alive" - the scent is calm, sweet and not over-powering. Melissa's perfume are classified as "natural" fragrances, so you may notice that longevity does not stretch as far as mainstream fragrances with all sorts of ingredients where I would need clarification for.

I HAVE JOY  $15.95 for 7ml / $39.95 for 50ml

I Have Joy is a cheerful blend including grapefruit, orange, howood and bergamot. I love using this to calm myself down - which is the ultimate goal of this blend. Melissa indicated that being joyful is about delight inspiration, passion and motivation, ultimately being happy comes with tremendous benefits that money cannot buy.

Final words..

I adore Melissa Allen's range, I have previously tried some of her other natural fragrances and was blown away by the relaxing and calming properties that cannot be achieved by mainstream fragrances. The travel size cannot be handier, they are excellent for when I go away and when I want to carry a little something in my bag that is not a long tube of deodorant. 

Find out how you can get your free sample here.

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  1. These sound really good. I also like how they are in the convenient travel containers.


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