Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Scout Cosmetics Summer Skincare and Makeup

I have been working with Scout Cosmetics for a few months now. Today I've decided to give you an overview of some of their selected skincare and makeup products.

I'd use a cleanser most days and evenings. Whether it's the end of the day or the start of the day, I want to ensure my canvas is clean. When using in the evening, I would start off by removing my makeup with a makeup wipe followed by a cleanse using Scout Cosmetics Super Fruit Exfoliating Wash Off Cleanser. I automatically associate the word "exfoliating" with exfoliating grit which can be quite abrasive on my skin. I was pleasantly surprised to find the cleanser without a trace of grit and it was able to cleanse my face quite nicely (paired with Foreo's cleansing device). The scent is very fruity with a strong acai smell.

Following the cleanse I would apply 3 drops of Scout Cosmetics Vitamin C Brightening Serum this product is absolutely beautiful, comes in a little cute droplet bottle. The serum absorbs into your skin with ease following application. Scent wise, it's a subtle smell between floral and fruity. I really like this product.

Scout Cosmetics Balance and Replenish Light Moisturiser is applied as soon as the Vitamin C is absorbed into the skin. Whilst this is not a heavy moisturiser, I found it to sit on top of my skin longer than other moisturisers I have used. I feel that a full pump is too much for the face but enough for your face, neck and d├ęcolletage. I am not a big fan of the scent.... I think it might be the pumpkin properties? To be honest, while I don't mind this moisturiser, I don't particularly prefer it. However I will continue to use it and see if I can get used to the scent.

During the Christmas period, I have been using 3 simple steps from Scout Cosmetics makeup line. I use Scout Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner for a kitten flick, I liked the formula of this eyeliner, however I found the brush rather difficult to use and had some trouble drawing a straight liner on my lids. I found the best way to use this product is to draw three dots on my lids (close to my lash line) and blending it in with a flat and dense eye shadow brush to create a slightly smoky kitten flick look. The formula is non-irritating and does not smudge. I hope that Scout Cosmetics will change the brush to allow a better application as the formula is fantastic.

I would then use Scout Cosmetics Lipstick in 07 for both cheeks and lips, I have been watching a lot of YouTube Videos lately and started to match my cheeks to my lip colour. I adore Scout's lipsticks, they are super duper moisturising and not as bold or intimidating as it looks in the bullet.

Finishing off with Scout's Nail Polish in Don't Loose My Number, it's a beautiful Christmas/New Year Red. I received quite a few compliments while wearing this shade. Two coats proved to provide adequate coverage, the nail polish would last for approximately 3 days on me before any chips are noted.

*Products featured were provided for editorial purpose

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