Saturday, January 6, 2018

Synergie LipGlo Review with Swatches

A while back I attended an event held by Synergie, it's a brand that's been under my radar since. I am somewhat conscious of the products that I use on my face, some days I prefer green beauty and others times I feel that life is too short so I will just use it all. Synergie promotes "clean science", it really does make sense, doesn't matter how green, natural and chemical free a brand claims to be, it will always contain chemicals. As someone who is fairly clueless about chemistry, Synergie explained their motto and brand message clearly and it was right up my alley. 


Synergie developed their very own range of Lip Glos, a cosmeceutical gloss range with cutting edge ingredients and antioxidant benefits from sheer to opaque coverage. 
  • No artificial colours or fragrances
  • Contains precious oils and anti-ageing stevia
  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • Available in 8 shades 
Key Ingredients:
  • Stevia - minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on skin's surface. Associated with increasing collagen production.
  • Alpha Bisabolol - A powerful anti-inflammatory derived from chamomile to help soothe and calm irritated skin. 
  • Blackcurrant Seed Oil - Reduces inflammation, regenerates damaged ageing skin and protect the skin barrier from environmental aggression. 
  • Argan Oil - Soothes, softens and protects skin. 
  • Castor Oil - Antimicrobial that boosts the immune system and assists wound healing.
  • Macadamia Oil - A stable and hydrating oil, high essential fatty acids and antioxidants to promote skin's ability to repair and heal. 
Price: $39 per gloss

For Stockists:

  • My first impression when I opened the box was  - "Wow, what a beautiful range of wearable colours!!" I often receive a lot of colours I would never ever wear, so it was a lovely surprise to see a range of carefully curated colours that I would not hesitate to put on my lips.
  • The shades are as claimed from sheer to opaque as you can see from the swatches, some shades are more pigmented than others, there are 2 topper shades: Sheer and Georgie; that can also be used without a base colour. Georgie possess a pearlescent finish while sheer is similar to a colourless lip gloss.
  • The consistency of these LipGlo is smooth, velvety and non-sticky. Whilst the colour may not last as long as a liquid lipstick, but moisturisation is truly on point. I wear Sheer on more days that you would imagine. However, my all time favourites are Tea Rose and Blossom Dust.
  • All 8 shades possess a strong Peppermint scent, I think this may be a "be all or end all" for some people, especially those with a particular aversion to Peppermint. I am on the fence with Peppermint scents. It's great for mornings and times where you want to ensure your breath smells good without mints, however I am a lover of subtle or scent-less products, I would have preferred a different scent and whilst Peppermint is not my preferred scent - I don't mind it. The glosses itself are so good that I would continue to use it - Peppermint or not.
  • The finish is glossy, the only shimmery shade is Gossamer and the wands are standard doe-foot applicators. 

*Featured products provided for editorial purpose

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