Thursday, February 8, 2018

Be Inspired with STONED CRYSTALS Intention Cards and Mini Labradorite

2017 ended with a BAM and I'm not quite certain what 2018 have in store for me. I've had many sleepless and anxious evenings after my partner left his job to go back to study. My mind became over-active.

It's surprising how small things like yoga, listening to a 3 minute podcast, hot showers, simple encouragements and the realisation of the finer details of things and stepping back to look at the bigger picture helped me to step out of shadows. I started to think more positively, grasp onto hope with a eudaimonic approach.


"Roll me around, I’m tactile and will keep your thoughts still. The most powerful protector- I awaken a sense of adventure but still grounded cos I’m practical like that."

Labradorite is the stone of inspiration to help calm an overactive mind. The natural stones originate from Madagascar, they are unique in pattern and crystalline composure. Made from Grade A quality Crystal, no two stones are the same.

I picked  Labradorite because I feel that I need a constant flow of inspiration as a blogger and content creator, some days I feel overwhelmed and need something to help me to stay grounded. This year has been especially difficult with my partner leaving his full time job and embarking on a career change, or should I say return, into the creative field. Our stunning mini Labradorite Crystals is a perfect fit into our lives.


This luxurious intention card set contains instructional cards explaining how to care for your crystals, an acrylic frame to hold your card of the day as well as 25 intention/quote cards with beautiful crystal imagery on the back of each card.

I actually really enjoy having my intention card in my beautiful acrylic frame on my bedside table. I try to change the card every few days depending on my mood. On bad days it can lift my mood and on lazy days it can get me working. Like everyone else, I often get caught up in various social and personal issues, so my tip is to read the card with an open mind and be receptive to the quote. Sometimes it's the most general and obvious statements that can uncloud simple truths that's been sitting right in front of us the entire time.

When I was a sales assistant as a uni student, I quietly learned that there are 3 types of customers. People who buy without rationale as they seem to find some sort of relevance in almost every single product; people who did not plan to purchase, they are on the fence but can be receptive to ideas as to how something can or may fit in their routine to improve their life; then there are those who you feel you can never reach because they shut out all possibilities.

It took a very long time but I've learned to be that middle person.


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