Thursday, March 29, 2018


Ladies, I have been on a journey to good skin this year. Instead of caking on layers of foundation to create the "good skin effect" I have decided to take care of my skin by using good skincare and of course, high quality foundations. Previously, I would dispense two pumps of foundation to cover my entire face, these days, I would use a quarter of a pea size for my entire face. Whilst a quarter of a pea size of a rather average foundation wouldn't do a whole lot for my skin. However, if it is a quality, high performing foundation, it makes a significant difference. 

I was swept off my feet after using Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear (rrp $57AUD), my verdict is synonymous with the thousands of men and women who have tried and reviewed Teint Idole on Lancôme's website. This velvet matte foundation delivers and it delivers well. 


Let's have a look at the claims before we go into anything else... 

  • 24 hr staying power
  • Full coverage without discomfort, streaks or caking
  • Re-touch free, shine free and transfer proof
  • Velvet Matte finish 
  • Available in 40 shades

Now let's talk through my verdict...

  • I have been testing shade 01, it's a light olive colour that is comparable to NC25. 
  • I would never wear any makeup for 24 hours so I was unable to do the 24hr test, but I did the 12 hour test and the foundation stayed put with a small amount of slip on my nose at the 10hr mark, although I rub my nose frequently and I often forget I have makeup on. Nonetheless, my skin would still look flawless. 
  • The consistency of the foundation is creamy but not too thick nor too runny. I use Glam by Manicare's foundation brush (a fantastic brush by the way) and it blends seamlessly.
  • This foundation is indeed full coverage (buildable) and covers redness like a dream, but most importantly, it's unbelievably lightweight. As claimed, I didn't notice any discomfort, streaks or caking. Once applied, I didn't really look like I had foundation on my face. Just look at the before and after photos below, I promise you, that's a quarter of a pea size.
  • The finish is absolutely beautiful - velvet matte! I have dehydrated/combination skin and this foundation sits on my skin beautifully without enhancing any dry patches at any given time.
  • There is a slight scent to the foundation and it's pleasant!
  • This is just an overall long lasting, beautiful finish, natural looking, light weight foundation.... all in one bottle. 
Before and After Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation

After 10 hours of wear

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Monday, March 26, 2018


Hair is not my strong point, the most I would usually do is shampoo... maybe condition, if I can be bothered. My mum gave me a thick head of shiny black hair and I often feel that there was no need to do anything else than to wash it. I was recently sent a set of Mirenesse Thermal Wrap n Repair Hair Treatment. I am not usually too enthusiastic when it comes to hair products, bit this product had me curious.

After speaking to a blogger friend who had used this type of hair treatment previously and found it to be good, I decided to give it a go.

Before my verdict... let's look at the claims:
  • Smooths and softens with organic manuka honey
  • Lotus flower infusion for glossy locks
  • Strengthens with organic coconut oil 
  • Anagain hair growth molecule fights hair loss
  • Detangles with organic Argan Oil
  • Hydrolysed silk and ceramides condition and Repair
PRICE: $29 for a 3 piece set


  • Application: I unwrapped the crap, tried to put as much hair as I could onto the top of my head to put the cap on then proceeded to tuck any stray hairs into the cap. My hair is short so it was not difficult. However, I can see how this may be a difficult task for someone with long and stubborn hair. 
  • The Process: Once the cap was on, I massaged as per instructions and left the cap on for 20 minutes. 
  • Cap off: I took the cap off and jumped back into the shower to give my hair a good rinse. My hair smelt great and felt realllllllly soft. 
  • The following day: My hair was literally glowing with shine. My hair is usually pretty shiny but I personally haven't seen it this shiny. It still smelt fantastic. I still noticed a few fly aways but my hair was so soft and smooth. 
  • 2 days later: Hair still looked, smelt and felt as good as it did on the following day. My hair felt really clean, I usually wash my hair every second day but because it felt so clean I didn't wash it until the FOURTH day. I don't if that's what the mask is suppose to do or if it's just my hair! 
  • Would I use it again? Yes, definitely. My only qualm is that I have to jump out of the shower after I shampoo my hair to put the cap back on. I probably would use it for an event - a wedding (I think I'll have quite a few of those coming up) or a special event where I want my hair to be beautifully blinding. I can't see it as something I would use on a weekly basis because I am lazy! But I was amazed with the results and surprised by how much I liked it. If you spend a lot of time on your hair, you can probably replace one of your treatments with Mirenesse's thermal hair mask. I've used a few different products before but this one seemed to have given the most "WOW' result thus far.

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Sunday, March 18, 2018


I have been a long time fan of Genie Beauty, the range was first introduced to us by founder Lisa Claycomb, her passion triggered my curiosity bell and I have been using Genie Beauty ever since because their quality is up to scratch.

I tend to stay away from physical exfoliates and scrubs for my face (with a few exceptions) due to my enlarged pores, but because it's Genie, I wanted to test it out. So, today I want to talk to you about one of Lisa's latest creations, a triple action exfoliate!

This exfoliant employs a Dual Sensory Performance; Warming sensation upon application enhances the exfoliating action and cooling when rinsed refreshes and rejuvenates.


Japanese Pearl Powder: This powder can be used for multiple uses, i.e., improve skin texture, reduce pore size, control oil and spot reduction.

Bromelain: Is an enzyme extract derived from the stems of pineapples. This enzyme is know for reducing inflammation. Bromelain will help lift away dead skin cells to create a luminous surface in this exfoliant.

Revitalising Peptide Complex: Signals collagen for a brighter, younger looking skin.


- The exfoliant contains small scrubbing grit within a thick gel like formula, the grit is fine but not super refined so you can still get good gentle scrub out of it.

- Ensure your face is damp otherwise the exfoliate won't stick to your face. The Dual Sensory Performance is outstanding, as indicated, there was warming effect between my fingers and my face when massaging the product followed by a cooling sensation once the product was rinsed off.

- I rinsed my face off at the sink and found the exfoliant to take a bit of time to rinse off, for this reason (and because I am lazy) I think I would exfoliate then jump into the shower for a rinse moving forward.

- My face felt ridiculously moisturising after rinsing the exfoliant off, my skin would usually feel dry and uncomfortable after using a scrub or an exfoliate, however with Genie's Exfoliate 3 my face felt hydrated, allowing time for me to make a cup of tea before putting skincare it.

- My skin felt silky smooth and my pores appeared to be clean following use. I am really happy with this product and will continue to use it once per week.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

EVENT: Nutrimetics 50th Anniversary @ The Star

Nutrimetics is the first direct sales beauty brand to emerge in Australia, they have come such a long way. I recently celebrated their 50th anniversary at the Star among the launch of a new product!

Remember back in the days where women's sole role was to stay at home, pop out babies, cook and clean? Nutrimetics have a special place in my heart because it provided an opportunity for women in the work house and reverse the gender roles.

In addition, can we take a moment to admire the Nutrimetics 50th Anniversary cake!? It's their Nutri-Rich oil with Apricot Kernel a star, I use it on my heel and swear by it. 

Ultra care + Microdermabrasion kit is the spanking new release. 85% of women reported visibly smoother skin in an instant. It instantly transformed the skin's appearance, this is an innovative two-step skin renewal system that gently polishes away the visible signs of ageing, leaving your complexion glowing with renewed radiance. (Results from consultant testing over 28 days). I can't wait to try this! 

We were also graced by Imelda Roche and her hubby Bill's presence. They were so cute and made me love the brand even more.

If you enjoyed this post, check out Ingrid's post on 50 Uses for Nutrimetics Nutri Rich Oil!
Lily not Louise attended as a guest of Nutrimetics

Sunday, March 4, 2018

HOT OR NOT: L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation 203 Nude Beige


- 24hr all day glow foundation
- Enriched with Vitamin E
- Lightweight formula
- Dewy/glow finish for normal to dry skin
- Medium coverage
- SPF15
- Available in 6 shades

Price: $27.95 AUD

Swatch - unfiltered and unedited


Shades: While I was able to find my summer, winter and in between shades within the available shade range for this foundation, it will prove to be a challenge for others. If you have very fair or darker skin tone.

Texture: As advertised, this foundation is lightweight upon application and easy to blend with your brush or fingers. The consistency of the foundation is very runny.

Finish: The finish is indeed glowy, don't worry you won't find any shimmer particles. It looks like your skin but with a really healthy holiday glow.

Coverage: Medium coverage as claimed, it did not minimise my pores but it did make my skin appear more seamless and covered most of my freckles. However, don't use this on raised pimples, it will slip off.

Dry Skin: This is where I encountered my issue. Everything was going so well with this foundation, my skin looked great. Whilst it didn't dry out my skin, it did however cling onto my dry spots (mainly on and around my nose). For example, the area around my pimple is usually dry and this foundation will accentuate those dry parts. I used it on good skin days where my face is completed clear and very well nourished/hydrated with serum and lotion, the aftermath was much more pleasant. The foundation sat on my skin really nicely.

Wear Time: I wore this for the full 8-9 hours at work and the foundation mainly stayed put with a bit of congestion going on between my brows. Otherwise happy with the wear.

Left: Bare face; Right: With Loreal Infallible Pro Glow Foundation [photos unedited and unfiltered]

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