Wednesday, March 14, 2018

EVENT: Nutrimetics 50th Anniversary @ The Star

Nutrimetics is the first direct sales beauty brand to emerge in Australia, they have come such a long way. I recently celebrated their 50th anniversary at the Star among the launch of a new product!

Remember back in the days where women's sole role was to stay at home, pop out babies, cook and clean? Nutrimetics have a special place in my heart because it provided an opportunity for women in the work house and reverse the gender roles.

In addition, can we take a moment to admire the Nutrimetics 50th Anniversary cake!? It's their Nutri-Rich oil with Apricot Kernel a star, I use it on my heel and swear by it. 

Ultra care + Microdermabrasion kit is the spanking new release. 85% of women reported visibly smoother skin in an instant. It instantly transformed the skin's appearance, this is an innovative two-step skin renewal system that gently polishes away the visible signs of ageing, leaving your complexion glowing with renewed radiance. (Results from consultant testing over 28 days). I can't wait to try this! 

We were also graced by Imelda Roche and her hubby Bill's presence. They were so cute and made me love the brand even more.

If you enjoyed this post, check out Ingrid's post on 50 Uses for Nutrimetics Nutri Rich Oil!
Lily not Louise attended as a guest of Nutrimetics

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