Monday, April 8, 2019


When I started working for my current company, I started to experience a huge amount of headaches being almost screen bound 5 days per week. I went to the Optometrist who had recommended a very very low dose of prescription + tint. Ever since I have been wearing my glasses, my headaches have more or less eased. But glasses don't come cheap, I was able to get a raw deal for $99 until I was told the lens tint to add some light filters will be an additional $120. I ended up paying over $200 for a very average metal frame.

This is why I want to talk about EXYRA today.


Artificial light (including LEDs, fluorescent bulb and incandescent bulb) can disrupt sleeping patterns. The blue light comprises of wavelengths that range from 400nm-500nm that can be found in your phone, your laptop and energy efficient light. Nowadays, we seem to be subjected to blue light from dawn to dusk as we become more technology bound and working in offices.

"According to a study published in the Endocrine Society's Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, the hypothalamus area of the brain is responsible for regulating sleep patterns and creating the sedative hormone, melatonin. When artificial blue light is received by the retina during times usually associated with rest, the body's natural circadian rhythm becomes confused and unable to distinguish between night and day. In conducted trials, the study found that exposure to blue light supressed melatonin production by almost 85% and instead boosted alpha brainwaves associated with alertness and concentration."


A lot of companies use a lens coating to reflect harmful blue light. However EXYRA's lens technology is made using a photochromic dye that is used to absorbs and blocks the blue light from entering the retina. EXYRA's lenses are scratch-resistant and offers UVA/UVB protection. The frames are made using durable acetate allowing the glasses to feel lightweight and unobtrusive when worn.

EXYRA glasses are assembled in Brisbane, they provide prescription (single vision lenses only) and non prescription styles. Their stylish blue light glasses retails for $98 (keep an eye out for sales too!).

The style I picked is YARRA/ Honey Tortoise. I've only had 1 pair of prescription glasses in my life, and it's a metal frame. I have only worn it at work when using the computer for almost 2 years. As a result, a slightly thicker frame took a little bit of time to get use to. After a period of wear, it was comfortable and I started to wear it at home when I am on the laptop or using my phone for an extended period of time. When I had my prescription glasses made up it cost me a lot of money for a heavily discounted frame. I am glad that there are  alternative options such as EXYRA to provide quality glasses for less.

If you are interested to check out EXYRA's range head to their website.


15% off storewide for orders over $70, use "lilynotlouise" when checking out.

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