Saturday, April 13, 2019


Lush turned 30 and I was lucky to be able to celebrate this special occasion with them! Lush is one of my favourite bath brands, they always try to be sustainable and eco friendly with their naked bars/bath bombs and recycling program. It's an incentive to be green. 

At this event, we had the opportunity to look through some of the newest releases as Lush opens their door in Japan - I know, how exciting!!!! We also had the opportunity to make our very own bath bombs. 

Here is something really special - we were able to select 4 bath bombs and a scarf to wrap the bath bombs. I have since washed the scarf and started wearing it. This is a another great step to sustainable packaging. I had a blast playing with the bath bombs and marvel at the beautiful colours.

*Lily not Louise attended as a guest of Lush Australia

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