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Photo taken in natural light, away from sunlight

Get excited ladies and gents. Sisley Paris launched the ultimate Insta-filter in a compact powder. Blur Expert was sold out on Sisley's website in less than one week after it's launch. LA Makeup Artist, Jillian Dempsey works with celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Emilia Clarke and Kristen Stewart provided her testimony, "I'm obsessed. Blur Expert creates a very even look on my face overall without all of the heavy coverage". Emma stone wore the innovative powder for her 80s look at the Met Gala 2019. 

Photo taken in sunlight


  • New generation coated mica to allow 360 light dispersion. It's super smooth surface leaves the skin wrapped in a subtle, perfectly even veil
  • High-tech smoothing powder formed of resin and gum to provide a soft-focus effect
  • Spherical polymers reflect light in all directions so your skin looks silky smooth
  • Emollient agent to ensure an optimum hold so your Blur Expert is long wearing 
  • Ultra-pure Hydrophilic Pigments to even out the complexion and stabilise it's colour for the perfect coverage

As transparent and lightweight as a veil, as smoothing and perfecting as a blurring product, Blur Expert's incredibly fine texture melts into the skin.

One single shade that is suitable for all skin tones.

Photo taken in sun light


The first time I swatched Blur Expert was for the photo above. The texture was velvety smooth and almost creamy, the powder is EXTREMELY finely milled - much more so than Hourglass (which is my most finely milled powder). I did not notice any fall out after the swatch which is unusual for a facial powder! 

The swatch above took about 3 dips, The first time I went in for a swatch the powder was fairly translucent, the second layer produced small amounts of colour, the third layer produced the colour in the photo below.

In terms of application, I used a powder brush with some level of density (An overly soft, fluffy brush may not be able to provide you with the most optimal result). I dipped the brush into the pan and gave it a little twist to pick up the product. Very fine and minimal fall out noticed. 

I applied the powder all over my face and I was shocked....why? Because I rarely find these blurring products to work as well as they claim to. The application took about 15 sections, I applied the Blur Expert over my concealer and foundation and my face had that instant soft focus effect, my pores were minimised (not gone but minimised by at least folds), my uneven skintone evened out. My skin looked fantastic. This is not a product that will act as a concealer, it will not fix discolouration, scarring etc - so use your base products. I have taken some before and after photos and zoomed in... these were very confronting photos!!! My skin hasn't been the best for the past month - mainly due to stress. I've had lots of break outs and my texture is worse than ever but I am surprised by how well Blur Expert worked on me, you can actually see the soft focus/blurring effect on camera!!!

The photos were taken in natural light with absolute no editing or filters of any sort.

The bottom line? This works, It's going in my HG stash. I know it will cost you a pretty penny but I would not hesitate to replace Blur Expert after I run out. 

Made in Italy

Sisley Paris Blur Expert is available for $115, you can shop for it here.

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  1. This blur expert is truly beautiful ...i am amazed to see the results on you.. thanks for the detailed review and swatches...❤️



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