Thursday, December 31, 2009

Stila Eyeshadow Review & Swatch
Boring in pans amazing on fingers...

The first time i came across stila's eyeshadow was when i got my first stila set for my mum, she ended up only taking the lipglaze so i got to keep the rest.

I honestly cannot think of anything negative about their eyeshadows.
They are velvet smooth, pigmented, long lasting and for me, not as much fall outs as other eyeshadows. AND they blend BEAUTIFULLY.


Golightly- I swirled a full circle in the pan and look how pigment it is! it's a bronze colour
Wheat- a v. light brownish colour with gold shimmer
Kitten- MY FAV-- this is a highlighter colour with a pink undertone it's gorgeous for all over the lid as a base, as a brow highlighter, on the nose bridge or on your cheek bones for a nice glow.. it's so versatile! this one has quite a bit of shimmer in it. I've been wearing this to work everyday, after my 12hr shift my eyeshadow is still in place!
Mystic- Another beautiful colour!!! Aqua green with green and shiver shimmer

Then i decided to rub all the colours from my finger tips on to my wrist to see just exactly how much pigmentation i can get out of it..

Sunday, December 20, 2009

My ULTAmate STILA set!

Yay!!! well my plan of not getting any make up till i finish something failed.. but, this wasn't out of my own pocket.. I made my bf get it for me as a christmas present LOL. But i did all the searching etc.. and he just had to pay for it!

I got the ULTAmate stila set for $20AUD with free postage and handling off's EBAY account: strawberrynet_online

So here's what the set included:

Mystic- shimmer full size
Kitten- shimmer f/s
Wheat- shimmer f/s
golightly- shimmer f/s
MINI Stila convertible dual lip and cheek cream in Peony -2.2g (I have a full size in lillium and i love it!)
the actual colour is more of a dark pink.. this picture is off!
Stila lip glaze in "ulta" mate pink f/s (it's a metallic baby pink) .. I bought my mum a stila lipglaze in brown sugar and she LOVESSSSS IT!
Stila Major lash mascara- black5g
Stila illuminating tinted moisturiser SPF 15 in shade 1 50ml- I pretty much got this PURELY because of this spf moisturiser!!! But i figed that it's cheaper to buy an 8 piece set than on it's own!
I'll review all the products later :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Model Co Fibre Lash Review

I've been working @ the Model Co. counter all this week...

It was pretty quite today and so the counter manager decided to spend 2hrs giving me a full on make over at work! I didn't have anything but mascara on today.

and i didn't have much of a good impression on model co..

But here's something that I thought a lot of asian girls would like.

Purpose: to give you instant natural looking lash extension

How to use:

1. apply extension mascara first, apply a generous amount on your lashes.

2. apply the lash fibers, they are like little fluff, coat it on top of the extension mascara.

3. then coat another layer of extension mascara on top of the lash fiber.

this would work best with model co's heated lash curler wand.. since if you use a normal curler.. it'll just end up sticking off.

Here's what my lashes ended up looking like.. (only top lashes were coated)

It looks very natural.. my normal lashes are long-ish (see purple eyeliner tut for my natural lashes), so this just gave me the false eyelash effect. My boyfriend have long black and curled lashes like these naturally! haha i'm jealous!

She also decided to do my whole face..

here's what she used for the base:

hydrated me with clinique's moisture surge

Model Co Miracle Veil-- It's a green fluid that minimise redness.. work kinda like a primer

Fluidsplash 3 in 1 foundation- i was a little uncertain about this because i NEVER EVER cover my whole face with foundation.. and i would NEVER EVER EVER EVER cover my wholeface with LIQUID foundation... but this is a moisturiser (50%water), a foundation and has a concealer on the lid. very versatile. The only thing i don't like about this is the smell.. it's TERRIBLE.. i can't stand the synthetic smell!
she also applied 3 neutral shimmer toned eyeshadow and a pink blush.... OHHH and she lined my lips and applied gloss.. but i had to rub it off for dinner! Oh and i dislike the gloss as well.. it was a plasticy kinda taste... and sticky..

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Review: Thierry Mulger Angel-- Kiss Of An Angel Lipstick

Quick post!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

EOTD: Purple Eyeshadow Liner

I pretty much stopped using purple eyeshadow ever since my boyfriend told me i look like i got punched in the face when i do wear it. I don't use eyeshadow much so i looked at my 120 palette and though.. oh man what am i going to do with this..

However my primary notions weren't discouraged
 I'm not very dramatic with my makeup, everything is pretty much "everyday" wearable.

I completely forgot mascara

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