Stila Eyeshadow Review & Swatch
Boring in pans amazing on fingers...

The first time i came across stila's eyeshadow was when i got my first stila set for my mum, she ended up only taking the lipglaze so i got to keep the rest.

I honestly cannot think of anything negative about their eyeshadows.
They are velvet smooth, pigmented, long lasting and for me, not as much fall outs as other eyeshadows. AND they blend BEAUTIFULLY.


Golightly- I swirled a full circle in the pan and look how pigment it is! it's a bronze colour
Wheat- a v. light brownish colour with gold shimmer
Kitten- MY FAV-- this is a highlighter colour with a pink undertone it's gorgeous for all over the lid as a base, as a brow highlighter, on the nose bridge or on your cheek bones for a nice glow.. it's so versatile! this one has quite a bit of shimmer in it. I've been wearing this to work everyday, after my 12hr shift my eyeshadow is still in place!
Mystic- Another beautiful colour!!! Aqua green with green and shiver shimmer

Then i decided to rub all the colours from my finger tips on to my wrist to see just exactly how much pigmentation i can get out of it..


  1. golightly looks great, wish i could find a deal like you did.
    bout the masks i don't think most sheet masks will help much with acne, at least not the ones i've used. I use mostly prescriptions for acne, but the clean & clear spot treatment really works for me. have you tried that ?

  2. I haven't tried clean and clear spot treatment! atm i'm just apply neutrogena rapid clear on my spot. it's annoying coz i'd always just get one or two on my nose and now my nose is red -_-.

    Hmmm will the mask ease freckles?


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