Review: Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15

The only reason i wanted this was for the SPF.
My friend bought one last year I tried it and thought it was pretty light weight.

It's a light beige colour that would blend well with all skin tone.

If you want coverage, this is NOT for you.
Once blended it does give you a nice overall shine to your face.

This moisturizer does NOT contain any shimmer or sparkles.

I have dry skin, i rarely get a any glow on my face, my skin is rather dull looking. i wouldn't really recommend this to oily skin, it might make your face look overly oily.

This feels lighter than a sunscreen, but not as watery and light as i liked it to be.
I wouldn't really call the "shine" this moisturiser give "Illuminating"... rather you can probably achiever this "shine" by dabbing any sunscreen on your face.

However... Suncreen break me out at times.
This dosen't

here's a picture of the side of my cheek wearing only stila's moisturizer blended


  1. Thanks for the review, I bought this a while ago and haven't tried it out yet! And thanks for following my blog, I followed back!

  2. i wonder how does stila compare to laura mercier hmmmm....


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