Review: Neutrogena Rapid Clear

I received this quite a while ago during a merchandise review
The product itself is quite small, 15ml gel based formula.

They promoted visible results in 8 hours.

Application: cleanse your whole face first. Squeeze a TINY bit (1/4 pea size) onto your finger and dab it onto your spot.
If you apply a whole lot, supposedly, the results may vary.

And the outcome... well it DOES give you that "cooling' effect when you apply it onto a pimple. HOWEVER... it does not and will not eliminate the spot. You might see a slight decrease in your plump red pimple. keyword.. SLIGHT.

My tip is to apply this every 20mins for maximum effect. But don't trust this on eliminating your pimples in 8hrs, that's rubbish.

I wouldn't buy this if I ran out though.


  1. That's good to know! So many cream swear to do something in a few hours and it just sounds really ridiculous!

  2. I'm not a big fan of the Neutragena products they never seem to get rid of any blemishes :p well for me at least.


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