DIY Quick 5 Mins Full of Calories Nachos!

 I learnt to make easy quick and fattening nachos from my friend... it's so bad but oh so good!

What' you'll need..


2. Salsa (i've never tried Woolies salsa, it's not that bad!)

3. Cheese (i usually use a block of cheddar cheese and slice it thinly but these work ok as well.)

Now get to work!

1. bowl your doritos

2. Spoon your salsa

3. Spread your cheese.. and microwave it for 1min... oh and glad wrap it.. unless you want specks of tomato sauce all over your microwave!

DIG IN! Ugly but tastes oh so prettiful..


  1. I've never seen nachos like that! lol...but you can never go wrong with cheese and salsa :) yummy!

  2. Hehe that melted cheese is speaking to me! :D

  3. lol that's exactly what i do, but my boyfriend makes the best nachos. I don't know how he does it..cuase this tastes good but his secret is heaveennnn


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