Review: Liptini Liptint in Cerise
When i first got this i thought YIKES.. that's some bright ruby red! But i thought i'd give it a go.. I've never tried a lip tint before so i had no idea how it was suppose to work.

The spongy tip had quite a bit of tint on it. I started applying it on my lips like i'd do with lip gloss... BIG MISTAKE.

So i started dabbing it all over my lips and smoothing it with my fingers. I only applied a very thin layer.. i've never really been a red lips person, i love it on everyone else though!

this stuff lasts if you don't eat or drink lol.  It surprisingly did not chap my lips or dry it out like a lot of other reviews.

  • potentially long lasting
  • this little tube will last you a while
  • pretty colour

  • Method of application.. I don't like the sponge tip.. it reminds me of wet dog when..
  • how the colour in the middle of my lips all of a sudden disappears (or maybe i just didn't apply it properlY?)

It might not look very red but it really is!!!!



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