I FINALLY got out of the house!

This semester's been brutal. I had my thesis along with 2 other units, not to mention with markers who were completely bias. They should have a system where you can only distinguish students by their student number.

I think one of my teacher hates me, it can't be blamed, 9am class, and I live on the other side of the map. I get up at 6 to get ready and get going. So by the time i get to class... zzzzzzzzzzzzz.... So I dont' contribute a whole lot to class discussions.

In one of my papers. I spent a lot of time correcting it, perfecting it. She wrote Excellent all over and gave me a mediocre mark. Probably because she had to write my name on the marking criteria and noticed it's me.

Anywho. on top of the crazy semester I had to work roughly 30hrs/wk up until 3 wks ago.

I had absolutely no time go to out. Exams are in about a week.... and I couldn't turn down a  friend's 21st.

We had dinner at the Blackbird Cafe... it's a "Modern Australian" menu....I thought it was confused. They had asian, pasta, pizza, antipasto and grill... Grill, I understand... but they had stuff like Portuguese this, Brazilian that. WAY too much going on.

It's winter here, I'm equivalent to one of those cold blooded animals, I need to bathe in the sun to keep my body temp up. As I was dressing for the party I decided to go pants, long sleeves and jacket. I came out of my room and my mum barked "YOU GOING TO A FUNERAL????"


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