Thursday, August 25, 2011

Taste of Shanghai-- World Square

I have one restaurant rule, that I never dine out for Chinese food because my mum used to be a chef... Why pay for something I can eat for free..-ish?

Here's how our family works, my mum used to be a chef. My grandma spent her whole career cooking in a 5 star hotel. My mum's little bro is a chef who expertise in Japanese cruisine. Some say I'm blessed, I think it might be a curse that I can't cook. It's a pity the skills didn't pass along the bloodline, the taste buds did though. 

My attempt to bribe my mum into having charlie and co burgers for lunch was an epic failure, so we had the next best thing. Some real, authentic Shanghainese cruisine!

Ice Lemon Tea (Comes with their lunch menu)

 Quite refreshing, a little bitter for my liking.

Walnut Parfait (Free with the lunch menu) 
Not very sweet but it felt "just right" ... might be my swollen gums but it lacked walnut flavour.

Shanghai Style Mini Steamed Pork Buns
 The BEST steamed buns, full of juice!

Dan Dan Noodle & Dumplings
 This was a part of the lunch menu, mum loved this, it was chili... chili enough to give me a numbing effect.

Shanghai Style Pan-Fried Pork Buns
NOMNOMNOMNOM. enough said.

A Taste of Shanghai Website: Click Me

Taste of Shanghai on Urbanspoon

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I've Got Mail Aug 11'

 I love coming home with surprise packages lying on the table.

3 separate packages...
- Deluxe sample of Dove's Triple Moisturising Body wash
- Nivea Invisible black and white
- Dr Lewinn Facial Moisturising Lotion SPF 30 in Tan  <--- Not my colour but my mum snatched it!

Anyone tried any of this??

Mum made this for dinner, not sure what it is, but umm it's like steamed rice, bok choy, sweet corn, carrots and pork belly nomnomnom

Monday, August 22, 2011

August Blue and Crust Pizza

---Before I start... THANK YOU follow blogettes for wishing me a happy birthday on my previous post :) Light up my day! :):)---

I've never been a "blue" girl, I'm more of  'purple' girl.. but lately, I've been wearing a lot of blue, clotheswise and make up wise, one of the reason being that I needed a diversion from my borderline swollen post wisdom extraction left cheek. My lovely mother told me I looked sick or recently ceased my relationship a woman beater when I wear brown eye shadow. So, Hi Blue! Nonetheless, I'm a subtle person, so I don't like to over-do my eyes by piling on blue eye shadow and having my delightful father calling me a hooker every 2 mins.

Here's what I used.....

-Yup.. the ole' messy 120 palette, pigment pays off, though the sparkle kinda failed.
- Michael Todd concealer in eggshell, not my idea concealer... better as a matte highlighter/eye primer.
-CVS lash curler... even though my lashes don't curl :(
- Lancome Hypnose mascara

Enough with make up, now checking up on my 2nd love. 
Thought we'd be hip and make our own pizza from CRUST Gourmet Pizza... 
I can't remember the exact ingredients... but it was delicious
Rocket, Mozzarella,  Prawns, Lamb.... and much more :D

Crust Website (AU ONLY): Click Me

What's your favourite pizza?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'm 22. Blergh

Another day, another year older. I can't believe I've been breathing, walking, surviving this planet for 22 years.

Is it just me, or are birthdays over-rated now? I woke up with the "meh" attitude. Oh, although, I was looking forward to see whether I can get Ian Somerhalder to wish me a happy birthday by stalking him on twitter. No such luck.

Roughly, I spent my birthday checking facebook, checking twitter, checking hotmail, checking ebay, checking youtube, checking my uni site, checking my phone, switching on the tv to catch an ep of dr phil, only to remember it's Saturday where shows like "The Love Boat" dominate the tv station.. out of redundancy, I opened sidereal and watched the latest ep of Jersey Shore instead, whilst, of course.. abolishing my brain cells.

I then, proceeded my celebration by washing my hair out of boredom, returned to the intranet and watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid + Drag Me to Hell (<--- rubbish btw)

 So.... there's my birthday... ! I'm looking forward to being able to eat solid food in the next few days though :)

And... here's a picture of james franco looking sizzling. Hmm if only..

Friday, August 19, 2011

Nail Polish: China Glaze in Bad Landing

Lately I'm obsessed with painting my toes!

My dad used to work with a lot of chemicals. Once my dad came home while I was painting my little 7yr old toes, he looked at the bottle of nail polish,  he look at me with a stern face and said, "Don't eat it, it'll kill you" and passed the bottle back to me. But then again, to my dad, EVERYTHING will kill me. skydiving, renting a boat with my friends, driving, going to a concert, dangerous exes, new bfs and.... walking???

Rest assured, my father, who is now in his peak has converted to materialism. He is 100% pro make up. He even asked me to get him some anti aging eye cream. Conservatism came a long way!

I love my peep toes, it allow my toes to breath, I know it sounds ridiculous. 
I just HATE wearing peep toes and having no colour on my albino nails. China Glaze has been doing me justice, the quality/pigmentation is definitely there... with cheapie polishes, the first coat is watered down. Not China Glaze! If China Glaze was a coffee shop, you would not get any watered down cappuccinos, every cup will be 100% pure creamy frothy milk!

Price: Approx $18.95 AUD
Website:  Click Me

ALSO, Post Wisdom tooth extraction question.... My left cheek is still chipmunk swollen. Anyone know what I can do to make it de-swell a tiny bit faster?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wisdom Extraction + Baby Food = Dismal

I went into oral surgery yesterday and got my 2nd wisdom tooth removed under local anesthetics. Good fun!

Both my wisdoms were growing horizontally, took roughly 45mins-1hour to take each tooth out. Whereas normal wisdoms take approx 20mins to get both out!

I was very lucky in my first extraction, my dentist had 30yrs of experience in retarded crowns, my gums were sliced and the tooth was drilled out as a whole (I think), then they stitched me up. I had minor swelling and no bruising.

2nd time round, good baby jesus. It was a different dentist, she sliced my gums, drilled the tooth then literally snapped it off piece by piece. Then stitched me up. I felt like my jaw was falling off. My left cheeks is "chimpmunk" swollen.

To top that off, I won't be able to eat any solids for a while because the previous extraction hasn't healed... If I eat solids it'll get stuck in my "gum-hole". So I went and bought 4 bottles of baby food... It may sound fantastic, baby food tastes like.... cardboard, I don't know how they do it, but I have more respect for babies now.

What did you eat when you had your wisdoms out?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Bobbi Brown Extreme Party Mascara

According to the web:

Our boldest mascara ever. Unbelievable volume. Endless build. Exceptional separation. Pliable formula stays flexible even after it dries, so each coat goes on as fresh as the first - immediately or hours later - with zero dragging, clumping or flaking. Tapered brush grabs even the smallest, hard-to-reach lashes. Now that's beautiful.

Why It's Different:
Unique formula remains pliable between coats, so lashes stay separated as volume builds.
State-of-the-art formula creates super thick and ultra long lashes. Tapered, dual-fiber brush simultaneously lengthens and volumises-grabs even small, hard to reach lashes.Dries quickly to a smudge-proof and flake-proof finish. Enriched with lash conditioners and Vitamins A, C, and E. Removes easily with make up remover or soap and water.

My Verdict: 

I got a little sample of this mascara from the Bobbi Brown counter.. hence the difference in packaging.

The brush is um... voluptuous. Personally for me, I prefer smaller brushes because my lashes don't curl easily so it's tricky getting the roots of the lashes. It'll do the job nonetheless.

For me, the product did not live up to it's name. This was no extreme party mascara..  It was more of an everyday, natural looking/non-spider legs mascara. It did build up some volume but it didn't lengthen.. much. In comparison to my all time favourite- Lancome Hypnose, this mascara dries a LOT faster (once applied).

It doesn't smudge, no flaking and washes off with ease under water. I think this is a great daily use mascara, it will separate lash by lash and absolutely no clotting.

Below are pictures after 2-3 generous coatings...

Re-purchase? After I finish the sample, possibly, I may alternate this with my Lancome Hypnose for everyday use.

Price: $48AUD

Bobbi's Australian Website: Click Me

Have you tried this mascara? What did you think, Extreme Party or Everyday mascara?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Review: WOTNOT 100% Natural Facial Wipe

According to the Web:

  • Certified organic jojoba, roseship and sweet orange oil
  • Certified organic aloe vera
  • 100% natural and biodegradable fibre
  • Free from alcohol and artificial perfumes
  • Free from parabens and petrochemicals
  • Ideal for women with sensitive skin
  • Removes all make-up including
    waterproof mascara 

My Verdict:

I purchased two packets for $9.95 at the organic expo, 25 sheets in each pack. Re-seal-able pack to maintain freshness. What allured me to this product was the lack of chemicals, I have fairly sensitive skin, so far, every wipe I've trialed in stores tried stung my face instantly. Not this one!

I rocked home this morning after a long night, all I wanted to do was to rid my make up and drop dead. Instead of clipping my hair back and washing my face I decided to open a pack of Wotnot wipes, the cloth was SO SOFT, there is a semi distinguishable scent. It got rid of my concealer, powder, blush... etc as well as my mascara (non-waterproof) i did get some fall off... I wouldn't say it was from the wipes, sure taught me not to sleep with mascara on! But you will need to go back and forth on the eyes to rid stubborn mascara. Best part? it did not sting, or irritate my eyes/face at all. I was in awe.

In addition, the product promised moisture, the product delivered moisture! my face did not dry out and was well nourished after removing all the make up.

Highly recommended for sensitive skin peeps. I'm also dying to try their sunscreen and other skincare range, definitely not overpriced, quality products. 

Ingredients: purified water, caprylic/capric triglyceride (vegetable derived), certified organic jojoba oil*, glycerine (vegetable derived), cetearyl alcohol (plant derived), certified organic aloe vera*, certified organic sweet almond oil*, certified organic rosehip oil*, tocopherol acetate (vitamin e), potassium sorbate (food grade preservative), lactic acid (plant derived), cetearyl glucoside (plant derived), sodium hydroxymethylglycinate.
*certified organic ingredients.

Re-purchase: HELL YEAH, another pro, WOTNOT is proudly Australian Owned, support your local business guys! :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Cheesecake Shop- Blackforest Torte

 Paid a visit to my local cake shop "THE CHEESECAKE SHOP" to celebrate my birthday a week and a day early. But since I'm getting my wisdom tooth out next wed, I thought I'd do some early sweet tooth celebration while I can still gobble down food!

Despite the fact that my first job was at the cheesecake shop, they actually DO make amazing cakes. I'm not really into Michels, too sweet. These tortes, on the other hand, are just right, one slice and you'll be satisfied!

I got the Blackforest torte. I've tried almost every cake @ the cheesecake shop, it's a delight!!

I got a bit messy cutting the cake, It was pretty rich, but mum and I devoured half in one go. 

***Remember, if you sign up to the cheesecake shop's mailing list, you'll get a $5 off voucher for signing up then $5 off every year for your bday. *****

My favourite so far is the profiterole torte! What's your favourite cake?

Cheesecake Shop Website: Click Me

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Daily Makeup Products - November 2011

1. Australis Palette (Fantastic Australian Brand. Great little palette, but at the moment I'm only using 3 of it's eye shadows)
2. Everyday Minerals Pressed foundation in Buttered Tanned (probably not my colour but I like looking healthy :P)
3.Blistex Lip conditioner
4. Bourjois Bronzer (with just a tiny bits of gold glints)
5.Bobbi Brown Extreme Party Mascara (Don't get fooled by it's name, it actually give a very NATURAL look)
6. Revlon Age defying concealer

I must admit, a year into my career within the beauty industry my love for cosmetics amplified. Don't get me wrong, from 0-19yrs of age, Lily HATED make up. She sworn to herself she'd never put "that shit" on her face.

A year later, this love hate relationship flourished. Nonetheless I do often go to uni with a naked face, only to suffer my wholly regret when I realised the vast amount of recent, newly enrolled cute boys.

For work, I use a LOT of make up (post about that later)

Never thought I'd say this, but I'm actually getting sick of packing on make up.. When I get really lazy, I just use mascara.

Can you leave the house without a drop of make up? If you had to pick ONE product to put on yourself before you leave the house, what would it be?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Art by My Incredibly Talented Friend

My good friend made this!! Can you spot me??

What do you guys think? I think she did a pretty damn good job!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Organic Expo and Greens Show -Sydney 2011

Let me just start off by saying WE HAD AN ABSOLUTE BLAST.

Tickets were $18 for adults & $15 for concession. You can purchase them online, or at the door.

We arrived at 10:30AM and thought we'd probably stay at the expo for 1-2hrs.. MAX.

But we ended up doing rounds for 5hrs... FIVE HOURS. I've always been interested in organic/green products but I knew very little about the concept behind it. Why feed our bodies with chemicals and nasties when you can go organic, help the environment + animals???  This visit was REALLY insightful! Yep, Lily is going organic... (to the extent she can afford)

As you can see below, they had little stores for every brand.
Sampling was VERY generous, we were full on food samples!

The pic below is EVERYTHING i carried home!

 Below: Australia's Own Organic Premium soy x1 honey oat milk x2
It was 3 for $5 and the lady gave us organic corn flakes for free!
 Organic Beetroot Chips x1 Sweet potato chips x2  3 for $5
 Organic facial wipes 2 for $9.95
 Organic Black Tahini $5

Organic White chocolate with almond $5

FREEBIE: Got this from the solar store
 FREEBIEL From Thursday plantation
 FREEBIE: Various stands... Inca Berry, Harmonis Kiss lipgloss Organic pads/tampon, QI tea, more tea, and some samples from DR Hauschka
 Range of pamphlets and business cards

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Friday, August 5, 2011

Review: Bach Rescue Balm


According to the Web:
Rescue Balm provides natural care for stressed lips, protecting and moisturizing lips prone to dryness, roughness, cracking, and splitting. A blend of Rescue Remedy and Bach Flower Remedy, Crab Apple, which Dr. Bach called the "cleansing essence" for mind and body, Rescue Balm is dermatologically tested, paraben and lanolin free.

My Verdict:

When I first got the product, I couldn't part from it. It worked like a miracle on my lips, kept my dry and rough lips moist and hydrated for up to 3hours (My lips are SUPER dry, 3hrs of hydration is a miracle). The scent was lovely and fresh. A subtle floral scent. I used it for my headaches as well, it worked quite well. The texture is slightly more waxier than vaseline but blends well on your lips.

However, a week later the scent changed. The product smelt "off"... similar to a stale scent.
The pungent scent was absolutely awful, but because it worked so well I continued using it. Half a pot later, I really can't use it anymore, my friends all commented on "that smell". I love the product, it's unfortunate that the scent changed after a week. Bad Luck maybe? Is it just me?

Depends. The only let down was the smell.

$14.30 AUD

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Antique Necklace

Not a jewelry person but picked this piece up when I was overseas. Among a sea of unattractive disfigured hello kitten necklaces and pendants I was surprised to find this intricate piece. I'm not sure what to call it.. it's some what antique and borderline.... wiccan ?

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