Friday, August 5, 2011

Review: Bach Rescue Balm


According to the Web:
Rescue Balm provides natural care for stressed lips, protecting and moisturizing lips prone to dryness, roughness, cracking, and splitting. A blend of Rescue Remedy and Bach Flower Remedy, Crab Apple, which Dr. Bach called the "cleansing essence" for mind and body, Rescue Balm is dermatologically tested, paraben and lanolin free.

My Verdict:

When I first got the product, I couldn't part from it. It worked like a miracle on my lips, kept my dry and rough lips moist and hydrated for up to 3hours (My lips are SUPER dry, 3hrs of hydration is a miracle). The scent was lovely and fresh. A subtle floral scent. I used it for my headaches as well, it worked quite well. The texture is slightly more waxier than vaseline but blends well on your lips.

However, a week later the scent changed. The product smelt "off"... similar to a stale scent.
The pungent scent was absolutely awful, but because it worked so well I continued using it. Half a pot later, I really can't use it anymore, my friends all commented on "that smell". I love the product, it's unfortunate that the scent changed after a week. Bad Luck maybe? Is it just me?

Depends. The only let down was the smell.

$14.30 AUD


  1. What a shame about the smell. It's such an important factor!

  2. Eww. That sounds awful. That too with a lip product.


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