My Month in Food - November 2013 (PIC HEAVY!!!!)

I take a trip to China Town's night market every now and then.... Mamak got their own little hut, so I grabbed some Roti!

Anyone know what this is actually called? The sweet japanese pancake thing with random fillings?

La Mono

Mono Mixed BBQ     $25.00
Includes Shish Kafta, Shish Tawook, Shish Kebab, served with Tabouli, Hommus, Garlic Dip, Vine Leaves, Sumbusik, Pickles & Lebanese Bread

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N2 Extreme Gelato

N2 Extreme Gelato uses liquid nitrogen to make their gelatos. You'll know it if you've seen Heston's Feast.

See my previous review.

The one without the topping is Earl Grey flavoured. The other is Strawberryen (One of their specials). To be honest, I'm not a port person, the port fused strawberries kinda ruined it for me. Here's a picture of the Strawberryen content.

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Da Chang Jin

One of my favourite places to go for Korean food... who doesn't love free side dishes!

Hot Bean Curd Soup with Rice - great for cold days!

The infamous free Korean side dishes!

Seafood udon 

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I went to a wedding with my boyfriend last month, It was up in Berambing- a small village in the Blue Mountains. I had a wonderful time... and of course, some food snap shots. 

This was their wedding cake, can you believe the bride MADE the whole cake?!?!?  INCLUDING THE PENGUINs!!!

They labelled each seat with origami ^_^

I had the Duck Ravioli - I was a bit hesitant to eat duck rav with citrus salad, but it's actually a really nice combination!

Prawn Pocket

Grilled Salmon, Mash and Asparagus.
The other alternative was the beef, I LOVE salmon.... and here's me being picky... never over cook salmon. It's a crime!

Poached Pear and Creme Brulee

I've only had creme brulee at a proper italian restaurant once - it was a long time ago and I can barely remember. Can someone remind me whether creme brulee is served cold?

I hated medicine when I was a kid, I had a hard time swallowing  flu tablets but I loved poached pears... so mum started stuffing crushed flu tablets in my delicious poached pears throughout my childhood. Inevitably, I started associating poached pears with being ill. I can never look at poached pears the same again, boyfriend had to eat this. 


Wok Express

 This is a new restaurant called  Wok Express  - they really are the express of wok... food came out within minutes! Affordable and tasty

Mum's Cooking! ^.

Sometimes I wonder why I dine out so much when I have amazing food at home. Mum made salmon sashimi and fried rice!

Thanon Khao San - Thai

One of the groupon vouchers took me to Thanon Khao. This restaurant seems to be quite busy. I tried to walk in to dine one afternoon - since the voucher is only for 2 mains a 2 drinks. I saw a couple of tables available from a far but the staff told me there were none. A week later, I called to book and they told me there were no spots available until a month later!? I also told them I had a groupon voucher. I'm taking a blind stab and making a wild assumption that they do not prioritise customers with vouchers.

Anywho, we got out stir fry and pad thai. It was pretty ordinary.

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Thought i'd be naughty after finishing my degree and go to KFC :D Woohoo for zinger meal!

Ajisen Ramen

I ate at their city restaurant about a year ago, thought it was the worst Japanese restaurant I've ever been too. I ate a tiny plate of soft shell crab and it cost me a pretty penny, and a few ugly ones too. We walked past their Hurstville chain a week ago, we reluctantly went in as our stomachs grumbled. It wasn't as bad as my previous experience. The broth was quite oily and the spring onion wasn't too fresh. Not a place i'd cheer to go back any time soon.

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I am some what of a regular to Delima. I remember the first time eating there, my friend and I were on our way to a 21st party and decided to stop by for a quick meal. Our food took longer than expected so I asked the waitress if it's possible to have it takeaway instead. They were so apologetic and offered us the meal for free.

Oh and I love my complimentary crackers haha.

Here's my Nasi Goreng, all time favourite, their Indonesian style fried chicken is pretty good too! This time round, the rice was a little too salty though - might suggest to ease up on the salt!

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Taglio Pizza Kitchen

Another one of my voucher adventures. The whole meal totaled $29. Not too bad.

Garlic Bread

Anti Pasto

Garden salad - First time I've seen carrots in garden salad!

Sphagetti Marinara

Quite nice, although... I wouldn't pay $20 for this, there is just not nearly enough seafood. But since it's a part of my voucher deal... I guess i'll let it slip.

Vegetarian Pizza -  Best woodfire base, the dough is kneaded to perfection. Wasn't too fond of the topping... it was a bit tasteless. Maybe more sauce and spices? Garlic Salt?
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Twisted Noodle Bar

Lime Ice Tea - Interesting flavours!
Kungming Noodle - with sausage and chicken wing on the side (sausage was nice but the chicken wing had an odd taste...)

Da-Liang Noodle  with fried salmon

Twisted Noodle Bar on Urbanspoon

And some more home food.... swiss rolls for tea... sweet and sour pork for dinner :)

Now i'll leave you guys with some cat pictures.

Cat Nap!

Kawaii Neko! This is a japanese kitty ^_^

Oh and, I'm on Instagram! I can't seem to make up my mind about which social platform I want to be on... but I've been having a lot of fun looking at pictures. Please leave me your account if you have one ^_^

My user account is :

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  1. I so need to eat with you for a month! They all look so interesting, the sorbet looks gorgeous! Nothing wrong with a Zinger burger sometimes :)

    1. Haha please do! It all comes down to trial and error some times ^_^

  2. Oh wow all looks so delicious and different to me!

  3. I just got instagram too! I'll look for you. :) Cute cat pics, and can I just say, OMG - that wedding cake?!?!?!? Incredible! I hate talented people! Hahaha... You do well on vouchers!


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