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Event: Japanese Film Festival {Pic Heavy}

Japanese Film Festival comes around once per year, bringing a whirlwind of uniquely curated flicks for us to enjoy and experience. I love films and I love foreign films, most of my evenings are spent watching foreign films on SBS or SBS On Demand. I went through a phase of binge watching Japanese films, Korean horror, Taiwanese Drama and Guillermo del Toro/Caro-Jeunet's obscurities (namely Pan's Labyrinth and Delicatessen).

But.. I will always come back to Japanese films for my love of Japanese culture and lifestyle.. every now and then I'd visit Japan because the experience can never last long enough (and also to visit my lovely extended family. If you missed it, see my Japan post here).

This would be by far the most exciting collaboration on my little beauty blog, thanks to Margarette from The Japan Foundation, my partner Sam (who loves Japanese culture as much as I do) were lucky enough to attend Japanese Film Festival's Opening Night Gala in Sydney. We were spoilt with delicious canapes and drinks....and 10 seconds with Adam Liaw!

Opening Nigh Gala
Here I am with my coke and various alcoholic beverages on the bench
Canape - Oops Sam took a bite before the photo!

We spotted Adam within the first few minutes and decided that we will have to get a photo with him before the end of the night. The introduction was awkward, Sam walked up to Adam and didn't know what to say, he pulled out his hand and said "Hi, I'm Sam". I'm glad it was him and not me, I never know what to say to TV personalities, celebrities or public figures. From my 10 second judgement, Adam was really lovely!

BAKUMAN - Image from Asian Wiki

Bakuman screened on the eve of the Night Gala and it was a fabulous pic (see trailer here). If you are a Manga fan, you need to check this one out! Bakuman is a Manga series written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata (same team who did Death Note). Bakuman follows the journey of two high school boys in their pitch to Manga Magazine supergiant Shonen Jump. As I sat there, I experienced their joy, triumph, defeat and struggle. It was definitely my favourite out of the 4 movies I watched during Japanese Film Fest.

TAG - Image from

We enjoyed the gala night so much that we pre-purchased tickets for the following week. We saw TAG (see trailer here). TAG was interesting, it's a gruesome gory movie with what I thought was a weak plot and excellent cinematography. From the same director as Suicide Club (Creepy movie) and Love & Peace (a cute movie), I wasn't sure how I felt about this... there was a distinct dissociation bewteen the audience and the protagonist.. I mean... we really couldn't care less if the protagonist was killed off.

AS THE GOD'S WILL - Photo from Mugiwarashop
The following night we went and saw As The God's Will (Trailer here).. now THIS was an interesting and fun movie. I loved every bit of it except the ending, but I was told that there's going to be a sequel which made more sense. It follows a group of school kids passing a series of gruesome "test" in order to survive. Imagine hunger games with less social apartheid more cute (but evil) things and blood... much more blood.

Photo from Japanese Film Festival
Photo from Japanese Film Festival

LOVE & PEACE - photo from twitchfilm
Last but not least, on the second last day of Japanese Film Festival, we head out to see Love and Peace (see trailer here). Definitely more of a PG movie compared to TAG and As The God's Will, even though it came from the same director as TAG. This was a beautiful movie with a wonderful and touching storyline. It's about a man who gets more than what he had wished for and explores human corruption through wealth and a very cute turtle and old school use of puppetry.

A Japanese Film Festival cannot do without Japanese food .. here's some of the food we had during the festival to top things off.

Curry Chicken and Fish Katsu from Dera-Uma - Best Japanese Curry!!!

Tonkotsu Ramen from Tenko Mori - Extra milky that day

Shrimp Dog and Matcha Float from Chanoma

We are looking forward to next year's Japanese Film Festival, thanks again for having us!!

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  1. You and your boyfriend are too cute! Jealous that you went - I never seem to know when ANYTHING is on!

  2. Wow! It looked like such an amazing time!!! I love Japanese cartoon movies when I was younger - Spirited Away always has a special place in my heart =) Great shot with Adam!! The Japanese food brings back memories from the trip to Japan back in high school - the can of drink is so kawaii!

    xo Kat @ Katness


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