HALLOWEEN 2015: Jurassic Lounge, Australian Museum

I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween! Halloween went from the most annoying to the best night of the year. I remember when my parents and I would shut all the blinds and turn all the lights off to avoid trick or treaters.

This year, Sam and I celebrated Halloween roaming around Jurassic Lounge at the Australian Museum. Things kicked off at 6:30pm with an amazing number of people in hot dollar and handmade costumes.

I ordered a cat woman outfit from Ebay, it arrived on time.. however I just didn't feel comfortable wearing it to this event.. the amount of faux leather and stainless steel buckles seemed like a byproduct from a dominatrix/sadomascohistic adult film. So I just went in my work clothes.

They had a variety of activities, brain dissection, stuffed animals, fetus in a jar, zombie walks around the museum, talks from Biologists, improv acts (which we missed out due to a lack of seating) food, monster jam dance and best dressed competition... all among bones, dead animals and artefacts.

Entry was approximately $20 per person, this does not include food or drinks, there is a roaming photographer available on site. A food bar is also available, you can get drinks, bottles of wine, tiny hot dogs(?) and small portion of nachos.

Stuffed bats

Whale fetus in a jar


Kitten in a block

Monkey fetus in a jar

learning about Flying Vampire Frogs

Frogs with fangs

Best Dressed Competition



Vodka Jelly -$5

Even though Sam was deathly ill and I wasn't sure if he would make it through the night, we had a really awesome time. The whole place was chill, my only disappointment is the lack of seating arrangement for the improv acts.. a LOT of people missed out. There was also no concern for health and safety at the event, drunken people in very tight clothes and feathers were running around, people were touching artefacts labelled DO NOT TOUCH and not to mention the amount of glass bottles and rubbish placed on artefacts and stuffed animals. There needs to be roaming rubbish collectors. A part from that, it was certainly a great night and I will definitely attend future events at Jurassic Lounge, it's not everyday you can party in a museum... at night.

What did you do for Halloween this year?


  1. Love the Australian Museum! I think I would prefer doing this during the day haha and no drunk people around =P

  2. Ah this sounds sick! Such a cool place to spend Halloween at :D

  3. Jealous! Wish I'd been there. One of my friends working there that night had a blast!

  4. I love Halloween. I never enjoyed it as a child but now it is one of my favorite days of the year. I now host an annual Halloween party.

    P.S. I hope you will join our Christmas card exchange. All you need to do is email me your mailing info.


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