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This post is WAY over due, I have been waiting to get photos off my partner's phone but that never happened, we kept forgetting and I ended up accidentally deleting half of my photos from my phone. Ah... Fail.

In April this year we went on a week's getaway to Singapore - a country that's been on my list for a very long time. Thanks to cheap air fare from Scoot air (no thanks to their 2am return flight) we booked everything after extensive research and off we went!

I must admit that I am a definite "Super Traveller", I don't travel a lot, but when I do I will schedule a billion activities and our itinerary will be jam packed. Our trip to Singapore was more tiring than a week at work. But we had fun and our bellies were so full!


Before I go onto the activities, I just want to quickly touch on accommodation.

We spent 6 days at Studio M, they had the perfect loft for 3 people, it ended up to be around $90 per person, per night with breakfast buffet inclusive and 24/7 gym access. Even though the shower was TINY, it was still a raw deal.

Our final evening was spent in the prestigious Marina Bay Sands. Service was beautiful, the room was spacious and the view was breath-taking. We also enjoyed our own beds. The infinity pool was pack out at night, unfortunately the pool water was dirty. We had a quick dip in the morning and decided not to put our heads under. A night at Marina Bay Sands set us back approximately $260 per person. Unless you have money to spend, I feel that a night at Marina Bay Sands is enough as the novelty wore off quickly.

You can still check out the pool by paying a pool fee and just go for a dip to enjoy the amazing view (night view is prettier).


The Aquarium is located in Sentosa (alongside Universal Studio, the casino, trick eye and a variety of restaurants). With over 800 species and 100,000 marine life, it was fabulous! We spent approximately 3 hours at the aquarium, I recommend for you to bring your own food.


Singapore is a concrete jungle, the city hosts a large amount of skyscrapers and mass units like I have never seen before. At the same time, Singapore is all about sustainability. Among ridiculously tall buildings they created a stunning fairy-tale like garden. 

If you are in Singapore, put this on your agenda. We spent about half a day here.

Despite the humid weather, make sure you have a cardigan when you go in there. It's FREEZING.


We were recommended to STAY AWAY from restaurants and shopping centre food courts.

I personally feel we experienced and ate the best of Singapore by eating at different Hawkers Markets everyday. Hawkers Markets was a unique cultural experience, Singaporeans and locals eat at these markets on a very regular basis because the food is so good and cheap!

I have posted up a guide to Singapore's Hawkers Markets here.


If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat/watch my videos, you'll know that I'm a bird person.

They are super low maintenance!

It's no surprises we stopped by Jurong Bird Park and took photos with my favourite birds, Flamingos! I even wore my pink Pokémon x Mean Girls T-shirt.

If you don't like birds, I'd recommend for you to give this a miss, you mind find it boring!


We really wanted to check out Universal Studios and see how it differs to the one in US (not that I've been there...).

We spent a full day here and had the most amazing time. I am a big fan of theme park even though I don't go on those dare devil rides anymore (I'm getting old and might sustain whiplash or a neck sprain).

Universal Studios made us feel young again, my partner walked out with two bags full of souvenir and I came out with an Elmo shirt.


With the crew from Waterworld


Singapore Zoo is probably one of the most recommended attractions and I can see why!
With an incredible amount of birds and animals, it's a day trip. We had a great work out walking around the zoo and when we got tired... tram stops to the rescue!

The Night Safari is something you don't want to miss. If you have to pick between Zoo or the Night Safari, I'd recommend the night safari (especially if you like lions and tigers etc). It's eerie, scary, dark and you are surrounded by big cats, bats, hyenas...

The Hyenas was probably the most scary part... even though everything was fenced off, they were following us like they wanted to eat us!


You can't leave Singapore without visiting the Merlion.

With hoards of tourists trying to capture the perfect Merlion photograph you may find yourself standing among a sea of people for your picture perfect moment.

Lion head with a fish body, this mythical creature represents Singapore. The fish body represents Singapore's origin as a fishing village while the lion head represents Singapore's original name "Singapura" which means lion city - even though it is unlikely that lions ever lived on the Island!

I am fairly pro environment and sustainability. But my time in Singapore (despite the short stay) strengthened my view. There was a time-lapse in Garden by the Bay, providing a prediction of what our world will turn into within our children and grand children's life time if we continue to live to harm our environment. With global warming, it is estimated that the last polar bear will die in 150 years.

Once the earth warms up by 2 degrees there will be an increase in natural disasters and diseases, by 3.5 degrees, 1 in 5 animal will be extinct, by 5 degrees the earth will becoming a dying rock. 2015 ranks to be the warmest year and I am sure 2016 will top it off. There has already been a 0.87 degree increase. Take some time and make yourself aware of these changes.


  1. Great travel post! I love to travel... I am always planning my next adventure. Sounds like you had a great time and packed a lot in to the week.

  2. never been to Singapore. Well the airport doesn't really count does it. great Post Lily x

  3. I'd love to visit Singapore! Even more so now after reading your post!

  4. We love Singapore, my 3.5 year old is still asking when we will go back (we went in May)
    I would agree with everything on your list, The Zoo is amazing, you feel so close to the animals, I wonder how some of them don't escape!!

  5. Wish I'd read this post before we went to Singapore! (Although technically it wouldn't have existed yet lol). We went to Universal and the Singapore Zoo, some other awesome-looking options here though!

  6. We stayed at Marina Bay Sands for our mini honeymoon... It was probably the best sleep I got in months! The beds were like two queens put together or something because we both slept on opposite ends diagonally and our feet and hands never touched LOL The pool was pretty amazing too but it's such a shame to get a good spot to set your stuff down because you'd have to fight the loud and rowdy mainland tourists at like 7am! Trangles xoxo

  7. Ohhh that looks amazing. The Aquarium would be so much fun! You took some great photos :) – Jackie (Lipstick, Lattes & Louboutins)

  8. Great post! I would really love to visit Singapore, my Grandma always rated it highly and it's close enough to not deal with a hideous flight time.

  9. Gorgeous post, Lil! I agree - hawker centres are the way to go!

  10. Fascinating Lily - I haven't done the tourist thingy in Singapore for 40 years! It was actually the first place I landed on my inaugural OS trip, and I have such fond memories. Things sure have changed! Hoping to get back there one day ♥♥♥


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