Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The QV Face Range and Skin Lotion Review

QV is one of the first brands to discover me on the blogsphere, while I have been sent various products, I have also been a loyal customer. I usually have two body wash in my shower which I would re-purchase time and time again, one of which is QV.

I've been so stuck on QV body wash that I decided to dedicate myself to an entire week of QV Skincare.


This is a cream cleanser, it won't lather up but it's suitable for dry and sensitive skin. This formula removes makeup nicely, however I will still double cleanse regardless of which cleanser I am using!
The formula is gentle on the eyes, but I now use micellar water to remove my eye makeup first. A great product for dry skinned gals or for winter uses.


I was surprised by the absorbing nature and creaminess of this eye cream, it did not roll off the surface of my face and absorbed within seconds. I personally feel that this is best for those who are trying to prevent fine lines. This product is not scented and very gentle on the skin. From my experience, this product was able to provide adequate hydration around my eyes upon application and throughout most of the evening as I sleep (i'm guess-timating here!), however my under eye area did not feel as plump and refreshed as my face when I used the QV night cream which I reviewed below.


This night cream is rich, easily absorbs and scent free. I have been applying the night cream over my serum, once everything is layered on, I feel that the night cream can feel quite thick on your skin. This can be rectified by using a lightweight serum and a gentle hand when scooping up the night cream. While the cream is rich, it is non-greasy and I feel that it did a good job at protecting and hydrating my skin. My skin did feel and look hydrated in the morning.

I quite liked this night cream, it's pretty good quality for such an affordable price.


A great day cream with no SPF, which means I can use it while I'm at home, yay! Again, no scent, creamy yet lightweight texture. Absorbs fairly quickly and allows my makeup to sit on top nicely. I did not experience any cream or foundation rolling off my face - like I do with some drug store skincare. Hydration was good, however I feel I need something heavier during winter - I would recommend this for summer, paired with a day time serum or those with oily/sensitive skin.


This is actually something I purchased and thought I'd throw this in the review because I absolutely love it! I have made my entire family use QV Skin Lotion following a shower. It's so gentle and absorbs beautifully without feeling greasy. I have mini sized versions of this (and the body wash) for when I travel, because hotel soaps and lotions are just... no...

*These products were provided for editorial purpose

Saturday, June 24, 2017

L'unico Luxury Skincare Launch @ The Stockroom Restaurant, Double Bay

L'unico delivers customised luxury skincare, using and extracting the most concentrated ingredients from natural sources, blending nature with science. Each product is created with care and precision in L'unico's state of the art skin care lab.

There are 8 highly concentrated products you can purchase from L'unico's website. However, we all want the best and most suitable products for our skin, at times pre-produced product are unable to successfully address our picky skin concerns. This is the first brand I have come across who caters for individual skin concerns and produce customised skincare. This is why loyal users fly from around the nation to attend a consultation at L'unico's sole office in Miranda, NSW - this speaks volumes!

Now that you know a little about L'unico, here are some fun facts!
  • L'unico's packaging are 100% UV resistant.
  • L'unico's Youth Essence Day Cream contains Snap 8 which assists in reducing and delaying wrinkles, it's like an 8-12hr botox .
  • The night formula contains 0.1% retinol.
  • L'unico's Vitamin C serum is great for sensitive skin because general Vitamin C oxidises after a couple of weeks. L'unico's is more stable, containing acid from dates.

We were able to try and test the products during the launch, I of course, applied everything onto the back of my hands and walked out with the most amazing looking left hand lol!

I have started using some of L'unico's treatment products and I can tell you they are impressive. I can't wait to do an entire brand focus!

To sign off, we were served a delicious 3 course meal, the barra photographed below is probably the best I have ever had! It's so tender and so tasty.

Lily not Louise attended this event as a guest of L'unico

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Full Face Makeup Using Mally Beauty Prime Prep and Glow 8 Piece Set

I have mentioned this a few times and I will mention it again, I watch TVSN Beauty like it's a TV show because I just can't get enough of the demos and applications.

Two months ago, I was sent a beautiful Mally package from TVSN, this is a brand I was not familiar with nor have I heard of it.  Now... I discovered Genie Beauty and Emma Hardie from TVSN and I realised TVSN beauty is of quality. The box set I received was Mally's Prime Prep and Glow 8 piece collection.

A little introduction, Mally Roncal is a US makeup-artist who had worked with celebrities such as Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez. Mally was also a spokesperson for Sephora before starting her own makeup line Mally Beauty.


I personally prefer this primer to Porefessional, why? Porefessional rolls off my face, this primer doesn't. A small pump is enough for the troubled areas, I mainly use it on my nose, the area between my nose and my cheeks where I seem to have a substantial amount of pores... and a tiny fraction on my forehead just to smooth out the fine lines.

This product will not eliminate or hide all your pores but it will minimise the appearance of your pores. For one week I only used this primer and a bit of powder.

My only tip is to gentle pat your face following application, or let it sit for a little while, otherwise your foundation/concealer might slip a little.


This highlighter is absolutely gorgeous, the dome shape reminds me of a MAC highlighter and I have never owned a power highlighter like this. This highlighter is pigmented and you will GLOW!!!! Not for the faint hearted and not for those looking for a subtle highlight. Once applied the product does not look powdery, this product is right up my alley.

I used the stippling brush to apply my highlighter in the video - it's actually not a bad idea. I don't own a fan brush so a stippling brush is the next best thing. The brush that comes in the kit is a standard stippling brush, similar to a regular brush.


A beautiful shimmering gold eyeshadow stick, it's easy to apply, pigmented and long lasting. Wear time is approximately 5hrs until it starts to fade. I noticed light creasing at the end of an 8-10hr day. However, this performs better than some eyeshadow powders. I love using this for a natural looking express eye look, one swipe is literally all you need.


This automatic eyeliner glides on, it's so creamy and smooth. There's very minimal transfer to my hooded lids and it will last the entire day with some fading observed.

This eyeliner is slightly metallic, but once applied to your lids it's not as noticeable.


Contrary to some of the reviews I have read online, I love this mascara... I don't know if it's the same mascara or same formula as what other people have used. Or whether you can select a different mascaras for your set?

Let me clear things up, there are no fibers, I did not experience any bad clumping and I did not experience any fall outs or horrendous smudging throughout the day. It held my curls well enough and washed off like a tubular mascara under lukewarm water. As you see in my video demo, I applied this mascara to my lower lashes, there was a small amount of smudging after a long day, but nothing like some of the non-waterproof mascaras I have used. Am I using the same mascara/same formula as the other people..? Because I really liked this!


The shape of this lipstick is fantastic, I don't even need a lip liner. The lipstick glides on and is relatively pigmented. It lasts as long as any other standard lipstick, however it is not drying. You will need to re-apply after eating and drinking. This is a beautiful shade of pink that is very flattering on olives skin tone (spoken from experience haha!)

Below are some unfiltered and unedited swatches of Mally's colour products.

Top to Bottom: Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, Lipstick, Highlighter


When I first received the kit, I wasn't sure whether I'd like it or not, it was an unfamiliar brand and the packaging didn't quite stand out for me.... however, after trying the products, I am a fan of this kit. I like shimmer and I like glow. The products are right up my alley and of high quality. I personally feel that you need to be a lover of glow and shimmer in order to enjoy this kit otherwise you will be better off purchasing individual products.
Mally products were provided for editorial purposes

Monday, June 12, 2017


In conjunction to all the beautiful VIVID lights during one of Sydney's coolest month, Sephora presents it's very own Glow Bar. Sydneysiders are no longer wrapped up in their doona, sipping on a hot cup of tea at home during the cool season. It's winter-wonderland time.

Put on your coat or jacket, it's time to hit the city, stop by Sephora's Glow Bar to experience the various highlighting products available from Sephora before heading to Vivid or your night out.

Sephora makeup artists will ensure you leave the bar with your best glow forward. From natural subtle glows to striking coloured glows, whatever flatters your fantasies!

While you are there, learn from the experts! Find out the difference between cream and powder highlighters or learn some general application techniques.

One thing you must do is the at least swatch the colour highlighters, they are quite remarkable.

I visited the Glow Bar on a chilly Thursday evening to get my glow on, I decided to give the coloured highlighter a try! It's not something I would usually go for... the more reason I would want a professional to put it on me. Below is an unfiltered and unedited photo of my post-glow look. The product was applied to my brow bones, cheek-bones, nose bridge and the tip of my nose.

The product used on me was Kat Von D's infamous Alchemist Holographic Palette (available from Sephora, yay!), in the shade Amethyst. The highlighter is most visible when the light hits your face, I stood in a rather awkward spot hence the highlighter is most prominently seen on my nose. I have lots to learn about selfies!

Alright kids, you have until June 17th to check this awesome pop-up out! It's 100% free, just simply drop by for a minute or 10! It's located between Zara and Nespresso - you can't miss it.
*Lily not Louise attended this event as a guest of Sephora Australia

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

EVENT: Cover FX World of Illumination @ The Butler, Potts Point

I discovered Cover FX when I attended Sephora's first showcase, I was given their foundation stick and fell in love with this beautiful brand. It was such a pleasure to attend Cover FX's illumination launch event at The Butler.

CoverFX is well versed in developing high quality products, including their Custom Enhancer Drops. At this special event, we were introduced to Cover FX's latest additions of heavy duty and effulgent illuminators.

Blossom, Halo and Rose Gold.

Remember those names because you will be hunting these concentrated Enhancer Drops at Sephora. A tiny drop goes a long way. My personal favourites are Halo (this holographic drop gave me an out of this world 3D highlight, it's omnipotent) and Rose Gold (you really can't go wrong with this shade, I promise). These are excellent for nights out, parties, special events, or if you wish to be the hippest shopper by rocking some serious highlight while buying groceries, go for it!

Say hello to my little friend.

Welcome an alcohol-free, mineral oil-free and talc-free setting spray that sets and illuminates. I'm telling ya, this unicorn business is serious.

Alongside all these wonderful releases is Cover FX Perfect Pressed Powder for touch ups and Perfect Highlighting Powder for all over illumination or on the go strobing.

Are you familiar with Cover FX's range of enhance and correct click sticks? They are portable and pigmented, the perfect addition to your travel kit or purse.

The illuminating journey continues with an Illuminating Primer, however if this unicorn business is too much for you that's ok  because there is a non-illuminating primer. Something for everyone!

And as always, it's not an event post without food photos...below is a little something to fuel your visual hunger.

Lily not Louise attended this event as a guest of Cover FX

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Everyday Look Using Natio Skincare and Cosmetics


A double threat, cleanser and exfoliator in one. Free from micro-beads and gentle on your skin. Due to my dehydrated skin, I have been avoiding using any exfoliating products on my face on a regular basis. This product contains fine grains designed to rid dead skin, I recommend using this product in the morning, I have been using it once twice per week. A great product for sensitive skin.


A daily facial moisturiser infused with organic Rosehip, Lavender and Lemon for hydration and to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

I am in love with this day time moisturiser, the moisturiser itself appears to be thick and white in colour, however once applied it the texture is extremely light weight, easy to blend and non-greasy. It does not feel, smell or sit like a sunscreen. This is a top moisturiser and it's something that I have been reaching for on a daily basis. This was excellent during the hotter months, however my skin is dry/dehydrated and requires something heavier during summer. I highly recommend this for oily skin.


This beautiful primer is infused with Rosehip and Vitamin C to help hydrate and firm skin, providing a natural and subtle glow. It also act as a fast absorbing serum to even out the complexion as well as extending the longevity of your makeup whilst creating a flawless makeup application.

Another beautiful product! I love primers that hydrates and actually sinks into my skin rather than sitting on the epidermis and rolls off my face. Once the primer is applied, it really does create a healthy natural glow! This product worked well to extend the longevity of my foundation, it creased less and all day without slipping off.

My only recommendation is not to pair this primer with an illuminating foundation, unless you are going for a real GLOWY look!

Top 6 shades are eyeshadows, followed by 2 blushes and 1 highlighter


This gorgeous face and eye palette contains 6 blossoming shades, a selection of delicate pink, gold, plum and rich brown eyeshadows. Complete with a highlighter and two blushes.

This is a fantastic all in one palette, you will be able to create a soft day time and transition into an evening using the same palette. I found some of the lighter shadows to be quite powdery and the glittery shades to be less pigmented. My favourite shadow is the deepest shade with beautiful glitters.

The matte blush is powdery, however the shimmery blush is not - both are relatively pigmented. My favourite is the golden highlighter, works beautifully on olive skin.


Available in 5 mouth-watering shades, this lip crayon is able to provide a smooth saturated colour. The formulation is free from parabens, paraffin, mineral oil, DEA, BHA and carmine.

I absolutely adore this shade, it is definitely my daily go to colour. The lip crayon is smooth and glides on my lips, the colour is definitely saturated and pigmented. However it is not a long lasting lip product (as with most lip crayons) and will need to be re-applied on approximately an hourly basis


This beautiful lipstick is right up my alley, from formula to shade. I love lipsticks with a slight tint of warm purple which I find to compliment my olive complexion quite well. This lipstick posse a shimmer that is not over the top and looks more like a sheen on your lips, however the shimmer is visible by looking the bullet. The formula is relatively creamy, easy to apply and glides on smoothly.

There is a rather fruity scent to this lipstick, I am not a big fan of the scent but it's not unpleasing either. I found the wear time to be quite standard, it will stay on if you are not eating or drinking. However once I started eating the lipstick wore off and I had to re-apply.


The products featured were provided for editorial purposes.

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