Thursday, May 16, 2019


I can't believe we are half way through may and almost half way through 2019! Where is the time going?! We have been extra busy with trying to sort out the apartment but I finally have some down time to play with products. Today I want to go through the launch of REPLAY fragrances in Australia. Replay is renown for their innovative fashion - jeans in particular.

Replay was established in 1978 and had expanded to areas such as fashion and jewellery. Replay had most recently created a collection of fragrances to complete their fashion and style portfolio.

This beautiful Signature Secret was created in collaboration with Mavive. A beautiful feminine fragrance with a luxurious finish. This bottle is a work of art on your vanity.

This fragrance is made up of fresh petitgrain and sweet pear with jasmine as it's heart notes. Bottom notes are sealed with white flowers, making this fragrance beautifully fresh, sophisticated and unique. 

I fell in love with Replay the moment I saw it. The bottle and floral artwork was exquisite. A lot of thought was put into this bottle. The perfume lasts for the first half of the day, I am not one to re-spray myself so whatever I leave with in the morning, is it. I have been using a lot of sprays that will only survive for the first hour, so I am pleased. If you are lookig for a longer lasting fragrance, try their Eau De Parfum. You can find more fragrances from Replay here.

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Friday, May 10, 2019


With Mother's Day just around the corner, Grampians Olive Co is being put to good use. I have made several delicious vegetarian recipes using Grampians Olive Co, you can check out my Hearty Bean Recipe  or my String Bean, Corn and Cashew receipe before scrolling down to check out this Mother's Day's deliciousness. 

Dumplings are actually ridiculously easy to make.
You can essentially use any filling you like, just make sure everything is finely chopped... veggies, meat, nuts...whatever tickles your fancy. Add some salt, pepper and a nice dose of Grampians Olive Oil, I went with their Signature Cold Pressed but you can opt for a flavoured Grampians Olive Oil.

We purchased the dumpling sheets from an Asian grocer, have a bowl of water on standby and utilise as glue.

Scoop a generous dollop of your filling mixure and place it in the centre of the sheet.

Dampen the top edge before folding the sheet

Dampen the corners then fold again!

Dampen the sides of the sheet (parts closest to your thumbs) Pull the tips together and press the dampened tips of the sheet on top of each other so they don't become unstuck... and you have your first dumpling!

 Here's a batch we prepared earlier :)

The options are endless, click here to go through the variety of Grampians Olive Oil available for you to chose from!

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Monday, May 6, 2019


We have spent the past month moving bit by bit and still have a few things to sort out... like the bed frame. While my partner seemed to have adapted well without internet, I found it difficult, as a result, I am happy to have it back! Due to the lack of bed frame, I am often at my parent's house! The plus side is, I get more room to play with make up. 

Today we are looking at Artistry Studio's incredible range that I have been using on a daily basis. 

2 in 1 Eyeshadow Sticks and 2 in 1 Lipstick 

These two in ones have a crayon (for either eyes or lips on one end) following by a powder on the other end. The lip powders are all metallic and act as a topper. While the powder aspect of the eyeshadow stick is a powder eyeshadow and I often use the crayon as a liner. The crayon can also be used as a shadow and the powder as a topper. The possibility is endless. The eye crayon is slightly waxy and doesn't make great defined liner but I love using on the lash line. The lip crayon is smooth and easy to apply.


The cheek and lip duo comes in 2 stunning shades, mine is in Polaris Pink. The product is creamy and easy to blend. I like to draw a small circle on my cheeks, mixing the two colours together to give a beautiful flushed look. The tinted lip balm will give you a nice tint of colour alongside hydration, it can be worn under your lipstick or alone.


Saturated with colour, creating a wet and glossy look. The applicator is soft and fluffy and provides a nice application. The product is non-drying but does transfer. The colour is solid though. This is great if you are looking for a pop of colour. 


I received a neutral palette with a lot of sparkly shades (La Palette City of Lights - Bottom) as well as a pastel colour with shimmer (La Palette Macarons - Top). I found the shadow pay off to be good, however there is quite a bit of shimmer. Wear time is approximately 4-5 hours without primer. There is a built in mirror with every palette and an applicator. 


I have been using this palette pretty much every day. It's all encompassing and so easy to use. Shade 1 is a beautiful base colour while shade 2 is a great al over lid colour. Shade 2 is quite a shimmery shade that you can wear alone or blended with other colours. Shade 3 is a beautiful matte dark brown colour that is great as a liner or a crease colour. Shade 4 is an all over the face powder. Shade 5 is a beautiful rosy blush and shade 6 is the most beautiful highlighter colour! I really love this palette, it's great for traveling.

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