Saturday, September 22, 2012

BellaBox September 2012

Since I'm pretty much jobless now, I have an abundance of spare time on my hands. Instead of going out to meet new people, why not stay in and meet new products?

After much deliberation I subscribed to Bellabox. I'm at the point where I have all the cosmetics and stuff I need but wouldn't mind trialing different brands. If you're particular about your products then it's probably not worth your while. But If you feel like your life is on a downward spiral then it might be ideal to go on a spontaneous binge. Try shit you probably would never go out to buy, why not?! Lets not calculate the "value", there's no value when you're sampling, there's only quality. I may have gone on an impulsive limb, because after I received my first box I upgraded to annual membership, $165 pa.

 Uhaircare styling gel. I like the erect bottle. Apparently it's a natural styling gel, my BB beauty profile states Normal hair --- so they didn't send me crap related to frizzy or curly hair. Much appreciated. looking forward to try it!

Bioderma gel cleanser

Bioderma lotion- When used in conjunction with the gel cleanser it's said to rid impurity -- exactly what I need, my face is blotchy as fuck since I ate those scummy bamboo shoots.

Savoir Faire Concealer and Finishing Powder. Top four is concealer, bottom two is finishing powder. I was gonna go out to buy a new concealer, no kidding. BB is a mind reader, I can see how our relationship will work out already.

You me and everybody skin mousse cleanser for dry skin. Perfecto. I have dry skin, and I like to wash my face. This is the only full size product in this batch. 

Benefit It's potent eye cream. I love my eye cream and its one of the few things I'd splurge on (other than food). I have a bit of dark circles going on due to long nights and strange assignments. The little tub is so cute!

A product card to your right and a $15 ICONIC voucher to your left.

You must spend $69 or more @ ICONIC to redeem this voucher.. I'll probably never use it.. feel free to rip it off me.

Checkout code is in the picture, but i'll type it out: BELLA15UU3MDW

Content with this month's box as they are all of use to me. The sizes of the samples are relatively petite but stay true to their claim of "deluxe sample" (next time I'll put 20c next to every product). Plus, you'd usually need to buy $50 worth of products to receive samples at Myer or David Jones. Win-win.

This will be a continuously monthly segment till next September.

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