Friday, November 30, 2012

Tis' The Season

Not long till Christmas, get in the groove!

Home Ice Cream - White Christmas 

Christmas Cards are almost written and ready to be posted, I'm very organised this year.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Here's something I've forgotten

PG stories

Attempted to organise my hard-drive. Ended up finding lost accounts and what not.

Found this story my friend and I wrote on Sanrio over 7 years ago.

Excuse the language

Hello Kitty sat dreaming about bitch cunt. One day she hoped to be a motherfucker . If I pissfuck hard I can be whatever I want to be, she thought. Her parents always nipple cripple her. One day, you could be a shithead, said mama. Or perhaps a arselicker, added papa. I think you should be a renee van kraanen just like grandpa, said grandma. Hello Kitty picked up her shit eater and went into the afro bitch. Feeling a bit crater face, she decided to make a big batch of annoying little retard for her family
New Year's Eve was coming up and Hello Kitty was planning a fuck party at brothel. She sent invitations to all of her closest shit, then went to buy dickhead, to decorate with. This would look jeremy hanging on the amanda, said her twin sister, Mimmy. After leaving the store with a bag full of fuckwhit, Hello Kitty decided to go to the poo head shop to get yummy shit for her friends to piss. These bitch-filled penis look delicious! she told the shopkeeper. And I will take some of that fruit vagina to intestines, too! she added. Finally, it was new year's eve. All of Hello Kitty's scrotum arrived wearing balls boobs. nipples! announced Hello Kitty as she greeted her friends. Just before midnight, they all held clit and counted down the seconds. When the clock struck marley roper, everyone screamed alicia ewing, and threw their godzilla in the aids.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Plastic Mic. A Broken String.

I was standing on a ledge one day, a friend approached me.

He said

"Kid, you need to stop acting like broken goods."

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bloom Glitter Eyeliner - Star Gazer

Also received from November Bellabox.

Left - Black eyeliner + glitter liner

Right - Glitter liner

I'm not sure how keen I am to put this glitter crap near my eyes and risking the chance of metal scratching my cornea.....

However, I must admit that it's rather pretty and sparkly.

I might use it to decorate xmas cards instead...

Easily washed off with lukewarm water.

Passionflower - Capitol Square

Skipped past this a few times.

Strawberry Waffle -

2 waffles, vanilla bean ice cream, fresh strawberries, chocolate sauce $14.

The dish was aesthetically pleasing and tasty. 

Can't think of any cons, service was fast and efficient. I enjoyed it. Will go back.

Passionflower on Urbanspoon

Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack

Received this in my November Bellabox.

This product control pores, rid black and white heads and control oil. A little confused as to why this was in my box because I specifically indicated that I have dry skin. I have no oil to control... I put rosehip oil all over my face so my skin doesn't dry out.... this product was a bit redundant but I thought i'd try it anyway... in case by some miracle my nose decided to produce some oil and blackheads.

Came with 2 sheets.. they were hard to rip open, I had to cut an opening with a pair of scissors, even then it was difficulty. Be extremely cautious, the sheets are WET, as I ripped it open a large amount of god knows what chemicals went into my eyes. Yes it burned.

Step 1 - burned my nose.
Step 2- Some sort of serum, slimy consistency
Black cotton bud to scrape the heads off your nose after step 1

and an instruction sheet.

I'm not gonna post my before after pictures because they look exactly the same. Not a damn thing came out of my pores, I was a bit disappointed. However, my nose was a bit red after the applications - the only disparity.

I can't give you a verdict on this product, but I've heard some good reviews from other people, apparently it removed all their heads and doesn't rip your skin off like Biore strips.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Suminoya Restaurant - Martin Place

Good service
Food was served quickly
Decent proportion
Crispy tempura- delicious! I really liked the salad.
The main for the second bento is teriyaki salmon I think 
Fresh sashimi, beware, tofu in Udon is sweet.

Only con - A bit pricey (approx $20 per bento), I had something similar at Melbourne for about $12-13.

Will go back

Suminoya Japanese on Urbanspoon

Gone Dog Gone

Doggie wreaked havoc for three nights, she refused to sleep in the laundry with my budgie Wally (must be some racism thing) and kept banging loudly on the door throughout the night.

Four days in, I really started to see how this household maintained essence of a (semi-retired) military family when it comes to discipline.

No mercy was spared for unacceptable behaviour. Hard-core doggy training! (That's what happens when you put a behavioural therapy fanatic and a military enthusiast together). Three nights in, doggie was trained and well behaved, she slept in her doggy bed, no barking, no banging and no walk-abouts. We would reward her in the morning with 20minutes of tug and pull play time.

Classical conditioning works every time.

Here's some pictures of the backyard adventures we sort of had together, footage will be in that end of the year video thing.

Chillin in the sun with her pillow homies

She just yawned!

Lookie! I'm in my doggie bed!

Oh nos, I PMS-d and ripped my doggie bed to shreds!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bellabox November 2012 - Soirée Season Staples

Another month another Bellabox!

Preparing our skin before the Christmas season.

 John Plunkett Essentials Multi Vitamin Moisturiser
20ml RRP $9.95
FULL SIZE -- a very small full size :s

Bioderma Crealine H20 Cleansing Water
250ml RRP $39.95
20ml valued @  $3.20

4Me Nail Polish Remover Pads
30 Pads RRP $3.49

 Palmolive Exfoliating body wash in Strawberry Smoother
400ml RRP $6.49
50ml valued @ 80c

 Swisse Hand Cream with Vitamin D and Pomegranate
100ml RRP $14.95
30ml valued @ $4.48
(I was half a step from entering priceline to get a hand cream yesterday, so happy I got this one!)

 Bloom Glitter Liquid Eyeliner - Star Gazer
4g RRP $14.95

 Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack
10 Sheets RRP $21.99
1 pack valued @ $2.19

There's also a 10% off coupon, feel free to use my code: ED45ZB63
Go to:

Virgin $100 wine voucher, get your wine for $100 instead of $200
Feel free to use my code: 0156003
Go to

November Box worth: $38.60

Like other subscribers who received this box.. it was "OK" but it didn't have the WOW-factor as last month's box. Although I'm keen to try everything as they are not products I'd buy. I'm not sure about the glitter eyeliner ..would have much preferred a neutral eye, cheek or lip colour.

PS. I'm looking into Lust Have It! Quarterly Eco Boxes.


Friday, November 9, 2012

Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Pressed Powder- Soft Sand

Haven't used this for a while, thought I might go back to it. Bought this when I went on my holiday to Hong Kong, probably one of the first cosmetic item actually bought.

This baby gives you an airbrushed finish. My skin is cracked like craters and dry like beef jerky. Contrasting between this and foundation, I don't get flaky skin (or as much) when I use this.

I think this powder is excellent for days when you feel your skin is feeling supple and your pores decided to take a day off.

My shade was in Soft Sand, I get kinda pale during winter period, but I feel that this powder works for most light-medium skin olive. It's basically translucent.

It's oil free and oil absorbing -- I don't really have a lot of oil to absorb... but it doesn't suck out the natural moisture of my face either.

Mirror plastic compact, good for purses it's quite light.

Can't think of any cons.


Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's beginning to feel a lot like christmas

Two papers handed, two more and  an exam to go.

The weather has been "complicated", a stormy cool breeze followed every heat wave. This will be the first christmas I'll be spending at home or with family and friends instead of doing graveyard shifts at work in 5 years. I'm quite excited. Especially with this cool gloomy weather, I'll blast some xmas tunes and start writing/posting out xmas cards in about 2 weeks!

In addition to all the ravishing good news, my placement to Coledale has been cancelled, I get 2 months (uninterrupted break) off till I go on placement at the Royal North Shore near the end of January. 

Priya's 24th

I celebrated Priya's 24th birthday with the rest of her family at a Chinese restaurant in Beverly Hills.
We commenced our meal at approx 7.50PM and ate non-stop till about 10.07pm. We've spent pretty much every birthday together for the past 5 years, that commitment haha.

There must've been about 5 entrees, 10 mains, fruit, fortune cookies and the lovely birthday cake below.

I was in heaven, I got to try all the chinese food that my parents never order.... i.e., prawn toast, fried rice, spring rolls and anything deep fried. 

I couldn't believe how amazing the fried rice was... a taste of wok :P

I had a great night celebrating, got to feed Priya and later had a food baby :)

I took recordings of the night, it will be up in the annual movie at the end of the year or about then.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

FMT - ROM Pictures

Functional Muscle Testing, Range of Movement Testing using a gonimeter. 

Here's some pictures for a few measurements. Maybe someone will find it useful.

External rotation starting position. Stable and moving arms of the gonimeter should be horizontal (don't follow the position of the gonimeter in this pic)

 External rotation - motion

 Wrist pronation starting position

 Wrist pronation -motion

 Wrist Extension starting positio

Wrist extension - motion

Thumb (palmar) abduction - However, you are not measuring the degree of the thumb, you are measuring the webspace between the index and the thumb - gonimeter position a little off - should be aligned with the metacarpals.

Cafe 41 - Penshurst

No idea why the picture is perpendicular and not technical enough to figure out how to fix it. Feel free to tilt your head to the right.

The whole thing looks better than it actually tasted.
Balsamic dressing with feta, pine nuts, tomatoes.... not sure how I felt about the salad. Papillae not too big on the sourness.

Sour-dough was tough enough to be croutons, I'd advise freshly cut sour dough for all cafes..

Egg, mushroom and bacon was overly salted, might just be the bacon though.

Out-of-packet halloumi .. unimpressed. Having said that, the table next to us ordered burgers and fries... didn't look too shabby. I'd go back to try their other stuff before I make a grounded judgement.


Cafe 41 on Urbanspoon

Akai Japanese Restaurant - Campsie

Touch screen menu order.

Delicious tempura and interesting mix of sushi.

Friendly staff.

Only con: Failure to serve within 30min time span. However, staff was very apologetic, food was worth the wait.

Will go back.


181-183 Beamish St
Campsie NSW 2194

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