Monday, June 30, 2014

Lust Have It - June 2014

 Well...  my Lust Have It box had finally arrived on the last day of June. I'm not sure how it took almost 10 days to ship an item from Sydney to Sydney.

Anywho, since the Lust Have It box is no longer a box, the postie just shoves the package in my letter box with half of it sticking out. I much prefer the initial cardboard box....

a. It's recyclable
b. It can store products
c. It doesn't have a dreadful zipper

Please bring the boxes back!

Orly nail file and toe separators

These are GWP products..... I don't have much of an issue with this other than it's a little bit useless for me. I can spread my toes just fine lol.


Nuxe Creme Nirvanesque and eye contour sample

John Plunkett
Full Size

A night time exfoliator with 25% glycolic acid. I'd be very keen to try this!

 La Roche Posay
Sample Size

Why are we getting the same products again ??? :( As much as I love La Roche Posay, there's only so much I can take!

 Teeez Trend Cosmetics
Full Size

The best item in the whole box. The packaging the absolutely gorgeous. Apparently it's a waterproof pencil. I'll have to test it out later this week.


$30 Hello Fresh Giftcard

I'm not sure why this is in the box again.

Overall, I was fairly disappointed with the content of this "pack" and I really hope the delivery timeframe will improve next month. There were two exciting products for me in this box, it's not an awful box, but as much as I have enjoyed my LHI packs/boxes for the past few months, this pack is not worth the value. Maybe it's because the May's box set the benchmark and I'm getting hard to please!

What did you think of this month's Lust Have It?

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Product Launch: The Plié Wand

I don't know about you guys, but when I paint my nails with my non dominant hand, I end up with nail polish on my wrist. My fingers would be covered with polish, I'd try to clean it but I eventually I'd give up by removing all polish from my nails. From time to time, I've resorted to asking my boyfriend to paint my nails - you guys can imagine how that would've went down.

The issue was in the ergonomics, well guys, problem solved with the Plié Wand.

What is a Plié Wand?
To describe the Plié Wand, we like to use the “pen cap” comparison. Imagine if the writing tool you’ve used for your entire life (pen, pencil) was just the length of a pen cap. Or, the length of a nail polish brush. Then someone handed you a full-sized pen. So much room for a personalized grip. So many options for comfort & control. So much better! That’s what switching to the Plié Wand is like.
The Plié Wand was designed with common polishing pain points in mind. Most notably, polishing with your non-dominant hand. The wand’s name is inspired by the French verb plier (and by the elegant movements of a ballerina) which means to bend, or to fold.

How to use the Plié Wand (This is worth watching!)

Where can I buy the Plié Wand?

Julep recently launched the Plié Wand on their website
If you're not too familiar with Julep, take a look at their gorgeous polish  I'm sure you'll be allured by their sleek packaging! ** NOTE:*** All new Plié caps (and brushes) will fit on all your existing Julep nail color bottles.

What do you think about the  Plié Wand? Would you use it?

Friday, June 27, 2014

I MET STAN LEE... Supanova Pop Culture Expo 2014 + Makeup breakdown

This was my first time at Supanova, even though we spent 6.5hrs lining up for Stan Lee's autograph and photos.... I had a surprisingly good time. At 91 years of age, Stan Lee was an absolute trooper, he was at Supanova for all three days, signing away and sitting in the photoshoots. This was his last appearance in Australia.. I'm glad we got to meet him!

The autographs were $60 and photos were $100. It was $100 well spent. My Masters and Bachelor's degrees are rotting with the cobwebs somewhere in my room... but this photo, my friends... I will frame!

We got there at 10AM. They charged $20 for a full day of parking, which wasn't too bad. There was a longggg line spiraling into the stadium and it was freezing cold. I can see why people would go for 2 days... spend the first day lining up and the second day enjoying the expo!

Here's some photos for the Star Wars fans, my bf and I already confirmed that we are willing to line up again if George Lucas decides to make an appearance at Supanova.

My bf dressed up as Silent Bob - for all the Clerks lovers.

These guys looked pretty awesome! There were some hardcore costumes... lottssss of Elsa's from Frozen, Maleficents and Spidermans.

My costume didn't come on time, so I wore the most anime looking dress and socks I can find in my wardrobe.

I don't even know how to describe the dress I am wearing, it's probably the shortest thing I've ever worn and I didn't feel self conscious because people were practically walking around in undies and bras (AKA superhero costumes)

Totoro with legs!


The Bat Mobile

Ok now to the makeup break down

-Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation - I20
-IT cosmetics concealer
- Bobbi Brown Sheer Powder

- Shiseido lash curler
- Dollywink Volume Mascara
- Shiseido cream eyeshadow -VI305
-Aphrodite  Shimmer Powder - Rose Gold

- MAC blush - Breezy
- Bobbi Brown Bronzer

- Shiseido lip liner -RD708
-Shiseido Lip crayon -LC9

And here you have it, me as an alien-like creature. I think this picture is worth captioning, not sure what my BF was doing.

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

REVIEW + GIVEAWAY: Menulog No. 1 for Online Takeaway

I was introduced to Menulog approximately a year ago this online platform for ordering local takeaways acted as a savior for my boyfriend and I. Especially during the difficult nights after a long day of work, or the flu-filled weekends when every ounce of energy has been exhausted by fighting tiny germ soldiers. I would lay in bed, log onto Menulog, tap away at my laptop and our meals from the selected restaurant would  arrive in a timely manner. Without hesitation, Menulog is truely the No. 1 for Online Takeaway!

Bottom line;

No prepping
No fighting
No cooking
No cleaning - ok, maybe just to rinse a plate or two

If you haven't been to Menulog, it is a wonderful online platform for you to order local meals from all over Australia - and in order to keep the Australian economy going, I personally would rather order from local restaurants than Pizza Hut.

You can pre-order and pre-pay on Menulog to pick up or have your meal delivered.

Let's say you live in Orangeville, simply type in your suburb or postcode and voila! You can pay vial Paypal, cash, credit/debit cards and vouchers.

I ordered from my favourite local pizza joint Tony's Pizza Pasta - with a reasonable $3 delivery surcharge.

I usually get Pizza here, but I thought I'd give their pasta a go!

My boyfriend ordered the Sunset Penne Pasta $ 14.90 - salmon, shallots, capers, mushroom, prawns in a pink sauce. Boyfriend said the dish was creamy, pasta was al dente and cooked to perfection. Lots of favours and that he would definitely order this again.

I was craving lasagna, so I got the Beef Lasagna $12.90. My lasagna was good, with the right amount of cheese, sauce, beef and pasta sheets... however it was over salted!!

Here's some links if you are looking for an Italian feast tonight!

Now on to the exciting part, the giveaway!!!

Thanks to Menulog, I have 2 x $10 Menulog vouchers up for grabs! One Voucher to giveaway on Blogspot (see below) and one voucher to giveaway on Instagram

Winner announced on 13 July 2014

Open to Australian Residents only.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Red Paw Paw Box - June 2014

I tossed and turned then decided to give in and signed up with Redpawpaw.

Red Paw Paw is Australia's first grocery sampling box. For $5 per box (including delivery)... I couldn't resist!

My boyfriend was home when this box got delivered, he sent me a photo saying "A HUGE box got delivered for you!". I spent the whole day at work thinking about this "Box"!

ALL this for $5.... $5!!!!!! I can't even get lunch for $5 anymore!!!

This is definitely value for money!

Henry Jones & Co Fruit and Chia
Green's Pancake Shake Buttermilk
Ovaltine Cold Crunch - I grew up eating Ovaltine... yes, eating, not drinking. Our school canteen sold them in pill form.

AdrianoZumbo Choc Raspberry Macarons - OMGGGG
Kellogg's Cracker Crisps

Taylor's Pea and Zucchini Soup
Gravox Cracked Pepper and Shiraz Gravey
Uncle Toby's Creamy Honey Oats Quick Sachets x4 - I ate a sachet, oops 

Mentos Pure Fresh Gum
Nivea Q10 CC Cream

PineOcleen - Goodness, my bench really needed this!!
Finish Quantum Dish Washer tablets

I don't have a dishwasher, so the only thing I won't be using is the dishwasher tablet. Other than that, everything is either useful or edible. I love it! I've already recommended this box for several friends, apparently Red Paw Paw is at it's full capacity at the moment and have restricted new subscribers. If you follow their Facebook page, they will let you know when they have more capacity in the next week.
Can't wait to see what they have stocked up for July!!!


Monday, June 9, 2014

Japan 2014 in Food (Pic Heavy!)

 Remember that holiday I went on earlier this year (Click here to see my holiday to Japan), it seems like forever ago and I almost forgot to post up the food pictures!!!

I'll start off with airplane food, we flew with China Eastern Airline, the service had improved dramatically. The seats were awfully uncomfortable and the food was.... well.. it's plane food. My boyfriend requested for seafood meals prior to boarding, we never knew they catered for people with specific dietary requirements, so that was really good.

 These little crepe stalls were all over Tokyo. We ended up having the crepes more than ramen! They looked delicious, they were cheap and filling. Oh, and they put the crepe biz in Sydney to SHAME!!! I got a chocolate banana ice cream crepe a while ago in Sydney and there were 2 tiny slices of banana, half a spoon of ice cream and a drizzle of chocolate and cream, I couldn't even see the ingredients. Hence amazed that the crepes in Tokyo actually looked like their display!

 Strawberry Chocolate Icecream Crepe

 Creme Brulee Crepe!

 Chocolate and Strawberry Crepe

There was a Mister Donut next to where we were staying. We came home hungry one night and decided to pop next door to have a snack. Not a lot of variety left at that point in time, it would've been about 10PM.

We had the most authentic Soba noodles in Japan!!!

The Soba was cooked in the spring water coming down from Mount Fuji. I can eat this everyday.... oh with a side of vegetable and seafood tempura.

We had dinner at the place below, amazingly fresh and authentic sashimi !! ^_^


Warm Sake - SO GOOD!
Grilled Octopus with Kewpie Mayo

Grilled fish with rasdish

My aunty's parents invited us out for dinner. We thought "Oh yehhhh!! More authentic Japanese food!!!" to our ardent surprise, they booked a table at a well known Italian Restaurant in their area.

 The food was quite nice, comparable to the Italian food here in Sydney. Lots of olive oil and very creamy! The cakes were delicious :)

 Cheese Baked Rice - Apparently quite popular in Japan!

Home made tuna, cheese, lettuce and mayo sandwich!

Tonkotsu Ramen!!! It was delicious. After I had this, I decided to cut ties from a few Sydney Ramen chains.

There's a lot of hype over Mos Burger in Australia (In fact, there's one in Brisbane), a burger chain originated from Japan. The portion was a real downer..... it looked like a kid's burger. The flavour was not too bad, but I would much prefer a good ole' burger from Grill'd!

Amazake, a traditional Japanese drink - non alcoholic- made from fermented rice.

Here we have some disgusting, cheap and distasteful bentos from Robot Restaurant.

And... we have some home made dinners below made by my Uncle ^_^

Are you a fan of Japanese food? What's your favourite? 

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