Sunday, February 28, 2010

DIY Quick 5 Mins Full of Calories Nachos!

 I learnt to make easy quick and fattening nachos from my friend... it's so bad but oh so good!

What' you'll need..


2. Salsa (i've never tried Woolies salsa, it's not that bad!)

3. Cheese (i usually use a block of cheddar cheese and slice it thinly but these work ok as well.)

Now get to work!

1. bowl your doritos

2. Spoon your salsa

3. Spread your cheese.. and microwave it for 1min... oh and glad wrap it.. unless you want specks of tomato sauce all over your microwave!

DIG IN! Ugly but tastes oh so prettiful..

Friday, February 26, 2010

Review: Liptini Liptint in Cerise
When i first got this i thought YIKES.. that's some bright ruby red! But i thought i'd give it a go.. I've never tried a lip tint before so i had no idea how it was suppose to work.

The spongy tip had quite a bit of tint on it. I started applying it on my lips like i'd do with lip gloss... BIG MISTAKE.

So i started dabbing it all over my lips and smoothing it with my fingers. I only applied a very thin layer.. i've never really been a red lips person, i love it on everyone else though!

this stuff lasts if you don't eat or drink lol.  It surprisingly did not chap my lips or dry it out like a lot of other reviews.

  • potentially long lasting
  • this little tube will last you a while
  • pretty colour

  • Method of application.. I don't like the sponge tip.. it reminds me of wet dog when..
  • how the colour in the middle of my lips all of a sudden disappears (or maybe i just didn't apply it properlY?)

It might not look very red but it really is!!!!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Greenfield Bistro @ Bankstown RSL
My mum received a generous altogether $60 voucher from Bankstown RSL (god know how many clubs she's a member of..). We decided to dine at Greenfield Bistro inside the RSL.

The environment was quite nice.. very much bistro style lol. But i loved the decoration. it felt like we were sitting in a train 30years back.

Right. onto the food!!! :D
This was my dish.. barramundi, chips, salad and a cheesey sauce $24

Half a lobster, the most tender steak (hiding beneath the lobster), vegies, chips and diane sauce $32

Best Chicken Caesar Salad!!! $13

Altogether we only paid $9 extra for the meal and $8 extra for 2 cups of all-you-can-drink.

I don't go out to the west much but...This place is a winner, GOOD FOOD. 
Definitely be returning 

Greenfield Station Bistro on Urbanspoon

Monday, February 22, 2010

費玉清 (Fei Yu Ching) Sydney Concert Feb 2010 + Trophies @ Star City

I went to Star City Lyrics Theatre with my mum to see Taiwanese ballad singer 費玉清 "Fei Yu Ching"
This is his first Australia concert!! and he only had 2 shows in sydney.

It was my first concert where I did not lose my voice or go deaf for 12hours+ 1 week of weird ringing sound in my ears.

My mum is a massive fan... massive.. massive.. (here's a pic of him i took @ the concert... ring bells?)

Anyway... we took a train to townhall and strolled our way across Darling harbour to Star City. We dined at "Trophies" (i think that's the name of the place) inside the casino.

The meal was delightful. It was very much like Gymea pub food lol.
Seafood Laksa around $16
Greek salad $5.5

And the highlight! Peacan Pie!! $6 

We head off to see the 8:15PM concert right after dinner.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Review: Collective Wellbeing Purifying Clay Cleanser (Cinnamon/Clay)

This is my first organic purifying clay cleanser... my camera is on charge and i forgot to take a pic of the actual product *fail* so i got this pic from collective wellbeing's website.

it claims: soft skin smooth and purified. 

I got the cinnamon/clay for oily/combo skin. 

size: 5oz/ 142g

The product really did feel like clay a reallllyy niceee sofffttt claaayy that blends and melts right on my skin.

It also had little chunks of .... i really don't know what they are but i like them. as well as little black dots.. (i guess those are cinnamon??)

I've mentioned in my other blogs that i've got tons of skin probs atm.. i'm all blotchy, blemishy and dryness evverryyywhererrrr.
I've been using this product, solely this products because I wanted to see if it really works.

It DID leave my skin incredibly soft and smooth afterwards. It also eased my dry skin-ness a bit as well. HOWEVER... it didn't do much for my blotch and blemish. I think i have pretty sensitive skin.. minutes after i used this product my cheeks went a bit red. kind like a slight sunburnt red.. it went away though in about 3-4mins.

I still think this product is recommendable to sensitive skin just because it delivered the smoothness and the softness.

It costs $15 from their online store.

water, kaolin, zea mays meal, stearic acid, glyceryl stearate, cetyl alcohol, certified organic simmondsia chinensis oil, glycerin, cinnamomum cassia bark, certified organic carthamus tinctorious seed oil, caprylic/capric triglyceride, tocopherl  acetate, certified organic aloe barbadensis leaf juice, certified organic malaleuca alternifolia oil, certified organic extracts of salvia officinalis, echinace angustifolia root, rosmarinus officinalis, cymbopogon schoenathius, microcystis pyrifera, tilacordata fruit, papain, certified organic helianthus annus seed oil, allantoin bisabolol, xanthan gum, ethylhexylglycerin, sodium benzoate and citrus auratium dulcis essential oil.

omg.. that was a handful, i applaud myself for typing all that out..

Saturday, February 20, 2010

China Town Friday Markets

I went to the Chinatown friday markets yesterday. it's unebelivably crowded as usual.. especially around 6-9pm.

Clothing, food, magicians, alpha-trains... it's all there.

I got some jap vegie balls (w/e they are called...) i think the sauce was melted cheddar .. i was quite disappointed coz the inside is just er flour..

My mum ALWAYS get this.. i don't even know what it's called but it's hot as hell (chilli wise)

Oh we ate a lot of other stuff but since i have terrible memory i forgot to take pics of them :(
To fill my sweet tooth i bought a tiramisu from the cake shop lol

Speaking of bad memory, here's my almost finished easyway... i thought i'd be daring this time and try something OTHER than Taro with Pearls...

So I got their new Berry Mania with JELLY =O!!!!


My bf got the pineapple blended ice... he's always trying new stuff from easyway and they always end up quite nice.. grr

Add caption
Nawww look at him go :P
Oh they had the dragon Beard sweets @ the markets.. but I didn't have the stomach to try it after that disgusting Berry mania and tiramisu.. next time.. next time..

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Review: Lancome Hypnose Mascara + Blue Sky!
After i tried the elizabeth arden ceramide mascara, I honestly believed that theres no other mascara out there that can pull my heart and soul from it.

My boyfriend gave me a few mini sized Lancome Hypnose Mascara in Black to try out. It's only 2ml but i've been using this baby forever!'

This mascara promised volume, being smudge and clump proof.
Let me just tell you it delivered pretty much all that. 

It was volume baby! sorry a little blurry.. (Note: I didn't even curl my lashes in the pic below.. so imagine the result after curled =O!! )

I like this mascara, the only thing I dislike about it is the time it takes to dry up!!!! with my elizabeth arden.. it dries up RIGHT away. If you blink too much with Lancome on your lashes the ink will go places, i promise.

For volumn, i'd recommend lancome.. if you want natural lengthy looking lashes... then arden..oh but i curled my lashes in the arden review

See my Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Mascara Review Here

Check out the ocean blue sky from a few days ago outside my place!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Review: La Fresh Travel Wipes
I got this from meg in my last package.. these travel wipes really appealed to me... alcohol free with vita E and biodegradable cloth.
i've tried a few make up remover and wipes all of which gave me a stinging effect (alcohol) and irritate my eyes.

I tried this on my trip, they were the perfect travel wipes!
It folds out quite big, you'd have enough room to wipe every corner of your face

Here's a yukky pic, I wore pressed foundation, a bit of blush and mascara that day

I felt that the foundation etc came off with ease i was squeaky clean in seconds.

I remember reading that it's safe to use around the eye so i gave the mascara a go..
But it didn't do as well , i had to go over it a few times... and i don't think it removed the mascara completely.

Nonetheless, instead of taking a bottle of make up remover these are a pretty cheap alternative!

6pack of individually packed travel wipes in a zip bag for $3.99 .. i think it's ideal for traveling.
Buy It Here

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Melbourne: I'm Back in Black!

I just got back from my trip...

Destination: Melbourne (nothing too WOW-zer)

Purpose: ACDC (i know right.. the ONLY reason we went is because my bf missed out on syd tix..)

Anyway, without consulting me he booked us into the Grand King View @ Grand Hyatt Hotel
Here's our view

Our Awesome king sized bed
And the tennis court which we decided we have too much money in our pockets and forked out $18 to play tennis for half an hour
our AWESOME marble bathroom! (my fav place in our room lol)
I love melbourne... with brands called Acne, weird old ladies roaming around screaming at people, free trams... I love it!!!

Neither my bf nor i have ever indulged the awesome-ness of room service.

We decided to get room service for dinner the night we landed..
A bowl of grilled seafood which consists of 2 scallops 2 pieces of salmon 1 piece of tuna and 1 prawn, oh and 1 wedge of lemon $45

Classical Caesar salad $20... at least we got complimentary bread and butter..
we kinda swore that we would never get room service again...
that promise didn't last... he got hungry again the next night and ordered a sauteed mushrooms $20 or so...

and pork chops... $35

and that was the last of room service.
The next couple of arvos we found oursevles a nice jap restaurant..

The food was great!!!! $42 fed both of us

Here's my dork drinking some foreign beer from a cup.

We went and walked abouts at the botanic gardens for about 3 hours....
I have a thing for birds!
and OF COURSE... we went moshing @ the ACDC concert..

one word. AMAZING.

Beer, Tits and Rock n roll... what more could a girl ask for?

We decided to dine at a nice looking restaurant the last night.. we found this one..

He ordered a glass of champane because he never had champane @ a resturant and I ordered a glass of cranberry juice because i'm obsessed about it atm..

$18/dish... You should've seen my reaction when I saw the bok choy...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! 2 strands of choy floating in water!?!?

Here's our half eaten assorted seafood and vegies tempura but it doesn't look much different from when it first got to us..
Don't worry, we went to Maccas after this rabbit meal..

Melbourne beats sydney.. hands down.

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