Monday, December 31, 2012

Miss Saigon - Hurstville

The first time we went there, there flavours were mind-blowing. So we thought we'd return and order pretty much exactly the same thing.

Watermelon bubble milk tea - watermelon flavour was not prominent.. should consider changing the drink to Bubblegum milk tea. Not too bad though.

Seafood laksa - not as much seafood as the first time, nice laksa flavour.

 Vegetable coconut curry

Extra for rice

I'd go back, probably wise to try something different next time.

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Bankstown RSL Star Buffet

All you can eat sushi train, chocolate fondue and a variety of cakes... all for $15 (members - approx $21 for non members)... I forgot to take pictures of the other plates of food I had... but it wasn't too bad. Extra for soft drink. Would go back.

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Heart Shaped Egg Presser from Kinokuniya

You have to wait for the boiled egg tocool down before placing it into the presser. We found that the eggs are a a bit big and the presser will experience a hard time closing, compression needed!
Warning: You might get bits of the egg oozing out - that's ok.

Pop the egg filled presser into a bowl of cold water and let it soak for 10mins.

This is what it looks like when you open the presser, clean up the edges and voila! 

Love eggs. haha.

This is a cute product, but a little in-resourceful in the way you are required to rid the edges of the squeezed eggs, however can be easily resolved --- eat it. This is a lovely little presser for meals to predict special occasions or when you have guests over.

So Long 2012

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas. Happy New Year.

The end of a year breeds few pseudo-self-fulfilling annual life re-assessments. Bottled with the sporadic joy, a cultivation of hate, continuous resentment and/or a deeply gasped sigh in hope that knots will untie within the new year. Anticipate self-improvement, always. Shape paths to harvest growth than await disappointment. Expect changes in others, seldom.

Here's to the end of your labyrinth of hardship, your despair, your tragedy.
Here's to the beginning of your forked road, your decisions, your expectations.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

NaruOne Korean Restaurant - Sydney CBD

This was my Christmas Eve Dinner
I read a few reviews prior to our mini feast. Majority of the reviews were fairly negative - indicating the blandness of their food and a lack of chilli powder??

We stood in line for about 8-10 minutes. There were spare tables available but the waitresses and waiters were too busy cleaning up other tables etc. The line quickly built up, we weren't seated until the lady behind us requested one of the waitress to accompany the line of customers to their tables. However, staff were friendly.

Seafood pancake - $13
This was quite yummy, but I wasn't sure if it's because I was hungry or the food was actually good. The pancake was incredibly glutinous and chewy - it was different. The sauce was nice.

Fried Chicken with Spring onion (Bone) $32
Infamous fried chicken. There were a few combinations, on the bone - boneless. Fried - saucy.
You can go half half. The chicken was skin crispy, but they didn't season the chicken - a huge let down.
It wasn't as juicy, succulent and flavoursome as I expect it to be. The actual chicken was a bit stringy and dry.. needless to say, the breast of the chicken was extra dry.

Side Dishes

Overall, the restaurant was harshly criticised. It wasn't as bad as reviewers made out to be, but at the same time.. it was nothing special. 

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Norita - Sydney CBD Townhall

I come here every so often. Instead of going to clubs, bars or pubs to get drunk like every other 20 something year olds... I come here to play boardgames on a friday, saturday night and apparently Christmas Eve now too.

We got an Eskimo for two... but it fed four!
And ended up exchanging Pictionary for Taboo - it was a lot of fun.

Biscuits, ice cream, fruit, red bean, wafer, shaved ice.. approx $13

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N2 Extreme Gelato - Chinatown

Sorry about the fuzzy pictures.... this itouch is a bit useless during the night time.

Ice cream made from liquid nitrogen.

Their flavours changes everyday.

Top- Left to right: Mango Sorbet + Gingy's Limbs (gingerbread and spiced milk gelato)
Bottom - Left to right: Earl Grey + Santa's Big Pudding (bread crumbs, fruit and nuts)

$6 per cup

Loved the flavours, will go back.

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Merlin Finale - The Diamond of the day (Part II)

This Christmas morning marked the ending to Merlin's five year journey. I'm guttered. You know the feeling you'd get when a beloved TV show you've been following for years ended..... and you kinda feel a sense of emptiness and ask yourself what you'll do with your life now. Yeah, that feeling.

I thought it was a decent ending, very emotional.. I cried... a lot. The bromance between Arthur and Merlin was impenetrable. My favourite scene was when Merlin confessed his identity as a sorcerer at Arthur's disgust. Granted Arthur now having knowledge of Merlin being the greatest sorcerer to walk the earth, Merlin carried on with his initial role and duties as Arthur's servant. While Arthur was dwelling on his feelings of betrayal, the bromance continued as Merlin explained his use of magic was for Arthur and Camelot only.

Even though the prophecy was revealed early in the season, I was surprised that they stayed true to it. Yet still, allowing small glimpse of hope. My heart dropped when Arthur died, I cried at the fact that his last words to Merlin was a simple "Thank you".

There were a few disappointments....

  • How fast and easily Morgana was killed... I was expecting a magic war with Merlin.
  • How clean Mordred and Arthur's swords were after they stabbed each other, not a spot of red. 
  • Merlin didn't summon the dragon until after Arthur died...


I heard there is a possibility of a movie to give closure and to highlight Arthur's legacy playing out in modern day. 

Monday, December 24, 2012

Ramen Kan - Again..

Unagi Don - Approx $11.50

Not the best Unagi I've had... not enough eel, too much rice. The eel was slightly over-cooked, leaving a a fishy residue in your mouth. I think I prefer the Unagi from On Ramen.

 My set came with a small salad, I love Ramen Kan's salad dressing

And Miso Soup - significantly over salted. It was near undrinkable.

Probably best to stick with your Ramen.

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Home Ice Cream - Serenetta Christmas Log

We got the Home Ice Cream Christmas Box. It came with 6 x white chocolate trees and 10 x Choc coated strawberry shapes and a (frosty looking) Serenetta Log - serves 8.

 What's in it? - Vanilla Flavoured Ice Cream with Compounded Chocolate, Raisins, Pecans and Cherry Flavoured Ripple.

Christmas filled my mouth within the first few bites of the log. It was delicious. Half way through the cherry and raisins overpowered with their bursts of sweetness.

Good in small servings, but I think I prefer Viennetta Ice Cream logs you can get from Coles and Woolies.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Taronga Zoo - Sydney

I haven't been completely stagnant this holiday.
Most of the animals were asleep, bored and hardly moving. I haven't been to the zoo in a while so I was probably expecting a circus show.

I thoroughly enjoyed the bird show and the spider talk.

My Calippo was $3.50.... BRING YOUR OWN ICE CREAM.

We went to the food market for lunch, it's wasn't actually a market. More or less a chain fast-food joint, quenching their thirst by violating your wallet.

Advert: Taronga Zoo offers a selection of fresh seasonal food and beverage options to suit everyone. The 

My ass.

A shitty thin glucose bun stuffed with some dry shredded chicken and a tiny side of stale chips was approx $10. We refused to pay $10 for poor service and trailer trash food.

Out of hunger, large chips were purchased. It was disgusting, soggy and probably cooked in old oil.

I ended up paying more attention to poor parenting than the animals. A kid dropped her pacifier in the meerkat den, the idiot mother took off her shoes and climbed into the den in her quest to rescue the pacifier for her whinging, crying 5year old.

"Being amused by the way it fiercely responded, she began taunting it with her hand. I was so hoping it would bite off one of her fingers.. she deserved it, you shouldn't underestimate little animals. Don't you think? Tsk" (Anon). 

Anyway, negatives a side, the animals were pretty awesome. I didn't end up taking a lot of pictures.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Da Chang Jin Korean Restaurant - Hurstville

I love going to korean restaurants for these complimentary nibbles. We got Kimchi, some sort of pickled chilli cucumber, potatoes and eggplant.

Set D  ($19.90) was the name of the meal deal. Above is the Bulgogi that came with the set. It was lovely.

Entree trio that came with the meal deal, some dumplings, glass noodles and potato salad.
I love the glass noodles, the dumplings were ok (meat filling). I thought the potato salad was awful, it didn't taste like potatoes at all... might've been the dressing?

Service was fantastic - kudos for customer service!
Food arrived quickly. I'd go back again.

Thursday night browsing. Mother found these and recommended them to me for a "kick with impact". Then she decided to try them on, I thought they looked awesome on her.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ramen Kan - Haymarket

EDIT January 3rd 2013: I've been re-visiting Ramen-Kan continuously throughout the past month few months, I went back again yesterday and was a bit shocked with the service.
  • Prawn tempura was ordered, they gave us vegetable tempura, I had to hurl another waitress down to exchange it because the one who initially bought us the tempera stormed off.
  • 15minutes later, they bought another dish we didn't order to our table...
  • Water was dripping from the ceiling 
  • Upon the completion of our meal the waitress came to collect our empty dishes and in the process managed to spill soy sauce on my shoulder and the bottom of my coat....

Loving Ramen Kan's $3 entree menu!

 Vegetable Tempura Don w/ Salad Approx $8

Too much rice not enough tempura. Odd stuck together vegie tempura.... what the?!

 Vegetable Gyoza $3

 Agedashi Tofu $3

 Salmon Salad $3

 Chilli Takoyaki Balls $3

 Soft Shell Crab $3

 Macha Milk $3.5 I think

Mochi Balls $3.50

Green tea (red bean filling), Tiramisu (Solid cream filling)

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