Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Adriano Zumbo The Star

  I kept taking people there and making them spend money on macarons.

Delima - Chinatown

Hidden in Chinatown, this place is an absolute gem. I "accidentally" went in after been recommended meals by the hostess before a party. Food and service were beyond standards, I simply had to return, and I did.. on several occasions. This is the place to go to indulge in Indonesian food, uber friendly service and beautiful dining spaces.

Ayam Goreng Kalasan

This was delicious. I assume it was pigeon. Crunchy spicy batter, crisp skin. A bit over cooked, parts of the pigeon was a bit dry and stringy.

Sorry I can't remember the name of this dish. But it's some sort of Indonesian Croquette (without the beer batter) + sweet chili sauce... yummmm

Wrapped durian and cream. My first time trying Durian.. It was umm.. "interesting" it had this peculiar taste I couldn't shake. I don't think I'd try it again though, definitely an exotic fruit!

I love this place, however service is a little slow.. but I try to reason... good food times time :P
Gold standard service. Complimentary prawn crackers and fruit. I highly recommend you to dine here!

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Charlie & Co - Westfield Sydney - Revisit

 Usually people throw bad apples away but I have this awful habit of keeping them and hoping in time they'd turn into a better apple. Also probably because it's Justin North's burger joint. Some changes to the menu, I think they got new waiters.

You can't go there without getting these. Texture of the chips were better than the ones at Jamie's Kitchen (which was oil soaked and a bit soggy-- but then again, a much prominent truffle flavour).

Good news, I won't be forking out $8 for expensive chips because the most incredible person in the world aka Neele bought me a bottle of truffle oil for my birthday--- she knows what a girl wants.

The classic fried chilli chicken burger $12

This is worse than uni food. Fried chicken my ass. Its as dry as my flaking skin during winter. Flavourless.

I won't be going back, unless I really feel like forking out $16 for a self-serve wagyu burger. This place is as over-rated as Jamie's Kitchen. Sorry guys.

Here's a link to my previous review on Charlie & Co. Click

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Museum of Contemporary Arts - The Rocks

This must be new, or I must be incredibly un-observant. My appreciation for arts has been greatly exhausted -- ever since I began to employ the method of "practicality". I'd look at most art and think .. "And this is useful Is this thing gonna toast my toast or brew my tea? How will this thing provide me food, shelter or transport me from point A to point B?!"

I've gone back to basics in Maslow's Hierarchy, and haven't really had the chance to indulge in any forms of higher order thinking.. other than figuring out the meaning of life is death, that the trivial matters don't haunt us, we are haunting the matters because everything is nothingness. So why not create and exist in realms of self-contentedness? And that's how self-actuali(ly)sation comes about.

Free entry, go for an "interesting" spin.

Again, I apologise for the poor quality photos.. after all, I do have a Samsung mobile.. do not fret, you'll meet my brand-spankin'-hand-me-down Nikon soon!

Din Tai Fung Restaurant Review - World Square

So much hype about this place, finally sat on their couch!

Ok. I don't have a lot of time to write a thorough post, so this is going to be an express review.

Lovely ambiance and helpful staff. We were lucky to get a couch seat.

Steamed Pork Dumplings (8pcs)  $12.80

Proclaimed "Best Dumplings in Australia"

Not a let down, incredibly juicy. Tender fillings.

Braised Beef Noodle Soup $16.80

Lovely aroma. Tender, tendonous beef pieces.

Al dente noodles, uncertain if it's handmade. Jamie's Kitchen... LEARN FROM THIS. LEARN TO COOK YOUR DAMN SPAG. 

Shanghai Style Drunken Chicken $10.80

Classic dish, tender chick but way too much alcohol for my liking. Would go well with a neutral staple.

Golden Lava (1pc) $2.20

Fooled me, I thought it was custard... No, it was yolk. Somewhere between savoury and sweet... it was ermm "interesting" I probably won't eat that again..

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Birth day is that one day of the year you sit silently by your laptop with Camera Obscura and various other melodramatic pop artists on repeat, while you think about exactly how little you've achieved in life. 

Surprise surprise, I actually spent my date of birth doing things - un-birthday-like things.

I attended two lectures.

I saw my accountant and did my tax return.

Saw my family doctor

Submitted a few forms and received a letter of confirmation from my previous employer

Went to the bank.

But most importantly... BT super remembered my birthday and sent me a well wishing text first thing in the morning... REST super did not. Time to change super.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Nail Art

What the lady did on my thumbs!

Neele and I went into a nail salon for the first time in both of our lives, in the middle of the night. Out of the blue she said to me,

"Lets get our nails done!"

Why the hell not. We looked at the "menu" and picked the cheapest shit, which was getting nail art without colour. I told Priya, she Wtf-d at me. 2 nails for $7. Interesting experience! I like the flower on Neele's thumb!

What the lady did on Neele's thumbs!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe - Darling Harbour

The place was packed at 10pm. We managed to score a corner.
Our mind exploded when we picked up the menu, not at the variety but at the hefty price tag. But when our delicacies arrived... it was probably worth it.

 100% Pure Pleasure $16
Belgian chocolate mousse with almond panna cotta and Guylian glaze.
Mousse delight with a spongy-muddy chocolate base. Raspberry coolie went well with the rich dark chocolate coating. Guylian glaze.. I assume is the red bits stuck on the side.. I thought it was praline at first, it was yummy but got stuck in my teeth.

Guylian Baked Chocolate Cake Approx $18
Moist rich Belgian chocolate cake with signature ganache served with a scoop of Belgian 65% chocolate ice cream.

Chocolate mud ganache, not too sweet not too bitter. Velvety ice cream, definitely full cream. I believe the white bits were honey comb.

Guylian Dark Chocolate Milk shake & Pistachio Milk Shake  $8

I had the pistachio, it was "interesting" I love pistachio but I don't how I feel about drinking it. Definitely better than Wendy's milkshakes...

That ended up costing us around $50... a nice burn in the wallet. Probably a once per year indulgence. Nothing particularly bad I can think of other than not having enough chairs and tables...

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Tea Centre - Sydney Pitt Street Mall

Everyone loves good tea and scones. I've been aching for High Tea but have been having some technical difficulties finding a replacement food buddy.

I haven't had many scones but I've been craving. It was warm, light and fluffy, paired well with the strawberry jam and cream. We got the $15 deal for two-- two scones and a tea pot of your choice, we went with Irish breakfast (No surprises there!)

I need to try Tea Cosy but Super keen to go back to Tea Centre to try their soup and lunches! :)

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Some make up talk

It's been a week and a half since my employment cessation in the cosmetics industry. I've broken a lot of my make up habits and picked up rather good, new ones (like using eye cream, night cream and attempting to switch to organic products). The amount of shit I put on my face has reduced significantly, also due to the fact that I've decided to sleep for an extra 15mins in the morning and feeling impetuously lazy. Prep time has now been cut down to 5minutes (bad skin days are an exception.) Here are the three products I've been using... (Sorry I haven't been charging my camera so I'm just going to steal them off google!)

  1. Always use a base, whether it's minimal foundation or just tinted moisturiser. I've been alternating between my old L'oreal foundation (probably discontinued) and Australis tinted moisturiser.

Bourjois bronzer.. I probably spoke about this a million times. I love the smell.. the quality is "eh", too much makes my face look muddy, not too bad though. This was my first bronzer so I don't have a lot to compare it with.

3. Shiseido Perfect Mascara Full definition- Average mascara, I'll have a review up later.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

I attended every class this week, it's quite an achievement. Mother dear wasn't too hopeful on my attendance and persistence. She said this to me after my first day back.

"I bet you won't be going to class every day."

"Have some faith in me."

"You'll get bored, you'll end up getting a job again and start skipping school again"

Woman, I will prove you wrong!

It's not even my birthday yet and I received a lovely $10 voucher from Myer :)
I'm satisfied for the year, yes I'm easily pleased.

Since I will now be living off on $75 + $14 interest per week, I probably won't be eating out a whole lot, so prepare for my mood swings as I start posting unpurposeful and resentful blogs.

I went to the photojournalism exhibition at the state library a few weeks back. Can't remember if I posted this up but here it is.

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