Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's a Fool Who Plays it Cool by Making his World a Little Colder

Rambling post. Not worth reading.

Lauren said I need to socialise, since I don't go out, I rarely make new friends.. and the only time I'd see/talk to my current friends is when they call me after a break up/death or have some social issues to discuss/require my Confucius advice. Since I don't really have anyone to annoy, I'll just annoy you blog. Anyway, I just came back from the airport and saw a close friend off... forever.

Bidding my farewell to people, story of my life. I felt a slight novel consternation, as she refuses to let go of my hands, tears trickling down her face and asked me how we were going to do this. I said to her, "Turn around, walk, keep walking and don't look back".

I'm not a stranger to goodbyes but perhaps the fact that so many people have left my bubble lately and I'm not exactly the most sociable character. If you keep digging, there's almost a slight void resting somewhere. hahaha. Shit, I'm going soft.

Well, instead of sitting around dwelling in self-pity and break down; every morning marks a beginning, you'll wake up tomorrow harder, faster, stronger. It's the only thing to do, it's the only thing you can do.

I guess I'm a fool.

Earth Hour

8.30PM tonight is Earth Hour.

Send your condolences to the withering environment man-kind have trembled by switching off your lights, TV, laptop, facebook.. and indulge the quiet of the night time. What ever happened to nights spent playing board games by candle light?

Stole this pic from google

Friday, March 30, 2012

Don't ask me stupid questions.

Before I became a hardcore recruiter I was socially awkward.

I recall attending one particular interview for a low-budget, mediocre accessory store. The Snooki prototype store manager took me to the secluded, shady part of the food court and the ...cognitive rape... I mean interview commenced...

"So, Lily.. tell me about yourself"


*Shit. Tell her about myself quick quick, think of something, bloody helll THINK THINK THINK something about me uhhh... Ok, we got this in the bag.. nah. fuck it, I got nothing.*

-------------------------------------30seconds later----------------------------------------------------------

 "Um... My name is Lily"

"Ok....Well tell me about what you are doing at the moment"

"Studying B.psych...Looking for a part time job and now I'm sitting here."

"So you're studying, but tell me about you"

"Right, umm... I play a few instrument, I like films, art, travel, some sports.... I went and sawGunther Von Hagen's exhibition last week"

"Great, what exhibition was it?"

"The human body. He invented plastination; human anatomy preservation. Lots of cadavers.. some were sliced some were skinned, some body parts were severed."

".... that sounds... interesting. Was that for study?"


Obviously I didn't' get hired.

I contracted student loan when I was 18

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Guerlain 'Meteorites' Pearls Review

I'm gonna start off by saying that Guerlain is a prestigious brand with a hell of a marketing and sales department. The intricate level of packaging, Kudos. The variety of colours and ease on the eyes, Kudos.

Unfortunately... that's all the positivity I possess for this product. I basically got sucked into forking out $60 because of the packaging. Did that tin can worth $60? No. (Note, I purchased this when I was in Hong Kong, if I'm not mistaken... the beads cost up to $120 in Australia)

The beads claim to highlight, contour, act as a blusher, neutralise discolouration (depending on the shade). Mine was in number 2.

Let me be honest with you. These beads do jack shit. It'll give you a bit of fickle fairy shimmer but that's about it. It doesn't even-out your skin tone, doesn't treat discolouration, doesn't give you colour... It's just a fine mist of powder once it hits the brush. I'm not even going to bother with a swatch because the power of the pearls is like planet Pluto, hard to see with the naked eye. (Google some pics, you basically just see skin) Probably the most beautiful piece, but also the most redundant in my kit.

I should have known better, never to judge a book by it's cover goes beyond food and people-wise.


On Ramen - Haymarket

On Ramen is tucked away on the side strips of Central.
Roughly adjacent to Harry's Cafe De Wheels.

The compact yet homely restaurant never fails to greet their customers in a warm traditional japanese manner. This soon became one of my favourite "cheap-eats" meet up spot. Meals were generous and service is pleasant, what more can a girl as for? However, over the past 3 visits the quality of the food deteriorated. I believe I got the pork ribs ramen, the whole set cost about $12 (based on my shocking memory). The ramen was average... the egg was "odd".. usually they make delicious runny centered eggs but it was rubbery and inedible. The side entree was average. The salad, again.. inedible, it was dry, tasteless, the sauce was "funny". Did they change chefs??

I think I may revert back to Ramen Kan, a few dollars more but the quality of their food is up to scratch. Next time you head to Ramen Kan... may I suggest the  Salmon Salad... Thank me later.

Monday, March 26, 2012

I don't want to see this house not be a home

 And your mum would drink until she was no longer speaking
And dad would dream of all the different ways to die
Each one a little more than he could dare to try

All I know
We go the way the steps fell down and I don't know
I will shout until they know what I mean
I mean the marriage of a dead dog sing
And a synthetic flying machine, machine, oh.

When you were young, you were the king of carrot flowers.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Shiseido Shimmering Rouge Lipstick Review

In addition to the current line of 13 gorgeous shimmering lipstick, Shiseido welcome 7 new additions!

I've been using the slightly pinky shade from the original collection, always wanted to go a bit darker but RD 601 was little out of my comfort zone, so I'm eternally grateful that Shiseido bought out the new shades.

For the moment, I've only been able to capture 2 of their 7 shades on my camera (rest of the shades will be posted up later, except for PK214... my mother "borrowed" it:))

Left to Right: RS619 (Venus) & RD718 (Sugarplum)
I was ecstatic to see that they bought out RD 718 in lipstick format, I've been using Shiseido's RD 718 lip pencil for about a year now, it was pretty much the only colour I'd wear.

RD 718- Sugarplum
 It's a very warm tone, somewhere between brown and red. Though the picture came out more brown.

RS 619- Venus
I love this colour, it's so vibrant... this colour goes well with both netural or smokey eyes. The camera lightened the actual colour, it's a lotttt more brighter! I never thought I'd be able to pull off something so... "exuberant".. this colour is very wearable, simply ensure the appropriate use of a lip brush around the border of your lips.

Overall, I've been very impressed with shiseido's shimmering lipsticks. The shimmer is amazing, the colour pay off is highly adequate, texture is super creamy (It does keep my lips moisturised for a few hours-- this is a lot longer than other lipsticks I've used--- however I would still strongly encourage generous coats of a good lip balm [may I suggest Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour balm] prior to your lipstick application.. just to insure that your lips won't start chapping throughout the day.)

Does it last? Yes it does, long enough! Although like any other lipstick it will wear off after eating and drinking, the pearlescent coating will diminish somewhat but not completely. It'll leave you with a nice tint. One thing worth mentioning is that these lipsticks won't set in your lip crease!!!! (I absolutely hate that about other lipsticks I've tried). Do they bleed after a while? Yeh they do, but it's not severe in comparison to a few other cheapies I've tried... this issue is counteract-able by the use of a good lipliner (Shiseido also make brilliant lipliners, It really works!). This lipstick also claim to have lip plumping effect.. although I didn't "feel" any typical menthol plumping "effect" I did notice my lips to be fuller (maybe the illusion of the smooth texture + shimmer?).



Thursday, March 15, 2012

No Stop Sign, Speed Limit

It's almost like a rites of passage.

Two and a half years later, I finally got my red Ps!

With the help of my my endearing parents, my esteem was at an all time high.

Me, "I can't find my umbrella"
Dad, "You're not gonna pass, you're gonna FAIL"
Mum, "Stop scaring her! It's ok, you'll do fine. Just make sure you don't do anything stupid, because you will KILL SOMEONE."

One reason I somewhat enjoy my parent's company. It's hard to be sad living with a dysfunctional family where you can never take anyone seriously.

Me, "Life sucks, I hate life, I want to die."
Mum, "Yeah ok, go, I'll help you"

Saturday, March 10, 2012


And when thyself with shining foot shall pass
Among the Guests Star-scatter'd on the grass
And in your joyous Errand reach the Spot
Where I made One – turn down an empty Glass!
Tamam Shud

Sunday, March 4, 2012

My first baby shower + 2012 Mardi Gras

I know, I can't stay away from this place, I can't I can't I just can't, I think my sanity feeds off this place.
I'm feeling rather shitty and a little "blergh" right now, I'm not looking forward. I listened to Justin Bieber, I'm ashamed, that's classified insane right there. So I'm gonna post a blog and indulge in self importance for a second. Ah, blog you're my true friend.

I spend 2 hours trekking through the west of Sydney (namely Liverpool) after work in order to attend my first baby shower! My second time down that neck of the woods. Things I do man...

It was quite fun, even though we missed out on the first half I was fortunate enough to participate in the blindfold-yourself-and-feed-your-partner-baby-food-contest. I'm a pro and spilling baby food all over myself while trying to shove an empty spoon down my partner's throat.
I enjoyed the baby shower, it kinda made me want a minion of my own... haha, I kid.

The cake!

Right after the baby shower, I spent another hour + 45mins transporting into the city. My intent was to go have a coffee and talk about statistics...but ended up at the Mardi Gras Parade, smooth transaction!
Pity we didn't have the best view and was soaked after standing in the rain for two hours, only to come home with bits of glitter and confetti stuck in my hair. Not to disregard the cute half naked boys shaking their booty to lady gaga and the fishnet dude being showered with much deserved attention and hi-fives from his fellow heterosexual peers. This was my second time at the Mardi Gras, I possess a fond memory of my first encounter. I was 8 and my father took me-- guess he wanted me to be in touch with my inner little boy. Experimental parenting never fails, I came out perfectly normal.

Above is my poor attempt to capture some of the parade (well, mainly the back of people's heads and umbrellas) on my phone.

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