Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The sky is falling down. I don't know what to do..

Saturday, June 23, 2012

5 things

I've been listening to someone complaining about their gf and the habitual/behavioural disparity caught my attention. How innocuous behaviour are often grossly misconstrued, it made me want to pull my hair out. I'm not sure why I'm getting people asking me for relationship advice since I  fucking suck at it, guess people want advice to fuck up their life. I should be a Rabbi.

So here's 5 things guys, other girls, animals, parents, siblings, grand parents, teachers, friends, pikachu on steroids should know about girls (which may not apply to all chicks).

  1. If you want something, you need to tell us, and we'll get back to you with well thought out twinkies. We're not mind readers, and we over analyse. Your axon potential will not channel  telepathic messages.
  2. We pay for our own shit and buy our own junk. Girls are not accessories. If your chick is burning a hole in your pink porcelain pig.... you landed yourself a gold digger. Well done.
  3. People have been telling me that girls move on faster and easier than guys. That's bullshit. We just have a great source of network where we can whine our problems out so we can focus on other aspects of life... and don't have to become heroin addicts or 20 fuck whores per week, contract various forms of STIs and cry ourselves to sleep.
  4. Another friend told me he's been trying to pick up chicks at clubs all the time but hasn't been successful. That's probably because you've been glorifying your job/life/life-achievements/impressive bullshit that us chicks honestly don't give a fuck about. I always hear the same repetitive lines, "I own my own business, I make good money" "I just bought my new car, it was 70k" "Oh you like that necklace? I'll buy it for you" "I'm gonna start this project and if blablabla I'll be a millionaire" "I'm a lawyer" "I'm a doctor" "I fuck dogs". Good for you. Keep your game at home.
  5. You can't tell your girlfriend to stop wearing skimpy outfits to church in broad day light. She's a crack whore. You can't tell a crack whore not to be a crack whore.  
To broaden your horizon kiddos... Go listen to Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson.

Friday, June 22, 2012

What you should've done to piss the crap out of your Ex

Sorry I've been turning this blog into a personal blog again... let me talk about something that's widely applicable to the general population.

I've been hearing out two friends who recently came out of a relationship, I don't sugarcoat, so everything I'm writing here, I told them. I don't usually take things seriously nor do I usually stick my nose into other people's relationship(s). But I thought this was blog-worthy. I've seen SO many people do it.*guilty*

One thing that continues to phase me in 21st century break up(s) is the amount of mutual loathing. If I got a dollar for every time I hear someone say this, I'd be snoop dogg.

"She/He should've done this this this and that and tried harder to please me, I'm so angry/hurt/heartbroken" followed by "Good thing I didn't like him/her as much, I'm gonna fuck this guy/chick next week to get back at him/her, I win, sucked in to him/her" <-- or something along that line.

Right, Shut up, you're the sore loser.. and I will justify in a minute. If you think relationships are about winning then you should reconsider your date next week. If you think it's about who can be the worst, reconsider throwing your cat or snake around. Do us all a favour and stay the fuck away from the opposite sex. We don't want your baby eggs/gravy. You didn't triumph, he/she did. Banging that manwhore/slut is self destructive. That's not getting back at her/him, It's bullshit, you know nothing. You know what would've really pissed them off? If you gave it your all, if you be the best of yourself and tried as hard as you could in that relationship, so when that girl/guy leaves you, you will be damn sure that you were the best thing they could've had. Now that, my friend would stay with them for the rest of their miserable lives. Try it next time, go listen to Radiohead, what did you think High and Dry was all about?

Alright, I'm gonna go read some anatomy. I promised myself this morning that I'd memorise all of the muscles/orientation of the upper limb and torso by tonight.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Quarter Twenty One

What can surpass a one chef's hat, Justin North restaurant?!

We hung around peeking at the menu before we finally decided to make a booking celebrating my year(s) long achievement. Among other "high-end" dining, I still think Westfield is a strange setting for a one chef's hat restaurant. We got the window seat, watching people kick box and try to lose weight in the opposite building wasn't much of a scenery.

Our waitress was fantastic. She was sweet, patient and had the most genuine smile. She made us feel homely and welcome. Can't say the same for the second waitress, her tone was rather abrupt (sounded like an obnoxious, failed lecturer) and quickly rushed to the next table to share her laughter and inquisitive nature... need I to say?.. with four well scrubbed and suited young men. Not the sort of behaviour I expected to see in a one hat restaurant.

Luckily their food made up for it.
Top Right:
Pan seared Hiramasa kingfish, Jerusalem artichoke, ham hock & Brussel sprouts. (Around $42 mark). Fish cooked to perfection, juicy, crisp skin. The sides were absolutely delicious.. I'm salivating as I type. I don't know what they do to their potatoes... but it's bloody tasty.

Bottom Right:
I can't remember the beef dish my friend had.... I think it's cow's shin, and back?? Couldn't be wrong... with .. potato, mushrooms, scallop, spinach and mash (Around $45 mark). That mash was AMAZING! Beef was very tender also!

Top Left:
Soufflé du jour $17 -- Lemon zest souffle.. not my favourite... my friend ended up eating most of it. Base was custard and brownie bits. I really enjoyed the ice cream... can't remember what it was.. maybe pistachio and hazelnut?!

Bottom Left:
Warm 68% Alto Beni Zokoko chocolate pudding, honeycomb & pear sorbet $19--- If you're a chocolate lover, this is a must. Centre with warm and running chocolate... nomnomnom

I will be returning for the degustation!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Chef's Gallery - George St

One cold night we were walking down Town Hall and stumbled across the infamous Chef's Gallery. I've heard a fair amount of raves about their al dente noodles and cute piggy buns. We thought.. why not.

We were greeted warmly as soon as we entered. The table seats had a 1 hour limit, so we picked the bench seats-- because I'm a slow eater. A-grade hand made noodle show on those bench seats!

We ended up ordering two noodle dishes.

Above is the Noodle Soup with fried pork ribs $14.90 
Noodle was to perfection, I can eat that stuff everyday! Pork had crunch and flavour.

Regular handmade noodles with wok fried with shredded roast duck in premium soya sauce $14.90
This was delicious and flavoursome... I honestly have nothing bad to say about this dish...

Nawwww Steamed sesame piggy face buns $7.90
I'm not too big on sesame buns but they were pretty good... the sesame paste was "genuine".

I'll be returning this July!

Chefs Gallery on Urbanspoon

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Shiseido Perfect Mascara Defining Volume Review

Ahoy from the past! today is the month of May.. I'm prewriting a series of make up posts... gonna trial this "scheduling post" thing ... it's a win-win situation.. You guys get some shit to read, and I don't need to come here everyday picking my brains out.

I received a sample for this mascara a while ago.
Lets just say this tube of gold deserves a rave.

Lets look at the pros.

  • Keep your lashes curled, gives it a good lift
  • Waterproof, I walked around in pouring rain and my lashes were still perfect
  • Does not flake when you remove (A lot of the drugstore waterproof mascaras starts coming off in flakes when you apply make up remover)
  • Thickens, Lengthens, darkens... everything... just go listen to black eyed pea's Pump It
  • I've worn this baby to every crazy drunken party and slept in this mascara, I'd wake up the next morning.... guess what... perfecto. I don't even need to reapply. No smudge, no raccoon eyes, no flakes
  • Doesn't weigh your lashes down. 

Now the Cons
  • It is definitely harder to remove, but I've been using cybercolour and lancome make up remover with a cotton pad, press it against your lashes, it'll dissolve. How the hell do you expect a perfect waterproof mascara to be easily removed!? Get a better make up remover.
  •  It clumps a little bit, you gotta be careful with your application, be quick, it dries quickly once it's on your lashes.

RRP $50

Here's some pictures. I know my eye hair is thicker and darker than most, but I only curled it once SINGLE COAT APPLICATION GUYS... SINGLE COAT (no base, no nuttin'). GO OWN THIS TUBE! I'm DEFINITELY gonna try their nourishing base in conjunction with this tube of miracle.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sunshine on a rainy day

Good morning blog world!

I'm shamelessly turning this into a Dear Diary thing.
I had such a wonderful sleep. We had a blackout last night and I had to wash myself in the dark, it wasn't too pleasing as most of the bodywash I attempted to squeeze into my palm went on the floor. I think I'll be coming here quite often since I'm recuperating from my social network addiction. damn Twitter. it's so interactive, it made me want to reply to every single twit I see in my feed.That reminds me of my swear ban in 07' followed by my Facebook ban back in 10', it was like quitting crack.

Oh, I went to Greenfield Bistro (I think that's the name) the other night, the barramundi was quite nice. I'm due to post some make up posts... I shall do that next month. Alright, time for anatomy!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I stayed up all night because she's a fast machine, she kept her motor clean and shook me all nighttt longggg.. by woman, I mean my 13pg report. Got out of the house just in time for work, and downed an XL capp with 4 spoonful of sugar in the short duration of 10minutes (and I'm not a coffee person), post-coffee, I felt like Tom Cruise, I really wanted to jump on that chair. I didn't have time to flutter my feathers, make my face and put on something nice, mum said I've been looking rather "trash can-ny" lately... ravishing.

You know what's amazing after two tedious days?

Coming home to an empty, quiet house, it makes me smile :)

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