Friday, September 29, 2017

Introducing Emma and Roe by Michael Hill

When I first discovered Emma and Roe I spent hours browsing through the beautiful jewellery, did you know Emma and Roe is by Michael Hill? Emma and Roe have a beautiful charm collection, with over 680s matching bracelets and chains to chose from.

After hours of browsing I picked out the little gem photographed above, it's Emma and Roe's Tree of Life Mini Pendant in 10ct Rose Gold - I just could not pass it. I love intricacy and the fact that this little charm can go on any chain or bracelet, it's a small and dainty piece!

I had to pick a chain for my charm, and found the most exquisite and practical solution. Charm Lariat Necklace called my name and it was an easy pick. I love dainty and I love minimalistic pieces. This is a simple sterling silver chain with a miniature ball (note: the ball is attached to the chain so it will never fall off). I loved this piece, it's so simply but speaks volumes and the perfect chain to pair with my Tree of Life Pendant.

I wasn't quite sure how my little Tree of Life pendant would look on the chain, but when I put them together. I loved it. I realised that Rose Gold goes well with pretty much anything, the chain didn't need to be gold or rose gold. I have more or less been rocking this combo to every event lately!

It's a stunning piece with a V-neck top or round neck - it's a bit of an all rounder piece. If this is your first introduction to Emma and Roe, I recommend you to jump on their website just to check out their pieces, you might even find something you like!

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017


When I hit the first quarter of 2017, I did some serious cutting down on makeup. I threw out more mascara than I can count and stopped layering on eye makeup. These days I care more for the quality of my skin and admires minimalism - but I still enjoy glamming up every now and then.

Base products, powders, bronzers and blushes are my most frequently used products. If I had to pick 2 products to survive with it would be a foundation and a bronzer.

I have been trying and testing Lycogel for some time, my skin became fairly inflamed from the over consumption of chocolate (?) I did over indulge. It was the perfect time to show you guys the effects of Lycogel and whether it's something you want to add in your basket.

Before we start, I just want to note that my actual skin tone was matched as a MAC NC-25, however I prefer foundation that's slightly darker and would opt for a NC30.


- Luminous and breathable light coverage
- Creates a healthy vibrant glow
- Available in 4 shades

  • The shade I trialled is in NR2 - darker than my preferred shade but blendable
  • As claimed, this is a very light weight tinted moisturiser. It's probably the product that will give you the lightest coverage out of the three products. I found the shade to be slightly... peachy? I was really hesitant to use this on my blotchy red skin days, but to my surprise it provided some coverage to the redness and just made me look slightly more tanned - which I didn't mind. 
  • The consistency of the product is slightly creamy and very easy to spread. Containing SPF30, 6.4% titanium dioxide and 8.6% Zinc Oxide. 
  • Unless my nose is seriously blocked, there seems to be no or barely any scent to Lycogel products?
  • I would not recommend NR2 for those with pale skin or if you prefer a shade that is lighter than your skin-tone. While I liked this product I did not love it, while it's probably one of the better tinted base products I have used but I probably would not actively purchase it.


- Buildable coverage to overcome any skin concerns. Once dried you are then able to add an additional layer, recommended is 1 or 2 layers pending on skin concerns.
- Pat the second layer on, as it is a gel formula rubbing may disrupt the first layer.
- Matte Finish
- Lasts all day
- Available in 12 shades
- 20ml


  • The shade I trialled is in Pearl and it was a perfect match when blended, it possess a warm undertone, perfect for olive skin.
  • This product comes in a plastic pump bottle. The product is easily dispensed with precision. However I did find that, on occasion, there is residual product peeking out of the dispenser.
  • This is probably one of the most high coverage foundation I have ever used, a small pea size would cover my entire face and all my blemishes. I have been fortunate to experience minimal blemishes so I waited and waited to test this product on a blotchy bad skin day.
  • My skin was very blotchy and quite red/inflamed. With ONE light layer my blemishes, redness and most of my under eye circles were pretty much covered. It was very impressive.
  • The texture of the foundation is smooth and will fill in your smaller pores. It blends seamlessly with a brush or with you fingers.
  • This product is quite matte and would be the ideal high coverage foundation for those with oily skin. I have dry skin and find it to work better on very well hydrated skin, otherwise dryness around the corner of my nose is noted.
  • This foundation lasted on my face all day, every where except for my nose, I did notice some movements on my nose but the redness seem to have faded slightly after a day of wear? Amazing skincare properties??
  • Even thought the coverage is full, the foundation is lightweight and my skin feels breathable!
  • One downside to this product is that it only comes in a 20ml bottle VS standard foundation size being 30ml. I know a little goes a long way but I love this foundation and wish it contained more product!


- Maximum coverage concealer great for blemishes and under eyes
- One layer is often sufficient, however if a second layer is required ensure to apply in patting motion
- Available in 3 shades (Light, Medium and Tan)
- 7.4ml

  • The shade I trialled is in Light and it was a perfect match.
  • The consistency of this concealer is fairly thick however easy to spread and doesn't tug on the skin. I find the best method of application is using your fingers. I like to dot it under my eyes and pat the product into the skin.
  • The concealer makes such a significant difference to my under eye region and brightens the area instantly. It's very creamy and did not latch onto any dry areas. I don't really have any fine lines under my eyes so I can't comment on whether it will sit in lines.
  • It covers blemishes well, but I personally feel that it does the best job under eyes. I applied a small amount to a swollen emerging pimple on my nose, whilst it did cover it and did a good job at covering it, but it did start sliding during the day.. which did not happen under my eyes.
  • This is probably one of the best concealer for under eyes I have used thus far.

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Sunday, September 24, 2017


I am so happy and proud to announce that I have officially joined the Natura Siberica family! I have been extremely and fortunate to be a part of a bloody awesome program. If you have been following my blog, I have previously written about Natura Siberica, what sucked me in was their product quality and ethical practices/wild harvesting - sustainability is absolute key.

I am wooed by environmental appeal, it tops the chart and is on par or possibly even more important than visual aesthetics.

As a perk of joining the Natura Siberica family, they are offering 15% off your first order using LILYNOTLOUISE and Free Shipping when you spend $35 or more. 

Ok, since I believe in 100% transparency across my platforms I just want everyone to know that this is an affiliate program, there is absolutely no pressure in purchasing (don't worry guys, I have a day job! I'm not really about making money via the blog, but if I do, it's great and I chuck it on grocery). It is however, a fantastic way to try Natura Siberica if you are curious.

I can't wait to introduce you guys to the products, if there's a product you are particularly interested in, pop it in a comment below.

Oh and don't forget to check out my Natura Siberica landing page.

The products featured were provided for editorial purpose, this is an affiliate program with monthly sponsorship. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


For the few weeks I have been using Mecca Max products on a daily basis, giving everything a solid go because I felt comfortable enough to produce this post for you guys.

I feel that the launch of Mecca Max has been a very positive occurrence for many people, especially from a financial perspective.

If you want to know what's hot from Mecca Max's range, keep reading!


I have recently replaced my old bronzer/blush/highlighter trio with triple threat. The powders are encased in a beautiful metal packaging with a nice big mirror. The powders itself are not matte - I personally would prefer a matte bronzer, however the shimmer in the bronzer is fairly minimal and not quite noticeable on your face. I have been using the bronzer to contour, it seems to work fine on my light olive skin.

The highlighter is absolutely gorgeous, I've had people ask me which highlighter I am using when I wear it. The highlighter is buildable for a night time look. The blush is a rosy everyday staple that is also buildable. All three powders have a more warmer undertone with what appears to be gold shimmers. I personally feel that this powder is more geared towards those with a lighter complexion. However, you can still use this if you have a medium to light medium complexion, as the shades are all buildable.


This powder possess a yellow undertone which may not a good match for someone with a cooler complexion to use on it's own, but it will work fine as a light dust of finishing powder over foundation. Luckily it works great with my olive skin. I love using this product to set my under eye concealer and light dabs along my T-Zone, I feel that it does provide a filter over my skin making my skin look more even. I like this product, however I don't love it. It is however, a handy powder that is suitable for your purse.


Skinny Latte is a beautiful shade, I have received so many compliments wearing this shade! The long flat oval applicator allows precision, I was able to apply the liquid lipstick on my lips with ease and no error!

The product is definitely long lasting, I had a really long day and the lipstick was still present after 12 hours (although I did eat fairly cautiously), the formula is lightweight with a very slight tackiness. I feel that the liquid lipstick is mildly drying after a couple of hours of wear - I would recommend a lip balm over the top, but do note that my lips are usually quite dry.

Skinny Latte as a shade is SPOT ON, however the formula may not be for everyone. It would be ideal if the formula was more moisturising to cater for us girls with drier lips. Nonetheless, I would continue to use this product.


This eyeshadow did not appeal to me at all when I first saw it, especially since the shades are not something I would usually wear or reach for. The first time I used it was when I made the Mecca Max YouTube Video (at the end of the post). I didn't think I would like this eyeshadow so much!

The cream formula is lightweight, pigmented and easy to blend whilst the powder formula is smooth and also very pigmented. I like to layer the powder over the cream for a lasting effect. Wear time is approximately 6-7hrs, at the 8hr mark you will start to notice some creasing.

To be honest, this is probably one of my favourite products out of the lot.


I don't often use matte primers, mainly because my skin is a combination of dry, dehydrated while being slightly oily around the T-Zone. I used this primer mainly on my nose to keep it matte, it did a fantastic job at keeping the oils at bay, however I just couldn't make it sit well underneath my concealer or foundation, it also felt too drying for my already dehydrated skin.

The consistency of the primer is quite thick, almost balm like, it spreads relatively well but I just cannot make it work. It's impossible for me to like and love every product I try, but I did give it a solid go over the past few weeks and decided this is just not a product for me.


This is a stunning cream highlighter dispensed via a clickable pen with a brush on end, I was amazed by the glow it was able to create. The first time I used it I accidentally applied the cream on top of powder, which is a big no-no and created a whole lot of mess. I ensure to always use this cream highlighter on bare skin, on top of foundation or other cream products. I have been using this product directly from the tube and utilizing the brush to spread the highlighter onto my cheekbones, however for general day time work wear, I prefer to rub it onto the back of my hand, warm it up with my fingers and tap it onto my cheekbones. 

This cream formula is lightweight and non-tacky. It's buildable and great for both day and night. My tip is to be cautious when dispensing the highlighter, I often double click and more products came out than expected. To intensify the highlighter further, I recommend going over with the highlighter from triple threat, you will be GLOWING.


I absolutely love this dual ended eyeliner. I like to use the flat end to line most of my eyes and the fine tip to define the wings (as seen in my video). I wore this liner for a good 12 hours and it did not smudge or flake, there was a small amount of fading but the liner stayed put and in tack. The formula is quite pigmented and fast drying. Very impressed for a $20 liquid liner, definitely a hot product! 


This is my most anticipated product from Mecca Max's collection. I have never seen a wand so small, allowing love for all the smaller and impossible to coat or reach lashes. I have been using the larger wand for my upper lashes and the smaller wand for my lower lashes. The formula is not waterproof, if you have watery eyes, you may notice some smudges. Unfortunately this also means that the formula is unable to maintain curls - my lashes are ridiculously straight so it's not a big surprise for non-waterproof formulas. 

The smaller wand is really a life saver, I was able to create never before seen lengthy lower lashes, the degree of lash separation was jaw dropping.

I personally feel that the smaller wand makes this mascara, it's so good for those with smaller lashes or those who want to accentuate lower lashes without smearing mascara all over the place. 

It would be fantastic if Mecca is able to create a couple mascara with tubular formula, as I find those formulas to hold curls, washes off easily and unable to be smudged. 



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Monday, September 18, 2017


It's been a crazy few months, 6 planes in 3 weeks. 4 for work and 2 for leisure..... This weekend we flew up to Brisbane for a toy collector's show. We flew up after work on Thursday evening - my friend at Beauty Reign advised me of the new Mecca Maxima store opening in Brisbane, I had a google and it was right around the corner from our hotel. So I thought... why not!

We started lining up for Mecca at 6am on Friday morning, we did not exit the store until 1pm - it was INSANE. Following the line up we grabbed some lunch and went back to our hotel to re-fresh. Come 4pm, we started lining up for the toy show. I said to my partner - "There is no way in I am pulling an all-nighter and lining up for TOYS..."

My plan was to chill, relax, blog and pamper myself at the hotel. Come 6pm on Friday I decided to attend the toy viewing - especially since he was such a trooper and stood in line for hours at Mecca.

This was my ultimate downfall. When I saw the toys I was in love, right there and then I decided to camp out. A bad decision for my wallet and bad decision for my skin.

Today I want to talk to you about the 3 skincare products that essentially saved my fatigued skin and managed to make me look decent after being awake for 24hrs with 1.5hrs of lousy sleep on a bus bench.


A incredible blend of oils (Camellia, Evening Primrose, Rosehip, Rose, Sandalwood, Clary Sage, Orange, Fennel, Tangerine and Essential oils) combined to restore and regenerate stressed skin due to environmental and lifestyle factors.

This product is incredibly versatile, I used it on it's own (when I arrived back to the hotel from being sleep deprived I only want one quick hydration fix and this was it), mixed with moisturiser and over moisturiser. I used this baby day and night, it absorbs into my skin fairly quickly and it doesn't feel overly oily (less oily than your typical rosehip oil) and non-tacky. I love woody scents and the sandalwood scent relaxes my senses, make sure the oil does not come into contact with your eyes, I personally like to stop at the orbital bone and let the eye products do the rest.


This is a super lightweight moisturiser containing Aloe Vera and Green Tea. It restores/retains moisture and increases hydration. The texture is definitely gel-like and sinks in almost immediately. The formula possess a slight lemony scent .. almost a bit like lemon myrtle or lemongrass. I had a few blemishes on my face alongside small sensitivities, this product worked like a gem. Soothing problematic areas and calming my face down.

My skin is a bit of a train-wreck, it's dehydrated and at times becomes unbearably dry/flaky whilst I can still experience oiliness along the T-zone. I personally feel this product is a dream come true for those with dry skin. However, when used alongside the Elixir it was perfect for my odd-ball combination skin.


This is the only cream eye mask I have ever used, it's an express smoothing mask designed to  reduce under eye puffiness and fatigue. The formula is specially designed for fragile under eye skin. It is claimed to hydrate and reduce signs of fatigue (i.e., fine lines, puffiness and dark circles) in just 10 minutes. I used this product day and night during my Brissy trip.

I am prone to experience under eye puffiness and fatigue. My under eye area is the biggest give away in terms of stress, fatigue and age. My favourite time to use this is at night time before bed. I would use a small amount and let it sit... instead of wiping the excess away I would leave it on and just go to bed. I usually experience the worst under eye puffiness and dark circles if I experience a lack of sleep. However with this eye mask, I was able to look decent in the morning. Although my under eye puffiness did not disappear following application, it did not worsen and I did not experience any obvious dark circles on Sunday Morning.


I can't even begin to tell you how tired I am from the weekend, but I was so impressed by these products that all I wanted to do is share it with everyone else!

With the combination of the three aforementioned products I was able to look presentable after a very rough 2 days of barely any sleep. I have used Sisley previously and their products blew me away, the Eye Contour Mask was no exception. I have been putting off on using USPA as it's a brand I was not familiar with (until I learned more about them as a salon quality brand at the Beauty Expo), I am SO glad I decided to take it on my trip with me because I will continue to use USPA. I feel that both brands are under-rated and deserves a look. If you are looking for high quality products that will actually make a difference to your skin. I highly recommend you to check out Sisley and USPA.

Here's a photo of one of the toys I purchased... you guys will be seeing more toys in my beauty photos :)

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Sunday, September 10, 2017

EVENT: 1000Hour High Tea with Tegan Martin @ Primus Hotel

1000 Hour is an iconic Australian brand that's been setting trends and bringing out cult favourites for the past 25 years. What does the name 1000Hour mean? Well, their lash and brow dye kit lasts for 1000 hours (6weeks) with one application.

Tegan Martin (previous Miss Universe Contestant) is 1000Hour's first ever brand ambassador, Tegan was a previous hair dresser and makeup artist, she is focused on product quality and by joining 1000Hour, Tegan had given us her seal of approval. At the event, it was announced that Tegan's mother, Cherie Martin will be joining Tegan as a brand ambassador for 1000Hour!

Tegan and Cherie Martin

1000Hour's most popular product is their Eyelash and Brow Dye Kit (photographed above), available in Black, Brown, Brown Black and Blue/Black. You are looking at no smudge, permanent colours in just 3 easy steps at home. Retail for $18.95 per pack.

We listened through Tegan and Cherie Martin's experience and partnership with 1000Hour and enjoyed a spectacular high tea.

I must say I have never been game enough to use any brow or lash dyes but I think I might give it a go! If you are keen to give 1000hr products a try, you are in luck! I have a discount code for you, enter "lilynotlouise" at checkout to receive 25% off. This is valid until end of September 2017. 

Lily not Louise attended this event as a guest of 1000hour.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Lush Fathers Day Edition 2017

Happy Father's Day!

I can't believe how quickly Father's Day has come around this year, I still remember featuring Lush's father's day products for 2016.

It is almost impossible to purchase presents for my dad, he only asks for 2 things, money and lotto tickets. For the past 8 years I have been purchasing lotto tickets for him every single year and he'd win an odd $5 here and $2 there. I somehow managed to work my magic and convinced my dad to start using skincare. It was difficult to begin with as he wanted no part of this "excessive routine". Eventually he was able to see the drastic changes skincare had made to my mum's face, he was intrigued... well.. more like a closet skincare-curious individual - if that even makes sense. He would verbally decline skincare usage then lather cream all over his face behind closed doors.

It's been quite the breakthrough, 2017 has been a great year and Dad is finally openly using and loving skincare. When I go home every few weeks he would ask for top ups. YESS! I feel like my duty as a daughter is now fulfilled. This year's gifting was super easy. LUSH.

Lush never cease to impress with new additions for each holiday every year!
This year gift dad the perfect Superdad Bathbomb a fabulous fizzy balm that will change your dad's bath time and turn it into a work of art. Contains Olibanum oil to calm any farm and Guaiac Wood and Sandalwood to create a sweet, woody, smokey scent.

If dad likes bubble baths, The Modfather is the way to go, it's a big wheel of Brazilian orange oil  with luxurious fragrant citrus bubbles. Crumbles and bubbles like a dream!

If dad likes to groom or you are just looking to introduce some products into his life. Try Smuggler's Soul's super duo, facial scrub - surely dad will need a scrub to rid all the dead skin around his facial hair or stubbles. And Multipurpose Cream - exactly what every man needs, a cream you can use for your face and... the rest of your body.

If dad is fond of good hair, check out Dirty Styling Cream for sleek, spikey and anything else that tickles his fancy.

The products featured were provided for editorial purposes. 

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Emma Hardie Day Time Skincare Routine and Review

My schedule has been a bit crazy lately, I usually get up for work at 6am, but due to recent interstate travels and 7:30am flights, I have been pushing myself to get up at 5:30am. I have three trips in 3 weeks (the 3rd trip is for leisure YAY!) and will be absolutely exhausted by the end of week 3. Despite my hectic routine, my day time skincare hasn't changed.

For the past month I have been using Emma Hardie's skincare every single morning. I have previously reviewed Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm, which I have absolutely loved, I have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to trial more from this luxurious brand, straight from the UK but you can find Emma Hardie at TVSN!


This is a moisture packed facial mist to add plumpness and luminosity, containing Aloe Vera, Velvet Flower for softening, Wild Watermint to help tone and Hyaluronic Acid to help with hydration. The Mist provides a matte finish and contains invisible colour correction to assist with redness.

I have been using this product as a second step after cleansing each morning. A few spritz all over the face provides instant hydration - and I mean instant!!! The provide requires a shake prior to application, the nozzle dispense an ultra-fine mist covering good surface area with each spray. The mist is scented with a pleasant floral note.

I would spray this all over my face and neck each morning and this is by far one of my favourite mists because it actually makes my skin feel hydrated and non-sticky. I am going through the tube fairly quickly and that is always a good sign. 


The ultimate anti-ageing serum with collagen boosting and skin firming properties. I have been using this serum mainly during the day, a small pump for each part of my face. This serum is hydrating and non-oily, you can use this as a one step serum-moisturiser for oily skin.

I noticed a slight pearlescent tinge to the serum and it just provides me with the most beautiful natural and healthy glow! The texture is light weight, spreads easily and fast absorbing. I love how hygienic the applicator is, it's so unique!

Doesn't matter what time I get up in the morning, my skin always look plump and feels soft after application. Again, I am going through the first tube fairly quickly due to daily use, but luckily, the pack comes with 2 serums and I never want them to finish!


A light weight, non-greasy skin protecting and priming cream with SPF30 providing 8 hours of hydration and protects against UVA/UVB rays. This product protects the skin from premature ageing, sun damage and environmental exposure. The formula contains a unique light diffusing formulation to prime the skin even out complexion and blur appearance of fine lines and pores.

I had no idea that this product contained blur and light diffusing properties, but it makes sense that after I have used the 3 step skincare I honestly feel like I can walk out of the house without makeup or foundation (on a good skin day though!). Now I know why!

The formula is creamy, the texture is thicker than the serum with a slightly yellow tinge. I believe due to the SPF 30 you will need to massage and pat the product into your skin so it does not leave any white residue. As claimed, it provides all day hydration. Foundation sits on top of the day cream perfectly! One pump will cover your entire face and some for your neck too. I have read some negative reviews on this product in regards to product texture/consistency, that it was clumpy/watery... I just want to clarify that the consistency of my cream was absolutely fine as you can see below and from my video. I personally feel that it has more to do with how long stockists are stocking the products for and how they are stocking the product... as my experience with the cream has been nothing but positive.


Emma Hardie, you have done it again. I fell in love with Emma Hardie's cleansing balm and now I have fallen in love with the entire three step skincare! I am extremely happy with the products from packaging to scent to product quality. I usually include at least a few different points explaining aspects of the product(s) I dislike, however I am just so pleased with all three products and can't pick out any particular negatives - I was really nit-picking with the slight white residue from the day cream which absorbs and rubs in fairly quickly and easily. The products are hands down beautiful. In Australia, Emma Hardie is available via TVSN. Put this incredible UK brand on your list, it's an under-rated, high quality brand that I am comfortable and confident recommending to my friends and family.

These products were provided for editorial purposes

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